how to play warpath on pc or mac

How to play Warpath: Ace Shooter on PC or Mac

Warpath Ace Shooter is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. It has been developed by LilithGames. At its core, it is a base-builder combined with a real-time strategy, though the game also features some FPS elements. You will construct a military base and use it to recruit troops, assemble war machinery, and, finally, use these to launch attacks. Capturing territories around you comes with a number of advantages; the more resources you control, the stronger you can be militarily – if you have built the necessary infrastructure to turn these resources into actual capabilities. Controlling strategic resources will help you with that too, of course.
FPS gameplay is integrated in a manner similar to how State of Survival: Zombie War does it. You can embark on sniper missions to eliminate your enemies. Although not as deep as the main game mode, it still features various different guns and scopes. You can also engage in diplomacy by forging alliances with other players.
Although this is a smartphone-exclusive game, it is possible to play Warpath Ace Shooter on PC as well. Read the guide below to learn how this is possible.

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