how to play wildfrost on mac

How to play Wildfrost on Mac

Wildfrost is a roguelike card battler game developed by Deadpan Games and published by Chucklefish. True to its name, this game is set in a world plagued by eternal winter; your character intends to change that. As you venture out into the snowy wasteland, you will have to face many foes; to deal with them, you will have to use two types of cards. There are item cards, which can be played to deal damage, heal, apply a status effect, and so on. There are also companion cards, which allow you to summon companions you’ve recruited. Once summoned, the companions will attack every few turns – just like your enemies. Keep track of the countdowns, and you’ll be able to prepare for enemy attacks more often than not; this will help you die less often. However, death isn’t really bad in roguelites. Between runs, you’ll be developing a city called Snowdwell; doing so will let you unlock new cards, cosmetics, and events. Since this game lacks a macOS version, you will need a workaround to play Wildfrost on Mac. Read our guide to learn about third-party apps that can be used for this purpose.

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