how to play silica on mac

How to play Silica on Mac

Silica is a real-time strategy game that can also be played as a first-person shooter. Though this combination of genres is unusual, it has been done before; the solution is to make a game with two very distinct modes. In RTS mode, you will give commands to many units, while in FPS mode, you will control only one of them (the rest will be controlled by an AI). All units in the game can be controlled in first-person; this includes vehicles and tanks. The RTS mode is full of content to engage with as well: there’s resources to harvest, buildings to construct, and research to conduct. Owning Silica very much means owning two different games in one package – you can choose to play both of them or limit yourself to just one. Currently, the game is in Early Access, and supports only Windows operating system, but don’t let that stop you. There’s a couple of tricks you can use to play Silica on Mac – to learn more about them, read the guide below.

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