how to play astrea six sided oracles on mac

How to play Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles on Mac

Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles is a deck-building game developed by Little Leo Games and published by Akupara Games. In this innovative game, you will not be collecting cards; your deck is built out of six-sided dice, which may have different abilities depending on their roll. Though this may sound too chaotic and random, the game has been carefully balanced to take dice rolls into account; as such, fight never feel unpredictable or unfair. Astrea also has a unique dual-damage system, which is built on two elements: purification and corruption. Purification can be used to heal yourself and damage enemies, while corruption will hurt you and heal enemies. Why would you want that? Many skills in the game require you to be low on health to be effective; you’re encouraged to treat HP as a renewable resource rather than something to hoard. Unfortunately, this promising deck-builder is not available on Mac computers. However, there are several ways to work around this issue; as such, it is indeed possible to play Astrea: Six-Sided Oracles on Mac. Read the guide below to learn how.

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how to play synced on mac

How to play SYNCED on Mac

SYNCED is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter developed by NExT Studios. Set in a post-apocalyptic world, it depicts a society brought to its knees by rogue nanomachines. Though they’re too small to pose a threat individually, these machines have adapted, forming large organisms known as Nanos. These creatures have mercilessly hunted down most of the human race, with only several highly mobile groups remaining. They frequently clash with Nanos, but also with each other – the game features both PvE and PvP modes. There are many different characters available; each has a unique active skill. Additionally, each character can use many different weapons and companions. These companions are small Nanos which have been reprogrammed to serve humanity; they’re fairly intelligent and have their own unique abilities. Together, these features greatly improve gameplay variety; there are many different ways to play this game. SYNCED is fun and can be enjoyed without spending a dime, but there is one obstacle: compatibility. Since the game is not officially available on Mac, you will have to use a workaround. Read our guide for a list of third-party tools that can be used to play SYNCED on Mac.

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how to play payday 3 on mac

How to play PAYDAY 3 on Mac

PAYDAY 3 is a co-op stealth game developed by Starbreeze Studios and published by Deep Silver. It is the latest installment in the popular Payday series; just like in previous games, it tasks the player with performing heists and other crimes. Though solo play is technically an option, the intended way to play this game is together with other people. To carry out a heist, you and your buddies will need to scout the building, infiltrate restricted areas, locate the valuables, and get out. Sounds simple, but, of course, it isn’t. You will have to carefully plan your steps to avoid detection by guards and security cameras. Even simple civilians may present a threat if they see you. However, if you’re reasonably quick, you can also take them hostage or use them as human shields. Having hostages will make the police more cautious, so it’s a good way to buy yourself time if you do get detected. PAYDAY 3 was officially released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. To play PAYDAY 3 on Mac, you will need an unofficial tool; the guide below will explain more.

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how to play party animals on mac

How to play Party Animals on Mac

Party Animals is a multiplayer party game that allows you to compete with your friends in a variety of ways. The core aesthetic of the game is reflected in its title; all players are made to look like animals. Cat, dog, rabbit, and even dinosaur skins are available, among many others. There are many different maps in this game, but all of them can be separated into two different groups. Fighting maps require you to eliminate other players until only one player or team remains. Score-based maps, meanwhile, require the players to perform a certain task better than the others. Every single map features a physics-based challenge. In score-based maps, this challenge is typically a part of the task that you need to perform, while in fighting maps, it’s usually an environmental effect that complicates combat. Curiously, there is no local multiplayer option; you can play this game either online or with AI bots. Officially, Party Animals supports only Windows PC and Xbox consoles. But you can also play Party Animals on Mac by using certain third-party tools. Read the guide below to learn more.

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How to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy strategy RPG that takes players on an epic journey where they can discover a dynamic world filled with magic and dragons. The game features non-linear missions and side-quests, allowing players to explore its many biomes, such as ice fields, underground caverns, forests, and plains. The art style is inspired by retro aesthetics and powered by next-gen 3D technology. Dragonheir: Silent Gods features a large cast of characters, each with distinct skills and attributes that can amplify your team’s potential when combined tactfully. A tier list of the best characters can be found on websites like MrGuider and Droid Gamers. There are several ways to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on your PC or Mac and we describe them in this article.

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how to play we were here expeditions the friendship on mac

How to play We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip on Mac

We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is an online co-op game developed by Total Mayhem Games. In this short experience, you and your friend will explore a flooded amusement park on a rickety boat. During this time, you will have to solve several puzzles; there are not many of them, but they’re fun and engaging. There are three difficulty levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which affect the complexity of these trials. We recommend that you try to complete all puzzles on Gold. Though the reward for doing so is purely cosmetic, it is fairly satisfying. Overall, We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip is a great game to play with a friend. It’s both fun and short, which means playing it does not require much commitment. However, it does not officially support Mac computers; if you want to play the game, you will have to use an unofficial method. Read the guide below for a list of ways to play We Were Here Expeditions: The FriendShip on Mac.

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how to play chants of sennaar on mac

How to play Chants of Sennaar on Mac

Chants of Sennaar is a puzzle/adventure game developed by Rundisc. Set in a world inspired by the Tower of Babel, this game, too, tells a story about a tower whose inhabitants are unable to understand one another. This is not merely an aesthetic choice; a key gameplay element is derived from this issue. At the start of the game, your character cannot understand anyone else, and you, the player, will have to figure out their languages for yourself. Language deciphering and environment-based puzzles comprise the majority of gameplay; there are also exploration and stealth segments. As such, Chants of Sennaar is certainly a mentally rewarding game, and it’s also a beautiful one. It features gorgeous, highly stylized art and great music; together, these elements create a very atmospheric experience. Unfortunately, this game doesn’t have an official Mac version, but it doesn’t mean you’ll have to deprive yourself of this piece of interactive art. There are several unofficial ways to play Chants of Sennaar on Mac; read the guide below to learn more about them.

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how to play mechabellum on mac

How to play Mechabellum on Mac

Mechabellum is a sci-fi strategy game developed by Game River and published by Paradox Arc. It takes place on a creatively-named planet of Far-Away; though deserted and barely capable of sustaining life, it has attracted interest of many groups thanks to its vast resources. Now it is a battlefield, with many robotic armies constantly clashing in combat. You are a commander of one such army; though you do not control them directly, your decisions will have a profound impact on their fights. You get to choose which units to recruit, which abilities they should use, and where they should be positioned. These seemingly simple choices offer plenty of tactical depth: after all, you must consider the choices your enemies might make and figure out how to counter them. While playing against AI is an option, the real meat of this game is the PvP mode. Currently, the developers of Mechabellum support only one platform, Windows PC. But, despite the lack of official support, you can also play Mechabellum on Mac. The article below will explain how to do it.

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how to play garten of banban on mac

How to play Garten of Banban on Mac

Garten of Banban is a horror game developed and published by Euphoric Brothers. In this game, you will explore an abandoned kindergarten, though it doesn’t really look this way. The lights are still on, toys are scattered on the floor, there’s fresh food in the kitchen… it looks entirely normal, except there is no one around. What’s happened there? Has everyone just vanished? This is what you need to discover. Explore the facility with the help of a remote-controlled drone, solve puzzles, and unlock new areas. Make sure to watch your steps, too; your presence will not go unnoticed. Though this game doesn’t have an official Mac version, it is possible to play Garten of Banban on Mac nonetheless. There are several ways to accomplish this; you will need to use certain third-party services or software. To review the options you have available, read the guide below.

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how to play bigfoot on mac

How to play Bigfoot on Mac

Bigfoot is a horror FPS game developed and published by CyberLight Game Studio. Though no one has conclusive evidence that this elusive monster even exists, our protagonist is determined to hunt him down. Your journey will begin in a US national park of your choice; there, you will have to brave the elements, fight off predators, and, ultimately, search for Bigfoot. But beware – he is more than capable of finding you first. To give yourself a fighting chance against this monstrous brute, you will have to utilize modern technology. Security cameras are beyond the primate’s comprehension; place enough of them and they will allow you to track his movements safely. Flare guns confuse and distract his simplistic brain, while long-range weaponry can negate his massive strength advantage. Despite this, the fight will not be easy; Bigfoot may not be intelligent, but he is fast, he is strong, and he can sense where you are. Since this is an Early Access game, it should not be surprising that it’s currently restricted to Windows users. But what if you wanted to play Bigfoot on Mac? There are several unofficial services that make it possible; learn about them in the article below.

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