how to play synced on mac

How to play SYNCED on Mac

SYNCED is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by NExT Studios. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it depicts a society brought to its knees by rogue nanomachines. Though they’re too small to pose a threat individually, these machines have adapted, forming large organisms known as Nanos. These creatures have mercilessly hunted down most of the human race, with only several highly mobile groups remaining. They frequently clash with Nanos, but also with each other – the game features both PvE and PvP modes. There are many different characters available; each has a unique active skill. Additionally, each character can use many different weapons and companions. These companions are small Nanos which have been reprogrammed to serve humanity; they’re fairly intelligent and have their own unique abilities. Together, these features greatly improve gameplay variety; there are many different ways to play this game. SYNCED is fun and can be enjoyed without spending a dime, but there is one obstacle: compatibility. Since the game is not officially available on Mac, you will have to use a workaround. Read our guide for a list of third-party tools that can be used to play SYNCED on Mac.

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