play shadow warrior 2 on mac

How to play Shadow Warrior 2 on Mac

Shadow Warrior 2 is what a true monster slasher should look like. The game is also a stunning sequel to the original first-person shooter created by Flying Wild Hog, and a prequel to Shadow Warrior 3. Players will once again have to join the likes of Lo Wang, the former corporate shogun now living on the edge of a polluted world. The warrior is yet again called to step up with the destructive power of rifles, blades, magic, and wit to defeat armies of demonic creatures flooding the world. You can explore the plot and whole gaming experience alone or choose to fight side-by-side with friends in four-player online co-op mode. A whole pack of mind-blowing quests and challenges combined with powerful weapons leaves no one without exciting emotions. Shadow Warrior 2 is currently available only for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Although macOS is not included in this list, we will show you how to launch the game on it regardless.

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