how to play station to station on mac

How to play Station to Station on Mac

Station to Station is a relaxing railway simulation game developed by Galaxy Grove. Made in a voxel (blocky) artstyle, the game tasks you with developing rail connections between rural areas. Eventually, these areas will develop and become more urban; you’ll have to upgrade the railways to handle the increase in traffic. It is worth noting that Station to Station is not a management game. It does not take place on one single map; instead, the game is split into levels. And instead of generating money, the focus of the game is on constructing optimal train routes. As such, it should be considered a puzzle game, or a sandbox building game if you don’t care about completing the efficiency objectives. Although those who expect a management sim will not find one here, Station to Station is still a charming little game that may be worth your attention. It does not have a Mac version, but there are several unofficial ways to get around that. Read the guide below to learn how you can play Station to Station on Mac.

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