how to play syberia the world before on mac

How to play Syberia: The World Before on Mac

Syberia: The World Before is the latest installment in the famous point-and-click series known as Syberia. Although it is the fourth game in the series, The World Before features a standalone story and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the universe. Though some long-term fans were disappointed by this decision, the game stays faithful to its predecessors and maintains the distinct Syberia identity. The stylish, steampunk world of Benoit Sokal looks more beautiful than ever, and can now be explored from an entirely new perspective. In this game, you’re free to walk around and explore your surroundings on your own; you may search for secrets and sidequests, or simply admire the scenery. While the idea is hardly innovative on its own, for point-and-click games, this is rather unusual. Another twist is the game’s choice of protagonists. One of them is Kate Walker, a New York lawyer who was the protagonist in the first three games. But, this time you will also control a second protagonist, Dana Roze, who is a pianist living in Europe. Even though they live on different continents and during different time periods, their fates are somehow intertwined. The game does not officially support OS X, but it is possible to play Syberia: The World Before on Mac regardless. Our guide will teach you how.

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