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FIFA 23 release date for Mac

FIFA 23 release date for Mac

FIFA 23 is a football simulator developed by Electronic Arts. The game, set to release on 30 September 2022, will bring many new features, including some long-awaited ones. Right on top of this list is crossplay, the ability to play the game’s multiplayer mode with people who play the game on a different plaform. Other notable features include the addition of women’s football leagues, World Cup championship mode, and improved animations.
The game has generated quite a lot of hype – the fact that it’s the last game to be released under the FIFA name might’ve had something to do with this – and that, naturally, made owners of Apple computers ask certain questions. Is FIFA 23 release date for Mac already known? When will FIFA 23 release on macOS? And, perhaps most pertinently, will there be a FIFA 23 Mac version at all?
Here at AppsOnMac, it is our job to answer these questions. All you need to do is to read the article below.

how to play fifa 23 on mac

How to play FIFA 23 on Mac

FIFA 23 is the newest game in the FIFA game series by Electronic Arts, following FIFA 22. This is quite a long-running series, with the first FIFA game released in 1993, but it will not be called this way for much longer. FIFA 23 is the last game to sell under the FIFA brand; all subsequent games will bear the name “EA Sports FC” instead.
When it comes to gameplay, FIFA 23 has several new – and exciting – features to offer. Perhaps the most notable one of them is the addition of women’s football teams to the game. Before that, the series has only featured male teams. Although understandable – women’s football is not as popular – it is good that this decision was reversed. FIFA 23 also adds a new World Cup mode, with two separate tournaments for men’s and women’s teams. The game’s new HyperMotion 2 technology, meanwhile, promises to make the animations more realistic than ever. Although purely cosmetic, this innovation could improve players’ immersion.
Another very notable addition – likely more notable than women’s teams for some – is cross-platform support in multiplayer. Finally, FIFA 23 players will be able to play with each other even if they’re running the game on different platforms, although the feature is somewhat limited.
Speaking of platforms, the game can be played on Windows, PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. Officially, Mac is not supported, but with the help of this guide, you will be able to play FIFA 23 on Mac anyway.

how to play hedon bloodrite on mac

How to play Hedon Bloodrite on Mac

Hedon Bloodrite is a retro shooter developed by Zan_HedonDev. Although heavily inspired by classics such as Doom, Hedon is set in a fantasy world, and describes itself as “crystalpunk”. The game also tries to move beyond being simply a shooter; besides combat, Heron also features exploration, puzzle-solving, and even RPG elements such as conversations and quests. Considering the game is more than 20 hours long, varied gameplay is pretty much a necessity.
But despite these additions, the action parts remain just as intense and adrenaline-inducing as they were in the 90s shooters. And don’t let the fantasy setting fool you; guns very much are a thing in this universe, and you will get to use a lot of them. Less technological options are available too, of course. Indeed, the game features a special difficulty called “Bearzerk” in which you’re only allowed to use melee.
Unfortunately, Hedon Bloodrite lacks a Mac version; it is only available on Windows and SteamOS. However, by using certain third-party tools, you can play Heron Bloodrite on Mac anyway. What are these tools? Read the guide below to find out.

how to play wreckfest on mac

How to play Wreckfest on Mac

Wreckfest is a demolition derby simulation game developed by Bugbear, famous for the FlatOut game series. Considering that the game emphasizes precisely the same aspect of racing as FlatOut games did – destruction – it would not be wrong to consider it a spiritual successor to the series.
Wreckfest features both derbies and more traditional racing conduits, as well as a street racing mode; either way, the focus is put on vehicle destruction. By utilizing a soft-body modelling algorithm, the game ensures that cars deform and take damage in a very realistic way. A variety of cars is provided to the player from manufacturers all over the world. Beyond that, Wreckfest offers a very comprehensive system for modifying and upgrading vehicles. You can tune up your engine by giving it some better parts, or you can strap literal iron plates to your car as armor. Go nuts. That said, adding armor to your car would also make it slower and harder to handle; not all modifications are strictly upgrades. And if even this isn’t enough, the game supports modding via Steam Workshop, allowing you to effortlessly add your favorite pizza truck into the game.
The game is available on several platforms: Windows, PlayStation, XBox, even Switch. But to play Wreckfest on Mac, you will need to use third-party software, as it is not natively available. The guide below will outline your options.

how to play turbo overkill on mac

How to play Turbo Overkill on Mac

Turbo Overkill is an over-the-top FPS inspired by retro shooters such as Doom and Quake. It is being developed by Trigger Happy Interactive, and although the game is still in early access, it has already received glowing praise from the critics, and “Overwhelmingly Positive” reviews on Steam.
“Turbo Overkill” is a very appropriate name for this game, as it strives to be, well… just that. Or, in other words, as over-the-top, intense, and gory as possible. The game’s protagonist, Johnny Turbo, is a cyborg, equipped with combat augmentations few have thought possible… or sensible… or necessary in any way. Does he need rocked launchers inside his arms and a chainsaw leg? Who knows; but you get to play with these anyway. Engaging in indiscriminate manslaughter rewards you with money, which you can use to upgrade weapons and augments.
With this ridiculously overpowered body, as well as a whole arsenal of weapons, Johnny makes a questionable decision to confront a hostile AI named Syn. The fact that this guy had to think twice about it should tell you all you need to know about our antagonist. This game will *not* be a walk in the park.
Turbo Overkill can be played on Windows, PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and the Switch. Third-party tools are required to play Turbo Overkill on Mac, so follow the guide below to learn about them.

how to play june's journey on pc or mac

How to play June’s Journey on PC or Mac

Developed by Wooga, June’s Journey is a hidden object game available to play on iOS and Android. Playing as June Parker, a mystery enthusiast and amateur detective, you will embark on a journey across the world, from fashionable Paris to roaring New York. As the game is set in the 1920s, the mystery-solving atmosphere is further enhanced by an aesthetic of this long-bygone era. After all, the world where phonographs and The Model T were the pinnacle of technology is quite alien to us… the mystique of the world adds to the mystique of the story.
Immersing yourself in the world of intrigue and mystery isn’t enough to uncover its secrets, however. While on the scene, you must pay attention to the objects around you, so that you can find valuable clues. Follow the trail with one place to another, and, with enough sleuthing, you will expose the truth. And do not worry about running out of levels as you solve them one after another; each week, the developers add another one to the list so you’re unlikely to run out.
Though it is a smartphone-exclusive game, you can play June’s Journey on PC or Mac as well by following the guide below.

how to play poppy playtime on mac

How to play Poppy Playtime on Mac

Poppy Playtime is a well-received survival horror game developed by MOB Games. The game’s explosive popularity might be explained by its monetization model; it is entirely free to download, though the players are required to pay to progress past the first chapter. As of 2022, only two chapters have been released, but more are expected to come.
The story of the game is mainly set in a defunct toy factory. You, an employee of the company who owns the factory, receive a strange message, originating from the factory’s worker who disappeared ten years ago. Intrigued, you travel there, but – to no one’s surprise – the whole thing was a trap. The toys came alive and seek to end your life. Now you must escape this deadly maze.
To do so, you are given several different tools; the most important one is your GrabPack. It is equipped with long-reaching (but retractable) hands, allowing you to manipulate objects from afar. You can also use these hands to alter electrical connections present throughout the factory. It is not an exaggeration to say that you will not be able to complete the game without mastering this device.
To play Poppy Playtime on Mac, however, you will have to resort to some tricks, as the game is officially only available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Still, it is possible; the guide below will explain the details.

how to play the sinking city on mac

How to play The Sinking City on Mac

The Sinking City is a third-person exploration and investigation game in the style of H. P. Lovecraft. It lets the players take on a role of a private investigator arriving to the coastal city of Oakmont sometime in the 1920s. Flooded with water, eerie and oppressive, any outsider can see clearly that something is wrong with the city, but it will be your job to discover what precisely it is. You will need to traverse the open world of the game, investigating cases and collecting clues; in addition to the city itself, you will also have to explore underwater. Unlike many games in the same genre, The Sinking City is flexible about the way you conduct investigations. You need only to arrive at the conclusion of each case; this can be accomplished in many different ways. In addition, the way you solve these cases will have an impact on the story.
Eventually, however, you will have no choice but to confront the horrors the human mind was never meant to comprehend. Luckily, that doesn’t make them immune to bullets. Many different era-appropriate weapons will be made available to you.
The Sinking City is available on Windows, PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. It is not available on Mac, but with this guide, you will be able to play The Sinking City on Mac anyway.

how to play merge dragons on pc or mac

How to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac

Merge Dragons is a mobile game in the puzzle genre, available on iOS and Android. It tells a story about a colorful, magical world known as Dragonia. For a long time, it prospered, its residents living without worry or fear. But alas, it was not meant to last. One day, Zomblins – vile creatures that resemble both goblins and zombies at the same time – attacked the land. Unprepared, dragons could not mount any defense against this unprovoked attack, and so, the land itself withered, drained of all life force through Zomblins evil presence.
But not all hope is lost. Through your efforts, the land can be healed, and the dragons, strengthened to eventually repulse Zomblins once and for all. What is the power that can accomplish this? Why, the magic of matching, of course. Through combining trees and landmarks, you can purify them, restoring their true form. Combining dragons, on the other hand, grows their power.
On your journey to cleanse the land, you will beat more than 180 levels, complete 81 different challenges, and familiarize yourself with 37 breeds of dragons. But if you want to embark on it using a computer, you will need to follow our guide. It will explain how to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac.

how to play super mega zero on mac

How to play Super Mega Zero on Mac

Super Mega Zero is an platformer/shoot-em-up hybrid game, developed by Silkworm and published by Rogue Games. The game was designed to give off an “old school arcade” vibe, in more ways than one. The most obvious ones, of course, are the game’s color palette – which is limited and mainly contains bright colors – and the chiptune soundtrack. But the gameplay, too, takes inspiration from the same source. Super Mega Zero is fast-paced, yet requires the player to be highly precise with inputs in spite of that. Needless to say, this means the game is a little bit on the harder side; be glad you don’t have to insert a coin for each time you respawn.
Thankfully, not all sections of this game are intense and demanding. Occasionally, the players will be given an opportunity to slow down a little and engage with the puzzle mechanics. And with more than two hundred different levels, you will have enough time to experience all game modes (platformer, shoot-em-up, and puzzle).
Unfortunately, Super Mega Zero is available only for Windows and Nintendo Switch. Using third-party solutions, however, you will be able to play Super Mega Zero on Mac as well. Read the guide below to learn about your options.

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best data recovery programs for mac

Best data recovery programs for Mac

Data recovery software does precisely what you’d expect, recover deleted or lost files. There are several use cases for such programs. The most obvious one, of course, is to restore accidentally deleted files. Don’t forget to check the Trash folder, though, if that’s what you want – perhaps you don’t need a complicated data recovery suite after all.
Other uses for data recovery tools are significantly less common, at least for your average user. It is possible for data to simply end up corrupted, especially when stored on an aging or otherwise damaged drive. Hard disk drives that are older than 5 years old are typically considered unreliable; they can last far longer than that without any issues, but you might lose a file or two in the meantime. This is especially true for laptops; their portable nature further strains the drive as it is subjected to things such as shakes. All MacBooks made after 2012 utilize SSD technology, which is generally more reliable, but if you have a MacBook made before that, data loss is a real possibility. Losing data thanks to viruses such as ransomware is also possible. Yes, macOS users have to deal with significantly less malware when compared to Windows users, but it does exist.
Either way, if you’re reading this, you likely have a need for such a program. We have compiled a list of the best data recovery software for Mac so that you can review and compare your options.

best whatsapp alternatives for mac

Best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac

WhatsApp is a widely-used messenger app available on most platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and others. Unfortunately, it cannot natively run on Apple Silicon chips such as M1 – but even then, it is possible to run it anyway with the help of this guide. Still, WhatsApp is far from perfect. The largest issue, of course, is the company who owns it – Meta (formerly Facebook). As a company that makes a significant part of its revenue by collecting and selling their users’ data, it has a reputation for flexible attitude when it comes to privacy. Something that is obviously unacceptable for many people – so we prepared a list of best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac. Read below for more information, such as details and download links.

how to run alibre design on mac

How to run Alibre Design on Mac

Alibre Design is a professional CAD program focused on mechanical modeling just like DesignSpark Mechanical. It has both a professional and a hobbyist version – the latter one is named Alibre Atom3D.
The hobbyist version can be used to create CNC projects – with support for both metal and wood – as well as 3D printing projects. Built-in precision features allow the user to create very complex parts, as well as mechanical designs comprised of many different parts. Lastly, it also provides sketching capabilities – useful for creating layouts. The professional version further expands on this, adding features such as automatic bill of materials generation, dynamic part creation, and scripting.
Unfortunately, the developers do not support macOS – their products only work on Windows. However, this limitation can be bypassed, allowing you to run Alibre Design on Mac as well. The guide below will explain the process in detail. It is not limited to Alibre Design, and can be used to run Alibre Atom3D on Mac too.

How to run WhatsApp on Mac M1

WhatsApp is a popular messaging program owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook). It is primarily a smartphone app, available on both iOS and Android. While it is available on Windows and macOS too, these versions are not a priority for the developers. Sadly, this means that there is no WhatsApp M1 Mac version. The version of WhatsApp available on the App Store is Intel-only. This leads some users to believe that there is no way to run WhatsApp on Mac M1. However, this is not the case at all – in fact, it isn’t much difficult that running it on a regular Mac.
This article will explain what to do if you want to run WhatsApp on Mac M1. There are several easy options available to you, and all you have to do to learn them is to read the article below.


How to install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox

Apple users have plenty of reasons to install Windows on their Mac. Perhaps there is a piece of software that they absolutely need, but it’s been last updated in 1997, works only on Windows, and the person who wrote it has never even heard of a Mac (though they might’ve heard of a Macintosh). Perhaps they want to play a game that has never been ported to Mac due to the lack of demand. You get the idea – most of these reasons involve software in one way or another, which is hardly surprising. As the most popular operating system, Windows receives a lion’s share of all programs and games being made.
Now, we’ve already written an article about installing Windows on Mac. However, it could hardly claim to be comprehensive. For one, VirtualBox received only a passing mention. That is because VirtualBox is much more complex and difficult to use compared to, say, Parallels Desktop. Explaining how to use it would’ve required its own guide – and so, here we are. This guide will help you install Windows on Mac with VirtualBox by breaking down the process into easy-to-understand steps.

fix follina, fix msdt exploit, fix CVE-2022-30190, fix mesdetty

How to fix Follina vulnerability in Windows

Follina is a recently-discovered vulnerability in Windows. Besides Follina, several other names are used to refer to this vulnerability. Colloquially, it is known as the MSDT exploit. Microsoft itself calls it CVE-2022-30190, while the antiviruses will sometimes call it Mesdetty. It affects Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
The vulnerability is located within Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool, an application bundled with Windows to collect data for Microsoft Support. Using a specifically designed text document (specifically, those with .docx and .rtf extensions), or a shortcut, MSDT can be made to run arbitrary code. What this means is that if you receive a corrupted file like this in, say, e-mail, and then open it – the hacker will have full control of your computer. They could use this control to steal sensitive data such as passwords, to install malicious software, or to do anything else the hacker could imagine.
If you think this is bad – it gets worse. Corrupted .docx files still need to be opened for the hacker to gain control. Corrupted .rtf files do not. All the victim has to do is to select the file – to click on it once, in other words – and that’s it, they’re hacked.
Sounds very dangerous, doesn’t it? The worst part is, because it is so new (it’s been discovered just a few days ago), antiviruses might not be able to detect the corrupted files. Luckily, it is very easy to fix the Follina vulnerability yourself, which will render you completely immune to this attack. The article below will explain the steps you need to follow.

second monitor not working monterey 12.4

How to fix second display not working in Monterey 12.4

Just recently (on May 16, 2022) Apple released an update to the latest macOS version, macOS Monterey. Monterey 12.4 brings several changes: Apple Podcasts received a new feature, Safari’s performance was improved, and the OS itself received quite a few security updates, too. Unfortunately, no one is flawless, not even Apple. The update introduced a rather annoying bug bundled with all the enhancements. Specifically, the users reported that their second display is not working in Monterey 12.4. In this article, we will explain the circumstances under which the error occurs, and explain how to fix it.

how to install rosetta 2 on m1 mac

How to install Rosetta 2 on M1 Mac

Rosetta 2 is an application that serves as a compatibility layer between software written for Intel Macs and new M1 Macs. Even though programs written for Intel-based Apple computers cannot natively run on M1 computers, Rosetta 2 makes it possible. It supports the absolute majority of software ever written for Intel Mac computers, though there are exceptions – in rare cases, the programs will run slowly or not run at all. Despite this, Rosetta 2 is an excellent piece of software that can make your M1 Mac almost as capable as your Intel Mac computer in terms of running software.
This article will help you install Rosetta 2 on an M1 Mac. Both automatic and manual installation methods are covered.