play world war heroes on pc or mac

How to play World War Heroes on PC or Mac

World War Heroes is a first-person shooter game set during World War II. For those who were hoping for a World War I-themed game from the title – nope, sorry. It’s a WW2 game… yes, another one. While some might feel that WW2 is so prominent in the media that the setting is pretty much overused, there are plenty of reasons why it’s so popular. Being the last and also the largest global conflict to ever occur made World War II very iconic and prominent in mass consciousness. You can’t really go wrong with WW2 as a setting – other than the fact that there’s so much media about it that it’s hard to stand out, it’s a great choice with plenty of things to feature and explore. And feature this game does. Four countries’ equipment is present – not only from USSR and Germany, which no WW2 game will skip but also from US and Japan. Furthermore, game maps are based on the historic locations that played an important role during the war. From the gameplay perspective, a wide variety of different weapons are present, including even the ability to control a tank. There are six different game modes, your usual modes such as team deathmatch, deathmatch, point capture, and capture the flag that is omnipresent and requires no explanation, but also “team battle” which is a variation on team deathmatch in which players do not respawn, and “HQ defense” in which the players must destroy the enemy headquarters while protecting their own. Overall, World War Heroes is a decent first-person shooter, but it is only available on Android and iOS. What about all the PC and Mac users that want to give this game a try? Do not despair, for there is a solution – a number of them, in fact.

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