play surviving the aftermath on mac

How to play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac

Surviving the Aftermath is a post-apocalyptic city builder developed by Iceflake Studios and published by Paradox Interactive. The game strongly resembles Surviving Mars, another city-builder published by Paradox. Just from looking at the names, it is obvious that Paradox wanted to do another take on the same gameplay formula. Not that it’s a bad thing – Surviving Mars is a great game after all.
In Surviving the Aftermath, you’ll have to manage a colony in a randomly-generated world, acquiring and processing all kinds of resources to improve the colony and the quality of life of its inhabitants. Throughout the game, certain events will occur, and you will have to choose how to address the situation. In this harsh and gritty world, however, these choices are not always easy to make. You will have to deal with changing seasons, natural disasters, bandits, aggressive animals, and other issues. Should you find yourself with enough breathing room to pursue long-term goals, you could also establish outposts and even go on expeditions to understand why the apocalypse happened in the first place.
Surviving the Aftermath is only available on Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Unlike Surviving Mars, it is not available on MacOS. However, with the help of this guide, you will be able to play Surviving the Aftermath on Mac even though it is not officially available.

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play the medium on mac

How to play The Medium on Mac

The Medium is a video game in the genre of psychological horror made by Bloober Team, a Polish gamedev studio. Appropriately, the game is set in Poland as well, several years after the fall of the Soviet Union. The story revolves around Marianne, a woman with a mysterious ability – she can enter and leave the Spirit Realm at will. She is contacted by someone named Thomas, who knows a lot more about Marianne than he should – he knows not only about her powers, but also about her dreams. He offers to explain the situation to Marianne, but only if she meets him. Intrigued, Marianne agrees.
The gameplay of The Medium, meanwhile, is focused on two things: puzzle-solving and combat. Naturally, these take full advantage of the premise – switching back and forth between the Spirit World and the Earth is required to solve many puzzles, and sometimes you’d even have to inhabit both simultaneously. What’s more, certain places can only be explored in the Spirit World. Of course, the combat, too, is all about harnessing spiritual energy to create both shields and blasts.
The Medium is certainly an impressive and highly acclaimed game, but it doesn’t matter how good a game is if you can’t play it. The Medium is available on Windows, Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, but it cannot be played on Mac natively. However, with this guide, you will be able to play The Medium on Mac even though it is not officially supported.

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play sniper elite 5 on mac

How to play Sniper Elite 5 on Mac

Sniper Elite 5 is a stealth third-person shooter. It was developed by Rebellion Developments, a prolific game studio responsible for many great games, such as Aliens vs Predator and Zombie Army 4: Dead War.
Sniper Elite 5 plays similarly to its predecessors, and features the same setting and protagonist. They rather define the series, after all. For those not familiar with it, Sniper Elite games are set during World War II, and have Karl Fairburne as the protagonist. Karl is an American operative in disguise, infiltrating German forces to accomplish various objectives.
Rather obviously, the focus of the game is stealth combat – sniping your enemies from afar. To further enhance this process, the game features a robust weapon customization system.
There are several different game modes available for Sniper Elite 5. The first and the most important one, of course, is the singleplayer campaign. Then, there are cooperative mode and invasion mode. Both of them are derived from the singleplayer mode. In co-op two players work together to clear the campaign, while in invasion mode a third player takes the role of an enemy. There’s also a survival mode, in which waves of enemies are thrown at four players until they finally die.
Sniper Elite 5 is available on PS 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, as well as on Windows. Apple computers are not officially supported, but with the help of this guide you will be able to play Sniper Elite 5 on Mac as well.

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play kena bridge of spirits on mac

How to play Kena: Bridge of Spirits on Mac

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a video game in the action-adventure genre, developed by Ember Lab. The players will play as a magical girl named Kena, who has an equally magical job – she’s a spirit guide. Her main responsibility is helping souls of dead people move on to the afterlife – a theme rather central to the game. This time, however, Kena’s journey is wrought with peril – dangerous monsters, summoned by a particularly strong and vengeful spirit, now roam the forest, and the land has become corrupted. To deal with this issue, Kena has several options. She can perform attacks with her staff, which, curiously enough, can act as a bow for energy arrows. The same spirit energy can also be used defensively – Kena’s Pulse ability shields herself while stunning the enemies. Finally, Spirit Bombs can be thrown at the monsters to devastating effect.
The tools that Kena uses to dispose of the enemies are also used for platforming and puzzle-solving. Kena’s staff is not only a bow, it can also act as a grappling hook, which is essential to traversing the corrupted landscape. Over the course of the game, Kena will gain spirit companions, small creatures which are called “the Rot”. Although they can’t attack enemies, they can distract them, as well as perform a variety of non-combat tasks.
Unfortunately, the game is only available on PS4, PS5, and Microsoft Windows. Despite this, you can play Kena: Bridge of Spirits on Mac as well. All you need to do is follow the guide below.

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play salt and sacrifice on mac

How to play Salt and Sacrifice on Mac

Salt and Sacrifice is an Action-RPG game developed by Ska Studios. It is a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary, a 2016 game set in the same world. The dark, foreboding atmosphere of Salt and Sacrifice, as well as its challenging gameplay, has earned it, as well as its prequel, the title of “Dark Souls of platformers”. And while reviewers love comparing every single game to Souls these days, this time the comparison is actually appropriate. The combat is complex, with a wide selection of weapons that have their own unique playstyle and movesets, defensive equipment such as shields, as well as the ability to attack with magic. There are many bosses, requiring the players to methodically develop strategies in order to defeat them. Finally, RPG elements such as leveling up and skill point allocation allow for many different builds, which improves replayability. Sounds familiar? As overused as the comparison is, Salt and Sacrifice genuinely resembles Souls in many ways. Unlike the Souls games, however, this game is two-dimensional, with a side view like in platformers. Because of this, the game can be seen as a Metroidvania as well. The curious blend of the two is certainly innovative, and makes the game worth checking out.
Unfortunately, however, Salt and Sacrifice is available only on PlayStation 4 & 5, as well as Windows. This is quite disappointing, as the previous game was available on a much wider range of platforms. However, it is still possible to play Salt and Sacrifice on Mac even though the developers do not support the platform. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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play trek to yomi on mac os

How to play Trek to Yomi on Mac

Trek to Yomi is an action-adventure game done in a cinematic style. The game is developed by Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind Shadow Warrior 2 and 3. The story of the game revolves around a swordsman named Hiroki and his battle against evil – his failures, and, eventually, successes in this fight. The whole game is done in a black-and-white artstyle, with a grainy filter applied on top. According to the developers, the intent was to make the game look like a silent film from the 1920-1930 era of cinematography. To further enhance the cinematic experience, Trek to Yomi features a memorable soundtrack designed to evoke images of feudal Japan. Traditional Japanese instruments, such as shamisen and taiko drums, have been used extensively.
The gameplay of Trek to Yomi can largely be divided into two distinct parts, exploration and combat. They can be easily distinguished from one another, as combat sections always feature a side-view camera angle – a part of this game’s streamlined approach to combat. The players have several weapons at their disposal – a katana, obviously, but also shurikens, bows, and ozutsu.
Trek to Yomi is available on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and MS Windows. Sadly, there’s no support for Apple computers. But it is still possible to play Trek to Yomi on Mac – the instructions are in the article below.

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best rts games for macos

Best real time strategies for Mac

Real-time strategies, or RTS games for short, are games focused on battles with one or several opponents, in which each player commands their own troops by giving them orders in real time (hence the name). Furthermore, the players are required to maintain an economy, as recruiting troops costs resources and happens in specialized buildings. Crippling the opponents’ ability to gather resources is a sure way to victory, as it will render them helpless. For this reason, protecting your own base (or bases) while assaulting the others’ is the way these games are played – simply defeating your opponents’ units will not get you anywhere.
In this article, we will cover real-time strategy games available to play on Apple computers. Although Mac owners have a more limited choice of games, compared to Windows PC users, there are still several great real time strategies for Mac lovers to enjoy. Read the article below for the list.

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run elevate on mac, run elevate on pc

How to run Elevate on Mac or PC

Elevate is a mobile app by Elevate Inc., designed to improve mental abilities. To accomplish this, Elevate App has more than 40 simple, game-like exercises – the official App Store page even calls them games. When you first start the app, you have to tell the app what training courses you’re interested in. Based on this, you will be given a daily routine to complete, consisting of three to five different exercises. You receive a score based on your performance so that you can track improvement over time.
The idea is that your performance in the exercises transfers to the actual skills you want to improve. For example, one exercise involves reading a sentence, finding a word that can be removed without losing any of the meaning, and tapping on it. This should help you write more concisely.
Elevate App features training courses in writing, grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, math, and speaking. With a selection this wide, most people would find something they’re interested in. However, there is one small problem. Elevate is a strictly mobile app. There is no Elevate Mac version, or Elevate PC version. It is available only on smartphones. However, with this guide, you should be able to launch Elevate on Mac nonetheless. The guide can also be used to launch Elevate on PC.

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play teardown on mac, play teardown campaign on mac

How to play Teardown 0.95 on Mac

Teardown by Tuxedo Labs is an innovative sandbox game about destruction. To be more specific, the game’s focus is destruction of buildings, though all elements of the game world can be destroyed. Every structure in the game, be it a building, a vehicle, or any other object, is made out of small cubes called voxels. This is what allows Teardown to have fully destructible environments and realistic crumbling mechanics, which in turn makes the game very fun to play. Though still in Early Access, the game is already excellent – it received several awards, and currently has “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam.
But Teardown does not rest on its laurels. Quite the opposite, as the game receives a lot of updates. Teardown 0.9 update was especially notable, because in this update, the Teardown campaign was fully finished. It also brought other exciting content, such as more Teardown levels, mission types, and tools. Just recently, another big update, Teardown 0.95, was released. This update changes how Teardown sandbox mode plays quite a lot, because the players can now spawn in any vehicle or object, even from mods.
With all these content-packed updates, it is obvious that porting the game to other platforms is not a priority for the developers – Teardown is available for Windows only. But what if you want to enjoy the new Teardown campaign on Mac? Where is a will, there’s a way. Despite the lack of a port, you can play Teardown on Mac by following the guide below.

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play dauntless on mac

How to play Dauntless on Mac

Dauntless is an Action-RPG developed by Phoenix Labs. Although you’ve probably never heard of them – Dauntless is their first release – Phoenix Labs is a remarkable team, as their developers have worked, in the past, for such big-name studios as Riot Games, Bioware, and Blizzard Entertainment.
Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, Dauntless paints a grim picture: the world itself has been torn apart, killing almost all humans in the process. Those few that remain are being mercilessly hunted down by creatures called Behemoths. But not all is hopeless. Slayers, highly capable and well-equipped individuals, have arisen to combat Behemoths and protect the remains of humanity. The player character will take the role of one such Slayer.
Dauntless was designed to be a cooperative experience, and supports up to six players taking on the same challenge. However, it can be played solo as well. Taking inspiration from games such as Monster Hunter and Dark Souls, Dauntless is not an easy game, requiring skill and effort to progress. Dauntless also features many different activities and frequent updates to keep the game feeling fresh. There is a beautiful world to explore, bosses to fight, and, once in a while, a seasonal event occurs.
Dauntless is available on MS Windows, Xbox One, PS 4, and Nintendo Switch. You can play Dauntless on Mac as well, even though it is not supported. All you have to do is follow the guide below.

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