best rar to zip converter for mac

Best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac

Both RAR and ZIP are compressed file archive formats. Compressing your files into an archive has several advantages. The most important one is that they will take less space on your drive. Archives also provide a way to pack multiple files into a single one, which means that downloading an archive is an easy way to download multiple files. Similarly, sharing (or uploading) an archive allows you to share multiple files simultaneously. There are many competing standards for file compression, but RAR and ZIP are the most popular ones. There are other formats as well, like TAR and 7ZIP, but they’re beyond the scope of this article. After all, we are talking about the best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac. In other words, we will tell you the best way to convert RAR to ZIP on Mac.

What is the best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac?

WinZip Mac

winzip: best rar to zip converter for mac

The best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac is undoubtedly WinZip. It is a powerful archive manager program that is available on both Mac and Windows. It supports many archive file formats, including RAR, and has many powerful features. It allows you to view files inside archives without extracting them, protect your archives with a password, and upload them into cloud. The Pro version also includes support for making file backups and automatically adding watermarks. But even if you aren’t interested in these features, you should know that WinZip Mac can be used to extract RAR files and convert RAR to ZIP. The process is both simple and fast; this is why WinZip is the best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac.

Download WinZip Mac

Various online converters

There are many websites online that can convert RAR to ZIP, and vice versa. We do not truly recommend any of them, as they have many issues. The most obvious one is privacy; any site that offers to convert your files may be secretly storing or analyzing them. Thus, you should not use these sites to convert archives containing sensitive data. The conversion will also take longer, especially if you have a slow internet connection. Nonetheless, such converters still have their place; for example, if you just need to convert one file and don’t want to install any programs. Not all of them are trustworthy, but here’s a few that are more trustworthy than most.


ConverterApp: best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac?

ConverterApp is the simplest website in this list, and, possibly, the simplest converter website to ever exist. Thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, ConverterApp can be used by pretty much anyone, regardless of their level of familiarity with technology. You don’t have to use drag-and-drop, though; it’s possible to select the file manually as well. The link above will lead you to ConverterApp’s RAR to ZIP conversion page, but you can use it to convert ZIP to RAR as well. Many other conversion pairs are provided as well, but are beyond the scope of this review.


CloudConvert: best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac?

CloudConvert is not as simple as ConverterApp, but is far more versatile. For one, it provides you with an option to specify the archive’s password, thus allowing you to convert encrypted archives. Besides converting files on your computer, CloudConvert allows you to convert files from the internet (by specifying a download URL), as well as files located on cloud storage services Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. ZIP to RAR conversion is also supported, along with conversion between hundreds of other file formats.


ZAMZAR: best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac?

ZAMZAR is a well-known conversion website that’s been around for a long time (since 2006). This means that it’s generally seen as trustworthy (though using it to convert sensitive files is still ill-advised). On the other hand, its relative popularity means that conversion speeds are quite slow, at least for free users. They are also limited to converting just two files per day, which cannot be larger than 50 MB. It is also worth noting that although ZAMZAR is capable of converting RAR to ZIP, the reversal of this procedure is not supported. Unlike ConverterApp and CloudConvert, ZAMZAR cannot convert ZIP to RAR.

Converting the archive manually

One simple way to convert RAR to ZIP, on both Mac and Windows, is to do it manually. That is to say, unpack your RAR archive into a folder, then compress the resulting folder as a ZIP archive. Any specialized program will essentially perform the same steps, so it is not necessary to use a dedicated RAR to ZIP converter app for Mac. Most file archivers for Mac are capable of extracting RAR files, so you will not find it difficult to perform this process. Also, consider this: if you are trying to convert RAR to ZIP so that you could extract it afterwards, creating a ZIP archive is not necessary at all. You can simply extract the RAR file itself and be done with it.

Food for thought

Creating RAR archives on Windows is easy; one simply needs to install WinRAR. But on macOS, this process is less straightforward. Life would be a lot easier if you could just run Windows apps on Mac, don’t you think? Amazingly, there is a program that can do just that. With Parallels Desktop, you can install Windows on Mac and run all kinds of Windows programs and even games. Although it is not practical to use Parallels Desktop to install WinRAR, it can be a great tool in many other cases.

Download Parallels Desktop

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