how to play vikingard on pc or mac

How to play Vikingard on PC or Mac

Vikingard is a mobile game developed by Netease. The developers describe the game’s genre as “casual simulation RPG”, though it is worth noting that the game has strong base-building elements as well. There are many different features and systems in Vikingard beyond that, though. You can collect many Viking-themed characters, train them and equip them with gear. You can also date the characters, though everything will remain strictly family-friendly. Another game mechanic is raising pets – they will provide your tribe with various benefits.
While it is possible to play this game completely alone, joining an alliance is very beneficial. A strong alliance is tremendously useful to its members – but it also takes effort to make your Alliance into a strong one. As alliances compete for limited resources, clashes will inevitably happen – an opportunity to engage in PvP with long-term benefits to the victor.
Player competition doesn’t always have to be serious, however. To spice up the gameplay, Vikingard also has several mini-games that can be played competitively. With significantly lower stakes, mini-games are a game mode that leaves no hard feelings – a good way to make friends in-game.
Vikingard is available only on iOS and Android devices… officially. It is still possible to play Vikingard on PC or Mac, and this guide will show you how.

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