How to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox

Apple users have plenty of reasons to install Windows on their Mac. Perhaps there is a piece of software that they absolutely need, but it’s been last updated in 1997, works only on Windows, and the person who wrote it has never even heard of a Mac (though they might’ve heard of a Macintosh). Perhaps they want to play a game that has never been ported to Mac due to the lack of demand. You get the idea – most of these reasons involve software in one way or another, which is hardly surprising. As the most popular operating system, Windows receives a lion’s share of all programs and games being made.
Now, we’ve already written an article about installing Windows on Mac. However, it could hardly claim to be comprehensive. For one, VirtualBox received only a passing mention. That is because VirtualBox is much more complex and difficult to use compared to, say, Parallels Desktop. Explaining how to use it would’ve required its own guide – and so, here we are. This guide will help you install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox by breaking down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

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fix follina, fix msdt exploit, fix CVE-2022-30190, fix mesdetty

How to fix Follina vulnerability in Windows

Follina is a recently-discovered vulnerability in Windows. Besides Follina, several other names are used to refer to this vulnerability. Colloquially, it is known as the MSDT exploit. Microsoft itself calls it CVE-2022-30190, while the antiviruses will sometimes call it Mesdetty. It affects Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
The vulnerability is located within Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, an application bundled with Windows to collect data for Microsoft Support. Using a specifically designed text document (specifically, those with .docx and .rtf extensions), or a shortcut, MSDT can be made to run arbitrary code. What this means is that if you receive a corrupted file like this in, say, e-mail, and then open it – the hacker will have full control of your computer. They could use this control to steal sensitive data such as passwords, to install malicious software, or to do anything else the hacker could imagine.
If you think this is bad – it gets worse. Corrupted .docx files still need to be opened for the hacker to gain control. Corrupted .rtf files do not. All the victim has to do is to select the file – to click on it once, in other words – and that’s it, they’re hacked.
Sounds very dangerous, doesn’t it? The worst part is, because it is so new (it’s been discovered just a few days ago), antiviruses might not be able to detect the corrupted files. Luckily, it is very easy to fix the Follina vulnerability yourself, which will render you completely immune to this attack. The article below will explain the steps you need to follow.

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second monitor not working monterey 12.4

How to fix second display not working in Monterey 12.4

Just recently (on May 16, 2022) Apple released an update to the latest macOS version, macOS Monterey. Monterey 12.4 brings several changes: Apple Podcasts received a new feature, Safari’s performance was improved, and the OS itself received quite a few security updates, too. Unfortunately, no one is flawless, not even Apple. The update introduced a rather annoying bug bundled with all the enhancements. Specifically, the users reported that their second display is not working in Monterey 12.4. In this article, we will explain the circumstances under which the error occurs, and explain how to fix it.

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how to install rosetta 2 on m1 mac

How to install Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac

Rosetta 2 is an application that serves as a compatibility layer between software written for Intel Macs and new M1 Macs. Even though programs written for Intel-based Apple computers cannot natively run on M1 computers, Rosetta 2 makes it possible. It supports the absolute majority of software ever written for Intel Mac computers, though there are exceptions – in rare cases, the programs will run slowly or not run at all. Despite this, Rosetta 2 is an excellent piece of software that can make your M1 Mac almost as capable as your Intel Mac computer in terms of running software.
This article will help you install Rosetta 2 on an M1 Mac. Both automatic and manual installation methods are covered.

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how to run windows 10 on mac

How to install Windows 10 on Mac

Although Microsoft recently released Windows 11, there are plenty of reasons to stick with Windows 10. Windows 11 may look sleeker and more Mac-like in appearance, but the two systems aren’t that different as far as their internal workings are concerned. Windows 11 is also more demanding when it comes to system resources, and, being the newer system, is more prone to bugs. Also worth remembering is the fact that Microsoft released a list of Windows 11-compatible hardware, and doesn’t recommend using the OS on anything else. Windows 10, on the other hand, was designed to run on pretty much anything, so there’s a real possibility that it will run better on your Mac or MacBook. So yes, it is possible to install Windows 10 on Mac – easier than installing Windows 11, even. However, you will not be able to install it if you have an M1 Mac. So, read the guide below if you’re interested.

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install linux apps on chromebook

How to install Linux apps on Chromebook

Chromebooks were originally meant to be web devices, intended only to browse websites and run web-based applications. Since then, however, Google expanded the capabilities of their laptops quite significantly. In 2016, they gained the ability to run Android apps – which helped them become more than just a budget option for those that can’t afford anything better. In 2019, most Chromebooks also gained the ability to run Linux software, and though that didn’t really make the news the same way Android app support did, using Linux software on Chromebook can expand the device’s capabilities quite a lot. There are plenty of powerful tools on Linux that have value for any user, such as GIMP, an image editor, or OpenOffice, an office suite. In addition to that, Linux apps generally have a very desktop-friendly interface – a welcome departure from using all these Android apps that look and feel out of place on a laptop. You can even install Steam – though not many games will run well or even install. Here are the steps to install Linux apps on Chromebook. Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated.

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install windows on chromebook

How to install Windows on Chromebook

Chromebooks are great devices. They’re lightweight, they’re cheap, they’re responsive, and they have good battery life, too. As long as you’re doing what these devices were meant to do – use web and run Android software – they perform really well. But what if you want to run a Windows app? Tough luck – there’s no easy way to accomplish this. Luckily, there’s still a couple of not-so-easy ones. One of them is installing Windows on a Chromebook – yes, it is possible, but it is neither easy nor recommended, and you’d do well to consider other options first. Keep reading to see how you can run Windows apps on a Chromebook, or scroll all the way down for a guide on installing Windows on a Chromebook if you’re determined.

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How to install Windows 11 on Mac

Windows 11 is the newest, reliable operating system, that provides many advantages for PC/Laptop users. The main question is, can it be run on macOS: both on Mac/MacBook Air/Pro/Mini. Installation of Windows 11 on macOS may not be so easy task as an installation of previous versions of Windows OS. There are many reasons for this: firstly, trouble with Boot Camp, it’s impossible to use it on the new Mac M1 processors. It’s the result of the transition of Mac computers from old Intel’s x86 and x64 processors to new Apple-designed systems that have the ARM64 architecture. Many apps also do not run on new Mac computers. It will take time before developers will adapt their software to new requirements.

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How to fix the Minecraft error

Many users start feeling exasperated after failing to enter a Minecraft server. They encounter a message like$annotatedconnectexception that prevents them from playing with friends. The issue is pretty common and usually solved by restarting the game, PC, or rebooting a router. In case none of this helps, you should try a list of advanced solutions presented below. Follow the instructions carefully performing each method step-by-step.

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How to run Android apps and games on Mac

Traditionally, Mac is not known that much for its gaming capacity. Many high-graphic games are only released for systems like Windows, Play Station, and Xbox as well. However, apart from this, a range of people willing to take their hands at Android-based content is also present. If you are an Apple-rounded person or just wanting to stream Android apps onto a big screen, using our instructions will be an option to run them on Mac. Moreover, when it comes to convenience, playing smartphone games on PCs is way easier because you can involve both mouse and keyboard at the same time. Although it might be unfair when playing online games, this is one of the treats that is hard to ignore. All the steps applied to Mac are also viable for Windows systems, so this guide can be considered versatile for all users.

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