alternatives to gimp on mac

Alternatives to GIMP on Mac

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a raster graphical editor with support for all essential features, like transparency, image layering, edit history, a range of selection tools, and so on. As long as you stick to these basic features, GIMP is relatively easy to learn. It also has features for advanced users, like GEGL operations and scripting. By installing plug-ins, users can extend its functionality even further. Though GIMP is technically available on all major operating systems – that is to say, Windows, macOS, and Linux – the macOS version leaves much to be desired. Many users report issues with the application, such as poor performance, broken functionality, and in some cases even crashes. Since GIMP is a free program, complaining to customer support is not really an option. As such, these users are left to search for alternatives to GIMP on Mac. The best GIMP alternative on Mac, of course, is Adobe Photoshop, while Affinity Photo offers a good deal for the price-conscious. Those who wish to work with both raster and vector graphics, meanwhile, should purchase CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

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