how to play topple tactics on mac

How to play Topple Tactics on Mac

Topple Tactics is a multiplayer tower defense/obstacle course game. It was developed by Braian Strak, an indie game developer located in London, UK. Unlike in other obstacle course games, you will not be competing with other players to see who can reach the end of the course quicker. Instead, you will join forces with them to defeat the tower defense player. You see, in Topple Tactics, the obstacle courses are not created by the developers, but by players. One player (called “big player” by the game) in the match will be playing defensively, placing physics-based traps to prevent others from reaching the goal. Other players (called “little players”) need to dodge these obstacles in turn. As the match progresses, the big player will be able to build more and more obstacles, making the game harder for little players. But they have an arsenal of tools on their own; little players will be able to upgrade their mobility in various ways to avoid the traps. Though this game doesn’t have a Mac version, there is still a way to play Topple Tactics on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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