how to play signalis on mac

How to play SIGNALIS on Mac

SIGNALIS is a survival horror game set in a dystopian future. Created by two people from Germany, Yuri Stern and Barbara Wittmann, this game tells a story of an android named Ester, who is stranded on a frozen planet. You, playing as Ester, will have to explore the abandoned structures that litter its surface, as well as your own crashed vessel. But remember to stay cautious – something’s not right down there. The feeling of dread, tension, and unease permeates the whole game, greatly contributing to the horror experience. Though Ester has a clear goal in mind – she’s searching for her lost partner – you will not always be able to single-mindedly focus on this task, distracted by pesky inconveniences such as immediate survival. Scavenging for resources and winning in combat will often be your priority in this atmospheric world. Don’t give up, though – when you finally manage to uncover the story of SINGALIS, you will find it quite beautiful. Haunting, disturbing, and simply sad, it is bound to make you shed at least a couple of tears. But to experience it all on Mac, you will need an external tool, as the game didn’t officially release on the platform. Learn how to play SIGNALIS on Mac with our handy guide.

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