play planet crafter on mac

How to play The Planet Crafter on Mac

Being developed and published by Miju Games, The Planet Crafter is a game dedicated to surviving in space. As an enthusiastic astronaut exploring the out-earth reals, you will be thrust into the challenge of turning the desolate planet into a prosperous ground for living. During this colonization and self-survival mission, players will have to combine various technological knowledge and resources to expand the living capacity. Creating oxygen, heat, and pressure using artificial means to make a brand-new biosphere will be something players have never been involved in before. When it comes to the graphical part, the game is quite primitive losing its ground to other survival projects. Even so, The Planet Crafter will be quite an engaging way to kill your time while sitting at home. Although it is officially out only for Windows, our guide below will teach you how to launch it on Mac computers such as iMac or MacBook as well.

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