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How to play Teardown 0.95 on Mac

Teardown by Tuxedo Labs is an innovative sandbox game about destruction. To be more specific, the game’s focus is destruction of buildings, though all elements of the game world can be destroyed. Every structure in the game, be it a building, a vehicle, or any other object, is made out of small cubes called voxels. This is what allows Teardown to have fully destructible environments and realistic crumbling mechanics, which in turn makes the game very fun to play. Though still in Early Access, the game is already excellent – it received several awards, and currently has “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam.
But Teardown does not rest on its laurels. Quite the opposite, as the game receives a lot of updates. Teardown 0.9 update was especially notable, because in this update, the Teardown campaign was fully finished. It also brought other exciting content, such as more Teardown levels, mission types, and tools. Just recently, another big update, Teardown 0.95, was released. This update changes how Teardown sandbox mode plays quite a lot, because the players can now spawn in any vehicle or object, even from mods.
With all these content-packed updates, it is obvious that porting the game to other platforms is not a priority for the developers – Teardown is available for Windows only. But what if you want to enjoy the new Teardown campaign on Mac? Where is a will, there’s a way. Despite the lack of a port, you can play Teardown on Mac by following the guide below.

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