how to play scp secret laboratory on mac

How to play SCP: Secret Laboratory on Mac

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free multiplayer game set within the fictional universe of SCP Foundation. The Foundation is a organization determined to protect humanity from anomalous threats. It locates objects, people, and other entities that do not follow the laws of physics, and contains them in laboratories. Studying them, however, is a secondary concern; the most important part is to simply keep them inside. That is done for safety – many specimens are incredibly hostile – but also to ensure that mankind doesn’t learn about the supernatural world. Unfortunately, the SCP Foundation has many enemies. Chaos Insurgency has managed to infiltrate a Foundation lab, Site-02, and released many dangerous entities. At this point, the game begins. You will need to accomplish objectives that depend on your role. Test subjects, for example, seek to escape the facility. Security personnel must protect and evacuate vulnerable scientists (who are also playable). Chaos Insurgency agents work to kill Foundation members and plunder the laboratory of anomalous objects. You can even play as sentient SCP entities; in this case, your job is simply to sow chaos and kill as many humans as possible. This game is a Windows exclusive, but don’t let it stop you. With the right tools, you can play SCP: Secret Laboratory on Mac as well. Read the guide below to learn how.

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