how to run sas enterprise guide on mac

How to run SAS Enterprise Guide on Mac

SAS Enterprise Guide is a statistical analysis program developed by SAS Institute. Although it can perform analysis on any data, the program is designed primarily to serve business users. As such, most of its advanced tools are focused on things like risk management, customer intent prediction, and marketing analysis. SAS Enterprise Guide can import data from any source, like an Excel table or a simple text file. Once imported, a variety of tasks can be performed on this data, ranging from simple ones like sorting and filtering, to more advanced ones like finding correlations, performing calculations, and building linear models. Once analysis is complete, the program can generate a visualization of the data or create a text-based report. The best part about SAS Enterprise Guide is that none of these tasks have to be done manually. By creating a process flow, the program can be instructed to automatically import the data, perform all necessary operations on it, and create a report containing the result of these calculations. Once a process flow is created, the whole process can be performed with a single click. SAS Enterprise Guide runs only on Windows operating system. However, third-party solutions can be used to run SAS Enterprise Guide on Mac as well. Read the article below for an overview.

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