how to play void stranger on mac

How to play Void Stranger on Mac

Void Stranger is a 2D puzzle game developed and published by System Erasure. The game originally presents itself as a Sokoban-type experience, requiring you to put boxes into certain locations in a limited number of moves. These puzzles can be fairly challenging on their own, but it gets even harder: there’s no option to undo your moves, and failing to complete a puzzle will cost you a life. Run out of lives, and you’ll have to replay the entire game all the way from level one. As you keep playing, however, you’ll find that there’s more to Void Stranger than just Sokoban puzzles. There are secret mechanics that are never explained; you’ll have to figure them out through cautious experimentation. By thinking outside the box, you’ll be able to uncover the secret lore of Void Stranger and put together an overarching story. Though this indie game is a Windows exclusive, you can also play Void Stranger on Mac by using certain third-party programs. Explore your options with the guide below.

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