How to play WARNO on Mac

Developed by Eugen Systems, Warno is a strategic real-time wargame featuring an alternative Cold War history shared between the United States, Soviet Union, East, and West Germany in 1989. While preparing for the battle itself, players can decide on their deck to depart the troops they desire. This opens a lot of imagination towards analyzing the map and building a deck of well-balanced units. Players are given a broad range of troops to choose from – infantry, air forces, naval forces, and various forms of armored units. After successfully landing onto the terrain, players will have to develop their troops and take new designated zones to achieve supremacy over the enemies. Warno can be played in both single and multiplayer modes. Unfortunately, it has only been out for Microsoft Windows without any support for macOS. In this guide, we show how to turn this restriction into a playable experience regardless of the official limitations.

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