how to play stray on mac

How to play Stray on Mac

A game surrounded by skyrocketed hype and anticipation has finally made its official release and is now up to grabs on digital stores. Stray is the name of this game rocking the charts with its iconic cat character that everyone is eager to play for. Abandoned and lost entirely alone in a mysterious and long-forgotten city, the stray cat controlled from a third-person perspective will have to unpuzzle the secrets and overcome challenges that hide ahead of the path. Strolling along the neon-light alleys in a gloomy and constantly decaying cyberpunk city, the cat will be heavily challenged to deal with various puzzles and dangerous creatures dwelling behind the shadows – and that is only the start! More awaits beyond as you advance with your drone companion named B12 who can translate the unknown language of robots and act as a portable chest for storing various items picked up throughout the road. Stray is a game with a focus on art, exploration, and details. Players can explore each dime of given locations to get more items and discover the mystery of cybercity. It is also about staying on high alert stealthily circumventing the dangers or even sometimes causing annoyance to city inhabitants. Delve into a full-blown and very unusual adventure with a well-written story and high-level graphics to get maximum satisfaction measure. Who could have thought that a small group of developers named BlueTwelve Studio would come up with an idea of such and bring it to reality for all? Well, that is what finally happened for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. However, considering the popularity that bubbled around this game, it is obvious there are also some macOS users that will feel dismayed from being unable to play it. Don’t worry as we are here to fix it and show how Stray can be played the same way, but on Mac as well!

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