best tactical rpgs on mac

Best tactical RPGs for Mac

Tactical RPG is a subgenre of roleplaying games with a gameplay focus on tactics and strategy. Typically, they are turn-based, and feature a group of playable characters rather than a single protagonist. That said, there are exceptions to this rule as well. It is not exactly easy to define what makes a game “tactical”. In the most broad sense, any complex combat system can be considered “tactical” to some degree. Most people, however, define a tactical combat system as a combat system with a focus on positioning. That is to say, the combat must take place on a map of some kind, and the units’ position on this map must be important to the course of the fight. There are other features that can make combat even more tactical, like different types of units, but positioning is considered essential. This is the definition we will be using in our list of best tactical RPGs for Mac.

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