play ios iphone ipad games on mac with playcover

How to play iOS games on Mac with PlayCover

You may have heard that Apple Silicon Macs have the ability to run apps designed for iOS. However, this feature is very restricted. If you tried it yourself, you know that very few apps and games can actually be installed this way. Furthermore, this restriction is artificial. There is no technical limitation, Apple just disables this functionality for all apps by default. For the feature to work, the developer must actively enable it, and most don’t bother. This is where PlayCover comes in. Unlike the official feature, it works for all iOS apps and games, not just those on the whitelist. It also lets you map touchscreen controls to mouse and keyboard in a fashion similar to Android emulators. But PlayCover is not an emulator; it works by disguising your computer as an iPad. This means that it generally runs faster, although the difference is negligible on modern computers. Of course, this sounds really useful, so you might want to install PlayCover yourself. It’s not hard to use, but if you have trouble figuring something out, you can read our PlayCover tutorial for Mac.

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how to play windows games on mac using whisky

MacOS Whisky tutorial: play Windows games on Mac

You may have heard of Apple’s Game Porting Toolkit (GPTK), which can be used to play Windows games on Mac. GPTK is free but requires advanced computer skills to use; after all, it was made for developers, not regular users. This is precisely the problem Whisky was created to address. Whisky provides a user interface for tools such as GPTK and Wine, and lets users interact with these programs easier. Although it’s not an entirely accurate description, you can think of Whisky as a user-friendly version of GPTK. It will automatically perform certain complicated tasks, allowing you to focus on actual games. This does not mean Whisky is completely intuitive. For a new user, it can be a bit confusing, which is why we wrote this simple macOS Whisky tutorial.

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how to convert djvu to pdf on mac

How to convert DjVu to PDF on Mac

DjVu is a file format designed specifically for printed media and document scans. Its primary purpose is to make these files easily accessible online. DjVu files are highly compressed; they don’t take up much space, and even people with slow internet connections will be able to download them quickly. PDF is a different file format that fulfills the same purpose. Although PDF files are larger in size compared to DjVu, they are easier to create and edit, and look better in general. The format also has advantages when it comes to security. It is easy to understand why PDF files are popular while DjVu files are not. Back in 1998 – when DjVu was introduced – hard drives could only store a few gigabytes and internet was painfully slow. But nowadays, small file size doesn’t really matter much. On the other hand, advantages of PDF – superior image quality and security features – will always be relevant. Since only a few programs support DjVu files, you might want to convert them to PDF. Read this article to learn how to convert DjVu to PDF on Mac.

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how to read djvu files on mac

How to read DjVu files on Mac

DjVu files are designed to store scans of books, magazines, and documents. Unlike simple image formats like JPEG, DjVu files contain both the original scans and text. In practice, this means that you can copy text from these files and search through them. Although this functionality is also provided by PDF files, certain institutions (like digital libraries) prefer to use DjVu for financial or technical reasons. Nonetheless, DjVu is not as popular as PDF, which means it doesn’t enjoy widespread software support. MacOS can’t open DjVu files without third-party software, and Windows can’t either. You may be unable to view DjVu files even if you already have a e-book reader installed, since not all of them support this uncommon file format. That said, programs that support DjVu files do exist, so it is possible to read DjVu files on Mac. Read our article for a short list of compatible programs.

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difference between flac and alac, flac vs alac, flac and alac comparison

What is the difference between FLAC and ALAC?

Since the advent of digital music, scientists have developed many methods to store it – in computer terminology, these methods are called “formats”. As they were designed to fulfill different goals, they are good at different things. As the end user, you might want to learn a little about formats to know which one you should use in any given situation. The biggest thing that defines any audio format is whether it’s “lossy” or “lossless”. This defines whether the format prioritizes file size or quality, respectively. However, both FLAC and ALAC are lossless, so, how do you distinguish between them? What is the difference between FLAC and ALAC?

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Best AutoHotKey (AHK) alternatives for Mac

AutoHotKey (AHK) is a powerful scripting language for Windows that allows users to automate the Windows GUI and other tasks. It’s highly valued for its flexibility and efficiency in automating repetitive tasks. However, Mac users looking for similar functionality need to turn to alternatives, as AHK is not natively supported on macOS. Here are five of the best AutoHotKey alternatives for Mac, each with its own set of features that make them worthy competitors or complements to AHK.

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how to convert flac to mp3 on mac

How to convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac

There are many ways to store music digitally, which is why there are many music file formats as well. In most cases, the actual differences between them are hard to explain quickly, since it all boils down to lots and lots of complicated math. But there are some simple observations we can make. FLAC is a “lossless” way to store music. In simple terms, this means that when you’re listening to a FLAC file, you’re hearing a perfect reproduction of what was recorded at the studio. This sounds great, but it comes with a drawback – these files take up a lot of storage space. In contrast, MP3 strikes a compromise between file size and quality. It achieves this by removing all information that humans cannot hear, and by using many tricks to compress the data. This compression makes MP3 files much smaller, but may also cause a perceptible drop in quality. However, only attentive listeners with high-end equipment will be able to notice it. Therefore, many music lovers believe that MP3 is a better way to store music because it is more practical than FLAC. This is why you might want to convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac. Thankfully, it is a very easy process.

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How to run DOS games on Mac

DOS games hold a special place in the hearts of many. They remind us of a simpler time when graphics were pixelated, gameplay was straightforward yet addictive, and the sound effects were charmingly rudimentary. While modern games offer immersive experiences, the nostalgia associated with DOS games is incomparable. However, running these games on a modern Mac isn’t as straightforward as on a vintage PC. This is primarily due to the differences in operating systems; macOS is UNIX-based, while DOS games were designed for Microsoft’s Disk Operating System. Despite these differences, various tools and emulators have been developed to bridge this gap, allowing you to enjoy a vast library of DOS games on your Mac. Below, we provide detailed instructions on how to utilize these solutions.

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how to convert youtube to flac on mac

How to convert YouTube to FLAC on Mac

Not every music enthusiast wants to keep a local collection these days – many prefer to use subscription services such as Spotify – but those that do have many ways to expand their library. Purchasing DRM-free songs online or on physical media is one such method, but there are other ones as well. For example, one could download music from YouTube. Google doesn’t want you to do that, but it is possible! Therefore, some people are wondering how to convert YouTube to FLAC on Mac. This question does not accurately reflect what you will actually need to do, however. Since the music is stored on YouTube servers, you’ll need to download it first (which, like we just mentioned, is very much possible). Then – and only then – you will be able to convert that file to FLAC. It’s not possible to download music directly in FLAC either, as YouTube itself doesn’t use this format. Even though there are two parts to this process, it’s still very easy to do. Simply use the guide below and you’ll be able to “convert YouTube to FLAC” on Mac in no time.

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how to convert flac to wav on mac

How to convert FLAC to WAV on Mac

There are dozens of file formats developed specifically for music; some are very different from each other, and others are nearly identical. Of course, most of these differences and similarities are technical, and don’t mean much to an average user. But there are some things that are worth knowing, especially if you have a lot of audio files on your computer. FLAC is a music file format that utilizes lossless compression. This means that it attempts to reduce the size of the file, but never at the expense of sound quality. This property is considered useful by many music lovers; naturally, they want their collection to sound as good as possible. WAV is different, in the sense that it doesn’t utilize any compression at all. Therefore, WAV files have roughly the same sound quality as FLAC files, but take up more space. So with that in mind, some people might conclude that WAV is inferior to FLAC, and they are pretty much right. With that in mind, why would anyone want to convert FLAC to WAV? Unfortunately, there are several reasons to do that. Not all devices and programs support FLAC files, but pretty much everything supports WAV. Sometimes, it is necessary to use this format for compatibility reasons. There are many conversion methods – both offline and online – that are available for Mac, but our article lists only the best ones.

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