play world war z on mac

How to play World War Z on Mac

Zombie survival games come dime a dozen these days. It seems that everyone and their grandmother tried their hand at making one, and then tried again. This sea – nay, an ocean – of zombie games makes it difficult for the good ones to stand out, yet World War Z manages to do so. A cooperative four-player shooter, it’s been often compared to Left 4 Dead, and rightly so, but World War Z has plenty of features that set it apart as well. For one, the game allows the players to choose their class, of which there are seven. From relatively straightforward classes such as the Gunslinger or the Medic, to more unorthodox ones such as the Dronemaster, any player will be able to find a playstyle they enjoy. The game’s story, or rather stories, spans the whole globe, with different levels set in wildly different places – from New York to Vatican City, from Tokyo to Kamchatka, it covers locations locations both well-known and obscure. What’s more, World War Z takes advantage of modern hardware capabilities by simulating hordes consisting of up to a thousand zombies, nailing that “endless horde” experience that older games couldn’t quite create. The game was originally released on Windows, PlayStation 4, and XBox One, and has been ported to Nintendo Switch in 2021 – two years after its original release. With that in mind, the prospects for an eventual World War Z Mac port are rather grim, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, as there’s a number of solutions that allow one to play World War Z on Mac despite the lack of an official port.

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