how to run sas enterprise guide on mac

How to run SAS Enterprise Guide on Mac

SAS Enterprise Guide is a statistical analysis program developed by SAS Institute. Although it can perform analysis on any data, the program is designed primarily to serve business users. As such, most of its advanced tools are focused on things like risk management, customer intent prediction, and marketing analysis.
SAS Enterprise Guide can import data from any source, like an Excel table or a simple text file. Once imported, a variety of tasks can be performed on this data, ranging from simple ones like sorting and filtering, to more advanced ones like finding correlations, performing calculations, and building linear models. Once analysis is complete, the program can generate a visualization of the data or create a text-based report.
The best part about SAS Enterprise Guide is that none of these tasks have to be done manually. By creating a process flow, the program can be instructed to automatically import the data, perform all necessary operations on it, and create a report containing the result of these calculations. Once a process flow is created, the whole process can be performed with a single click.
SAS Enterprise Guide runs only on Windows operating system. However, third-party solutions can be used to run SAS Enterprise Guide on Mac as well. Read the article below for an overview.

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best iso burners for mac

Best ISO burner for Mac

ISO files are disk image files, which means they represent the contents of an entire storage device, like a CD disk or a USB drive. You can think of them as a “virtual disks”; indeed, this is how MacOS treats them. If you’ve ever worked with ISO images in the past, you’ll know that when you try to open them, MacOS mounts these files the same way it mounts physical storage devices.
This means that, if you want to put an ISO file on a disk, you cannot copy it directly. This would simply result in your disk containing another, virtual, disk. And the results, unfortunately, will not be usable. To store the contents of your ISO on a disk properly, you need to “burn” them onto the disk. This is just a technical term, of course; no actual combustion is involved.
A program that performs this operation is called an ISO burner, and there are many to choose from. So, we’ve prepared a list of best ISO burner programs on Mac, to let you know which one you should use.

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best rar to zip converter for mac

Best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac

Both RAR and ZIP are compressed file archive formats. Compressing your files into an archive has several advantages. The most important one is that they will take less space on your drive. Archives also provide a way to pack multiple files into a single one, which means that downloading an archive is an easy way to download multiple files. Similarly, sharing (or uploading) an archive allows you to share multiple files simultaneously.
There are many competing standards for file compression, but RAR and ZIP are the most popular ones. There are other formats as well, like TAR and 7ZIP, but they’re beyond the scope of this article. After all, we are talking about the best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac. In other words, we will tell you the best way to convert RAR to ZIP on Mac.

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parallels desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop is a very useful application that can help you get more value out of your Mac. It allows you to install other operating systems on your Mac computer. You can even switch between OS X and the other OS on the fly. Because these operating systems are not actually in control of your Mac, Parallels calls them “guest operating systems”.
The most obvious – and the most useful – operating system to install is, of course, Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular OS in the world, so naturally it receives most programs and games. But you can also install, for example, old versions of OS X to run 32-bit Mac applications. Or you can install Linux, or FreeBSD, or even Android. The article below contains a list of all operating systems officially supported by Parallels Desktop 18, the most recent version of Parallels.

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parallels desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop is a great application for your Mac. It allows you to install a second operating system and easily switch between OS X and the system you’ve installed. This is very useful; although Mac computers have a great library of software in certain categories such as video editing and graphic design, most applications are still developed exclusively for Windows.
This means that there’s a value in installing Windows on your Mac, and Parallels Desktop can help you with that. The most recent version of Parallels is Parallels Desktop 18, so it is best to use this one… if you’re able to. Which brings us to the topic of this article, Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements.
As Parallels is a paid program, it is only reasonable that you want to know whether it’ll run on your Mac or not. It provides a trial feature, so you can simply download the program and see how well it works on your machine. But checking Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements is certainly a more efficient option. The article below lists these requirements.

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how to run plant simulation on mac

How to run Plant Simulation on Mac

Plant Simulation, also known by its full name Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is a product lifecycle management software developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software. It is a versatile, industry-agnostic application. As a result, it is used by all kinds of business customers: from service providers to factories, logistics companies, and airports.
The software allows its users to run in-depth simulations of their production chains, accounting for many factors such as irregular shipments and machine failure. These simulations are useful for many reasons; they allow businesses to optimize their production, increasing performance and/or decreasing costs. Although the experts can learn a lot from the simulations alone, Plant Simulation offers many analytical tools to simplify and partially automate this work. To give an example, the software is capable of finding bottlenecks in production, utilizing the Bottleneck Analyzer tool. Alongside these specialized tools, Plant Simulation also offers optimization tools that are more broad in scope: genetic algorithms, neural networks, and regression analysis.
The software is developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, it is also possible to run Plant Simulation on Mac. Several different third-party tools can be used for this purpose; read the article below for the overview.

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how to run power bi on mac

How to run Power BI on Mac

Power BI is a data management service developed by Microsoft for enterprise customers. It is capable of taking information from a variety of sources, such as databases and spreadsheets, as well as websites. The user can then easily organize the data coming from all these disjointed sources for easy analysis. Alternatively, Power BI can analyze the data by itself, using state-of-the-art data mining techniques such as Artificial Intelligence. Either way, the purpose of the service stays the same, to generate actionable business intelligence by using data that is already being collected by the company and looking at it in a holistic manner. After analyzing the data, it can also be compiled into an easy-to-digest report using Power BI’s data visualization capabilities.
Although Power BI is not a single program – most of the hard work is done on Microsoft’s servers in the cloud – the most convenient way to interact with the tool is Power BI Desktop program. This program, unsurprisingly, is exclusive to Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, it is possible to run Power BI on Mac as well. The guide below will outline the specifics.

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best data recovery programs for mac

Best data recovery programs for Mac

Data recovery software does precisely what you’d expect, recover deleted or lost files. There are several use cases for such programs. The most obvious one, of course, is to restore accidentally deleted files. Don’t forget to check the Trash folder, though, if that’s what you want – perhaps you don’t need a complicated data recovery suite after all.
Other uses for data recovery tools are significantly less common, at least for your average user. It is possible for data to simply end up corrupted, especially when stored on an aging or otherwise damaged drive. Hard disk drives that are older than 5 years old are typically considered unreliable; they can last far longer than that without any issues, but you might lose a file or two in the meantime. This is especially true for laptops; their portable nature further strains the drive as it is subjected to things such as shakes. All MacBooks made after 2012 utilize SSD technology, which is generally more reliable, but if you have a MacBook made before that, data loss is a real possibility. Losing data thanks to viruses such as ransomware is also possible. Yes, macOS users have to deal with significantly less malware when compared to Windows users, but it does exist.
Either way, if you’re reading this, you likely have a need for such a program. We have compiled a list of the best data recovery software for Mac so that you can review and compare your options.

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best whatsapp alternatives for mac

Best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac

WhatsApp is a widely-used messenger app available on most platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and others. Unfortunately, it cannot natively run on Apple Silicon chips such as M1 – but even then, it is possible to run it anyway with the help of this guide. Still, WhatsApp is far from perfect. The largest issue, of course, is the company who owns it – Meta (formerly Facebook). As a company that makes a significant part of its revenue by collecting and selling their users’ data, it has a reputation for flexible attitude when it comes to privacy. Something that is obviously unacceptable for many people – so we prepared a list of best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac. Read below for more information, such as details and download links.

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how to run alibre design on mac

How to run Alibre Design on Mac

Alibre Design is a professional CAD program focused on mechanical modeling just like DesignSpark Mechanical. It has both a professional and a hobbyist version – the latter one is named Alibre Atom3D.
The hobbyist version can be used to create CNC projects – with support for both metal and wood – as well as 3D printing projects. Built-in precision features allow the user to create very complex parts, as well as mechanical designs comprised of many different parts. Lastly, it also provides sketching capabilities – useful for creating layouts. The professional version further expands on this, adding features such as automatic bill of materials generation, dynamic part creation, and scripting.
Unfortunately, the developers do not support macOS – their products only work on Windows. However, this limitation can be bypassed, allowing you to run Alibre Design on Mac as well. The guide below will explain the process in detail. It is not limited to Alibre Design, and can be used to run Alibre Atom3D on Mac too.

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