how to play trepang2 on mac

How to play Trepang2 on Mac

Trepang2 is a fast-paced shooting game developed by Trepang Studios. You play as a genetically modified soldier with no recollection of your past. After escaping a secret laboratory, you are determined to take fight back to your captors, discover your past and the secrets behind your creation. Though you will face heavy resistance, these puny humans are nothing compared to you – but they don’t know it just yet. Use your ability to slow down time to mow down hordes of enemies before they can even react, or slam them into walls with your superhuman strength. You can also turn invisible to get the jump on an unsuspected enemy. Your access to traditional weaponry, on the other hand, is fairly limited: your character cannot carry more than two guns at a time and the ammunition is always scarce too. So you will have to consider which situations merit the use of a gun and which ones would be better dealt with through melee and stealth. Although this game is officially available only on Windows PC, you can play Trepang2 on Mac as well. More information is available in the guide below.

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