how to download youtube videos in safari

How to download YouTube videos in Safari

YouTube is the largest video platform out there; with such a vast library of content, it doesn’t really have to fear any competitors. After all, millions of videos attract hundreds of millions of viewers. This is not an exaggeration: YouTube has more than a hundred million daily visitors.
This is why YouTube doesn’t allow its users to download videos; it would much rather prefer you visited the website each time you want to watch a video. This way, you’ll see more ads and other sponsored content. However, this is not very convenient. For one, it means you can’t watch any videos while offline. If you’re on a metered connection, you’ll be spending data each time you watch a video, even if you saw it before. There’s also plenty of music on YouTube, which you might want to add to your local collection.
There are several programs that can solve these problems, including some very capable ones. But what if you want something simpler? What if you want to download YouTube videos in Safari, without installing anything else? That, too, is possible. Read the article below for a list of YouTube downloader websites. You can visit these websites using Safari, on any other browser for that matter.

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how to download youtube shorts on mac

How to download YouTube Shorts on Mac

YouTube, the most popular video platform to ever exist, have recently faced competition from mobile applications such as TikTok. These applications managed to carve out their own niche in the video hosting market by focusing on extremely short videos, ranging from several seconds to several minutes. These videos are popular with mobile users, who can’t always commit enough time to watch a YouTube video.
YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s own attempt to provide this type of short, mobile-oriented content and win these users back. It is a relatively new addition to the platform, having launched in summer of 2021. But YouTube users have already posted some shorts that are interesting, fun, and generally worth saving to your own computer.
So how do you download YouTube shorts on Mac? Is such a thing even possible? Luckily for you, it is! It is actually very easy to download YouTube shorts. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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How to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac

YouTube is a very popular media platform. It hosts a countless amount of videos, and many more are uploaded every day. But all of this content is only available when you’re online. This is hardly surprising; no computer will be able to hold such a massive amount of data. Downloading the entire YouTube video library for offline use is simply not feasible.
Still, it is possible to download videos from YouTube; many third-party tools are available for this purpose. But what if you want to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac? Such a thing is possible too. You can, of course, download each video individually, but some advanced programs can automate this process.
In the guide below, we will describe several ways to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac. Reading it will take only a few minutes of your time.

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how to download youtube channel on mac

How to download a YouTube channel on Mac

YouTube is an exceptionally popular video hosting website that doesn’t need introduction. It is estimated that one-third of Earth’s population uses YouTube at least in some capacity. And why wouldn’t they? YouTube has everything. It hosts all kinds of channels: channels dedicated to music videos, to educational videos, to let’s plays, to children’s entertainment, and more.
All this wealth of content is tied to YouTube, and cannot be downloaded from the website directly. After all, YouTube makes money from advertisements. But there are many third-party tools that can download videos from YouTube. Some of these tools are advanced enough to feature bulk download options.
This is what we will focus on today: tools that will allow you to download a YouTube channel on Mac.

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how to download audio from youtube to mac

How to download audio from YouTube to Mac

Although YouTube is primarily a video platform, it hosts a large library of music as well, all available to listen at a moment’s notice. Still, it is not perfect. YouTube obviously requires internet connection to access, and you cannot do anything with these songs other than listen to them. Want to set it as your ringtone? As your alarm? Nope, not possible. These are some of the reasons why people might want to download audio from YouTube to Mac.
YouTube itself doesn’t provide such an option, but it is still easy to do and doesn’t require any specialized computer knowledge. That is because there are many third-party services that make the simple and effortless. We’ve compiled a list of these; all you need to do now is to read this list and choose the option that is the best for you.

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best youtube to mp4 converter for mac

Best YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

YouTube is both the best and the most popular platform when it comes to free video content. Its library of content is unrivaled; however, YouTube users are restricted in their ability to interact with it. For a long time, it provided no way to download videos at all, and even now, this function is available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. It is this lack of functionality that prompts people to seek a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac. After all, the ability to convert a YouTube video to a file on your computer that you can watch at any time can be quite valuable to some people.
In this article, we will review a number of YouTube to MP4 converter programs and online services so that you can choose which one is the best for you.

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how to download video from youtube on mac

How to download video from YouTube on Mac

YouTube is easily the most popular platform for watching videos online. Hundreds of millions of people use it every day to watch all kinds of content: news, documentary shows, let’s plays, music videos, live streams, tutorials, and much more. Its rise to popularity would not have been possible without modern internet technology; thanks to fast connection speeds, nowadays it is much easier to watch videos online instead of downloading them.
But the need did not go away entirely. For several reasons, people might want to download video from YouTube on Mac even today. If you have an unstable connection, such as mobile internet, it might be beneficial to download a video in advance. This way, you will not have to deal with stutter or quality drops while watching it. Many people in rural areas, meanwhile, still have very slow connections. For them, downloading videos may very well be the only reasonable option.
Either way, when there’s a will, there’s a way. Below, you will find a list of methods, websites, and applications that you can use to download video from YouTube on Mac.

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how to install bluestacks on mac

How to install Bluestacks on Mac to play games

Bluestacks is an Android emulator, which is to say, a program that allows you to run Android games and applications. Running software this way is more demanding, but this is generally not an issue because most computers are significantly more powerful than smartphones. But a good quality Android emulator needs to do more than just allow programs to run, because using a mouse and a keyboard is very different from using a touchscreen. This is especially important for games, as they will not be enjoyable without a proper control scheme. Thankfully, Bluestacks provides this functionality; you will be able to use your keyboard instead of just clicking on the screen.
Bluestacks 5 is the newest version of the emulator, but it is unfortunately available for Windows only. Mac users are limited to Bluestacks 4, which is still a very capable emulator even though it lacks some of the newest features. The guide below will explain how to install Bluestacks on Mac to let you play smartphone games or run applications.

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How to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox

Apple users have plenty of reasons to install Windows on their Mac. Perhaps there is a piece of software that they absolutely need, but it’s been last updated in 1997, works only on Windows, and the person who wrote it has never even heard of a Mac (though they might’ve heard of a Macintosh). Perhaps they want to play a game that has never been ported to Mac due to the lack of demand. You get the idea – most of these reasons involve software in one way or another, which is hardly surprising. As the most popular operating system, Windows receives a lion’s share of all programs and games being made.
Now, we’ve already written an article about installing Windows on Mac. However, it could hardly claim to be comprehensive. For one, VirtualBox received only a passing mention. That is because VirtualBox is much more complex and difficult to use compared to, say, Parallels Desktop. Explaining how to use it would’ve required its own guide – and so, here we are. This guide will help you install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox by breaking down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

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fix follina, fix msdt exploit, fix CVE-2022-30190, fix mesdetty

How to fix Follina vulnerability in Windows

Follina is a recently-discovered vulnerability in Windows. Besides Follina, several other names are used to refer to this vulnerability. Colloquially, it is known as the MSDT exploit. Microsoft itself calls it CVE-2022-30190, while the antiviruses will sometimes call it Mesdetty. It affects Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
The vulnerability is located within Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, an application bundled with Windows to collect data for Microsoft Support. Using a specifically designed text document (specifically, those with .docx and .rtf extensions), or a shortcut, MSDT can be made to run arbitrary code. What this means is that if you receive a corrupted file like this in, say, e-mail, and then open it – the hacker will have full control of your computer. They could use this control to steal sensitive data such as passwords, to install malicious software, or to do anything else the hacker could imagine.
If you think this is bad – it gets worse. Corrupted .docx files still need to be opened for the hacker to gain control. Corrupted .rtf files do not. All the victim has to do is to select the file – to click on it once, in other words – and that’s it, they’re hacked.
Sounds very dangerous, doesn’t it? The worst part is, because it is so new (it’s been discovered just a few days ago), antiviruses might not be able to detect the corrupted files. Luckily, it is very easy to fix the Follina vulnerability yourself, which will render you completely immune to this attack. The article below will explain the steps you need to follow.

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