How to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox

Apple users have plenty of reasons to install Windows on their Mac. Perhaps there is a piece of software that they absolutely need, but it’s been last updated in 1997, works only on Windows, and the person who wrote it has never even heard of a Mac (though they might’ve heard of a Macintosh). Perhaps they want to play a game that has never been ported to Mac due to the lack of demand. You get the idea – most of these reasons involve software in one way or another, which is hardly surprising. As the most popular operating system, Windows receives a lion’s share of all programs and games being made.
Now, we’ve already written an article about installing Windows on Mac. However, it could hardly claim to be comprehensive. For one, VirtualBox received only a passing mention. That is because VirtualBox is much more complex and difficult to use compared to, say, Parallels Desktop. Explaining how to use it would’ve required its own guide – and so, here we are. This guide will help you install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox by breaking down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

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how to run windows 10 on mac

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

Although Microsoft recently released Windows 11, there are plenty of reasons to stick with Windows 10. Windows 11 may look sleeker and more Mac-like in appearance, but the two systems aren’t that different as far as their internal workings are concerned. Windows 11 is also more demanding when it comes to system resources, and, being the newer system, is more prone to bugs. Also worth remembering is the fact that Microsoft released a list of Windows 11-compatible hardware, and doesn’t recommend using the OS on anything else. Windows 10, on the other hand, was designed to run on pretty much anything, so there’s a real possibility that it will run better on your Mac or MacBook. So yes, it is possible to install Windows 10 on Mac – easier than installing Windows 11, even. However, you will not be able to install it if you have an M1 Mac. So, read the guide below if you’re interested.

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How to run 32-bit apps on Mac OS Catalina

32-bit apps and games are usually developed for old operating systems, that’s why they have some limits, related to the architecture of systems that they were designed for. A 32-bit program can’t use more than 4GB and depending on the operating system the actual limit may be 2GB or lower. macOS Catalina was the first Mac operating system, that didn’t support 32-bit apps. If you will try to run a 32-bit application on Catalina, or Big Sur it will simply not start. If you wish to avoid these troubles, the most simple is to choose 64-bit native software for Mac, instead of using old apps. Leading software developers usually adapt their software to new hardware as quickly as possible, so sometimes you need only update the version of the app. But millions of users like to use old trusted, and usual programs, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe CS 5, etc. The price of the software package may be an additional reason. Anyway, if you still need to run the 32-bit app on macOS Catalina, you can read our guide below.

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How to run MicroStation on Mac

Bentley MicroStation Construction Management software is a one leading CAD software platforms for engineers, cost-effective and reliable. The scopes of the program are wide, therefore so many organizations use it for the design, construction, and edition of roads, rail, bridges, pipelines, buildings, industrial facilities, etc. MicroStation offers to generate virtual models of any project thanks to built-in features: animations and renderings. The main disadvantage is that you cannot download the native Microstation app on your Mac/MacBook because it is not compatible with macOS. But the software can be run on macOS with several steps anyway. Please read our article below if you wish to run it on your Mac.

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How to install Windows 11 on Mac

Windows 11 is the newest, reliable operating system, that provides many advantages for PC/Laptop users. The main question is, can it be run on macOS: both on Mac/MacBook Air/Pro/Mini. Installation of Windows 11 on macOS may not be so easy task as an installation of previous versions of Windows OS. There are many reasons for this: firstly, trouble with Boot Camp, it’s impossible to use it on the new Mac M1 processors. It’s the result of the transition of Mac computers from old Intel’s x86 and x64 processors to new Apple-designed systems that have the ARM64 architecture. Many apps also do not run on new Mac computers. It will take time before developers will adapt their software to new requirements.

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