how to play wolcen on mac

How to play Wolcen on Mac

Wolcen, also known as Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem, is a dungeon crawler game developed by
WOLCEN Studio. Heavily inspired by Diablo games, Wolcen also plays like one; in this game, you will regularly destroy massive hordes of enemies and collect copious amounts of loot. Most items in the game are procedurally generated, allowing for a wide variety of gear. Still, some have been handcrafted and possess unique effects.
That said, Wolcen does not copy Diablo in all aspects. There are no character classes in this game; your abilities are determined by your skill selection and the gear you wear. This flexibility is intended to allow for a wide range of available playstyles, but it also helps new players. With this system, they are not forced to pick a playstyle and can gradually develop their own, on their own pace.
Your ability to customize your character doesn’t end there. The game features a massive skill tree that provides many abilities. Investing points into these abilities will specialize your character in certain direction, but don’t worry; you can activate and deactivate parts of the skill tree using a rotation-based system.
Wolcen is a PC exclusive, but with the right tools, you can play Wolcen on Mac as well. The guide below will explain more.

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