how to play voidigo on mac

How to play Voidigo on Mac

Voidigo is a pixelated roguelite shooter game released in 2023. It was developed and published by semiwork, a Swedish gamedev studio. This zany-looking game doesn’t take itself too seriously; it is humorous and features many strange, but creative designs for both characters and weapons. Most players find the overall experience very charming – the game’s “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam can attest to that. On the gameplay side of things, Voidigo is a top-down shooter with bullet hell elements; you are required to destroy your enemies in ranged or melee combat while dodging their projectiles. Just like any other replayable game, Voidigo must ensure that each playthrough feels different from the last. Thankfully, the developers understand this very well, so they’ve implemented loads of weapons and power-ups into the game. Some work well with each other; it would be a good idea to actively pursue such synergies. As Voidigo is a recently released indie title, it is not surprising that it is officially available on Windows only. However, it is still possible to play Voidigo on Mac; read our guide to learn how.

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