vmware fusion alternatives for mac

VMware Fusion alternatives on Mac

VMware Fusion is a virtualization program for Mac computers; it allows the users to install other operating systems on their Mac and run them alongside macOS. Most commonly, it is used to install Windows to run Windows-exclusive programs and games. Since VMware Fusion supports hardware virtualization, even demanding applications and 3D games can run decently well as long as you have a powerful Mac. It even has a free version. But Fusion has certain downsides too; it can be somewhat tricky to use and doesn’t work well on weak computers. Thankfully, there are certain VMWare Fusion alternatives for Mac that don’t share its issues. Parallels Desktop runs Windows just as well as Fusion does, but it’s also incredibly streamlined and easy to use. CrossOver, meanwhile, is better suited for weak Macs; it uses a different technology that places less strain on the hardware. And if you have an old Intel Mac, BootCamp is also an option.

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