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how to play flatout 4 total insanity on mac

How to play FlatOut 4: Total Insanity on Mac

FlatOut 4: Total Insanity is a demolition derby game developed by Kylotonn and published by Strategy First. Though some people think it’s not as good as other games in the genre, like Wreckfest, it is still a decent game worth your time.
In the Career Mode of the game, you will advance through three leagues; each of them will require you to participate in many tournaments, races, and demolition derby events. Although racing is very prominent in this mode, the focus of the game is still destruction. You will never be penalized for ramming into your opponent and wrecking their car; in fact, this is the expected way to complete most racing events. You still have to catch up with them to do this, so don’t expect races to be trivial either.
The Career Mode is main game mode, but several others were developed as well. In the iconic Stunt Mode, you will be tasked with performing many dangerous and destructive stunts, and will be awarded a score based on your performance. The Assault Mode, meanwhile, makes races even more destructive by equipping your vehicle with actual weapons.
This game released in 2017 on Windows PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and has never received a Mac version. Despite this, it is possible to play FlatOut 4: Total Insanity on Mac. How? Read the guide below and discover.

how to play bayonetta on mac

How to play Bayonetta on Mac

Bayonetta is an action-adventure game released in 2009; it is the first game in the series with the same name. It was developed by Platinum Games and published by SEGA.
The game – and the series – are named after Bayonetta, a witch who cannot remember her past. As she discovers that a city in Europe contains a magical artifact similar to one in her possession, she departs immediately. This pursuit to recover her memories will result in many a confrontation, but Bayonetta is more than equipped to handle them.
As a witch, she possesses several magical abilities – she can transform into a panther, slow down time, and summon various weapons. All of these abilities are actually present in the game and affect how it plays; they are not merely stated powers. In addition to the arcane arts, Bayonetta can perform certain non-magical – but still impressive – tasks, such as dual-wielding weapons, double jumps, and backflips. Mastering this arsenal of moves is essential to beating the game without lowering the difficulty.
Bayonetta (the game) was originally released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Later, it was also ported to Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. There’s no official Mac port, but it’s still possible to play Bayonetta on Mac. Read our guide and learn how to accomplish this.

how to play kingdom come deliverance on mac

How to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Mac

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a roleplaying game developed and published by Warhorse Studios. Set in medieval Europe, this game does not incorporate any fantasy tropes, instead aiming for historical accuracy.
Bohemia – the predecessor country to the modern Czech Republic – is not poor by any means. The royal treasury is full of precious metals, castles and villages dot the landscape… things would’ve been quite good if not for one thing. King Wenceslas was a gullible, incompetent ruler. Shortly after his ascension to the throne, he was tricked and kidnapped by Sigismund, the King of Hungary. Without a king, Bohemia is almost defenseless against Sigismund’s invasion.
But not all hope is lost. Lord Radzig Kobyla is determined to launch a campaign of resistance, and is currently gathering forces to do so. You, meanwhile, are a simple peasant in his service. Though you lack noble blood, you will be able to distinguish yourself on the battlefield, and, eventually, make decisions that will influence Bohemia’s future.
This game can be played on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Nintendo Switch port is also planned; a Mac port, on the other hand, is not. But, by reading our guide, you will be able to play Kingdom Come: Deliverance on Mac even though there’s no official Mac version available.

how to play cossacks 3 on mac

How to play Cossacks 3 on Mac

Cossacks 3 is an RTS game developed and published by GSC Game World, a Ukrainian game studio also responsible for the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series.
This historical RTS is focused on 17th and 18th century warfare – events that took place during that era form the basis of the game’s five campaigns. The game’s impressive engine is capable of handling up to 32 thousand units at the same time, which means that many battles are represented accurately instead of being scaled down. And yet, despite this technical feat, Cossacks 3 has very modest system requirements.
Although there are only five campaigns, the game features forces of twenty nations. Obviously, this is needed to recreate many historical situations, but there’s another reason why so many of them exist. This reason is multiplayer – a game mode that many consider to be an essential part of any RTS game. Having access to such a variety of units undoubtedly enhances PvP gameplay; even in massive 4v4 confrontations, every player can be unique.
Like many other RTS games, Cossacks 3 is only available on PC, though it supports both Windows and Linux operating systems. But there’s no official Mac support. Despite that, there are several unoffcial ways to play Cossacks 3 on Mac. Read the article below to learn about them.

how to play king's bounty ii on mac

How to play King’s Bounty II on Mac

King’s Bounty II is a roleplaying game developed by Fulqrum Games. In this turn-based adventure, you will explore the world of Antara, a troubled place where bandits can be found behind every bush, the king’s grasp on the country wanes with every passing day, and warlords and necromancers are beginning to crawl out of woodwork.
But several heroes – a paladin, a fighter, and a magician – are determined to restore law and order. Playing as one of them, you will embark on an epic journey to reunite the fractured kingdom of Nostria. But your character, powerful as they may be, cannot accomplish this task alone. It will be necessary to recruit an army of warriors to do your bidding.
The story of King’s Bounty II is not linear; many choices can be made over the course of this 30-hour-long storyline. Will you attempt to fulfill your character’s wish for order? Or will you become just another warlord? Only you can decide.
Officially, this game released only on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. But with the right know-how, you can play King’s Bounty II on Mac as well. Read the article below for step-by-step instructions.

how to play maneater on mac

How to play Maneater on Mac

Maneater is an open-world RPG with an unusual premise: you play as a shark. It was developed and published by Tripwire Interactive, an American gamedev studio also responsible for Red Orchestra and Killing Floor games.
It should be noted that Maneater is not a simulation game; though you start the game as a fairly normal baby shark, you will eventually unlock abilities that transcend sharks’ natural capabilities. As sharks are already pretty powerful in real life, this is very much done to enhance the “power fantasy” experience.
Though the game’s title implies that humans are your primary enemy, they are hardly the only one. You will have to engage in combat with many aquatic creatures, some of which possess powers comparable to yours. Humans, meanwhile, need no special buffs to pose a challenge for our unnatural mega-shark; a Coast Guard boat outfitted with guns is threatening enough.
Maneater released in May 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Later that year, in November, it was also ported to Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Finally, in May 2021, it received a Nintendo Switch port. By now, it is safe to assume that the game will never receive an official Mac version; however, it is still possible to play Maneater on Mac. Several unofficial methods can be used to accomplish this goal; learn about them in the article below.

how to play #killallzombies on mac

How to play #KILLALLZOMBIES on Mac

#KILLALLZOMBIES is a top-down shooter focused, to no one’s surprise, on eradicating zombies. It was developed and published by Beatshapers, a Ukrainian game development studio.
The game’s premise is extremely straightforward; you are an unwilling participant in a grisly reality show, where hapless civilians are forced to fight hordes of zombies in a hexagonal arena. To ensure that you do not die immediately, you will be given access to a variety of weapons, and the ability to enhance yourself during gameplay by selecting “perks”. The show’s audience, meanwhile, can make things harder for you by spawning special zombies and creating obstacles.
A “reality show” premise is fairly commonly used to justify improbable scenarios, but in this case, it is more than just that. The game’s in-built Twitch integration means that the premise, in a way, is true. When you stream the game on Twitch, “the audience that makes things harder for you” is not an abstract concept – it’s a real audience that can, indeed, inconvenience you through vote.
#KILLALLZOMBIES is available on the following platforms: PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita; Xbox One; Nintendo Switch; Windows PC. As you can see, Mac is not supported, but it’s still possible to play #KILLALLZOMBIES on Mac. Read the guide below for instructions.

how to play boundary on mac

How to play Boundary on Mac

Boundary is an exciting first-person shooter game that takes place in a zero-gravity environment. Developed by Surgical Scalpels, the game offers a unique gameplay experience that challenges players to think strategically and adapt to a new set of rules. Boundary takes place in outer space where players control specialized astronauts known as Orbital Security Personnel. These highly trained professionals work to protect various space installations and critical assets from hostile forces. Various ways are available to approach wide customization of weapons, gadgets, and skins allowing players to create their own play style. The game also offers a range of multiplayer modes including team deathmatch and free-for-all modes, as well as an innovative mode called “Orbital Capture,” in which players are tasked to compete in capturing and controlling satellites in zero-gravity space. Apart from this, Boundary also features stunning graphics that accurately depict the space environment, with beautiful planetary vistas and meticulously detailed space stations that players can explore. The game’s immersive sound effects and atmospheric soundtrack make for a truly immersive experience. Overall, Boundary offers a fresh take on the first-person shooter genre, with its unique zero-gravity gameplay and tactical combat. It’s a game that will challenge players to think and move differently than they would in traditional FPS games, making for an exciting and memorable experience.

how to play ghostrunner on mac

How to play Ghostrunner on Mac

Ghostrunner is a fast-paced action game in the cyberpunk style, published by 505 Games. The entire game takes place inside Dharma Tower – a gigantic structure sheltering the remnants of humanity.
The world as we know it may have ended, but conflict did not. The law enforcement in the tower is nonexistent; as a result, its streets are always dangerous and filled with armed gangsters. As a cybernetic fighter, you don’t fear these petty criminals, but even you suffer at the hands of Keymaster Mara, the merciless tyrant in control of the structure.
Unlike many others, though, you may be able to make a difference. Utilizing your superhuman speed, lightning-fast reflexes, and the sharpest katana ever made, you’re determined to climb the entire tower and confront the dictator at the top. But beware – although no human can match your prowess in combat, you still can be outnumbered. If you want to succeed, you will have to utilize all the advantages you have over your enemies and consider your strategy.
This game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. As you may have noticed, Mac is not on this list; despite this, it’s still possible to play Ghostrunner on Mac. Read the article below for detailed instructions.

how to play a way out on mac

How to play A Way Out on Mac

A Way Out is a co-op adventure game designed for two players. In fact, this is the only way to play it – there’s no singleplayer option. It was developed by Hazelight and published by Electronic Arts. Both players will take on the role of a prisoner – either Leo, the tough guy, or Vincent, who is smart and resourceful. Both of them are determined to break out, and, although they don’t know each other at all, they decide to trust each other and cooperate. The same trust and cooperation will be required from the players; you will have to share information and synchronize your actions to overcome the obstacles this game will throw at you. And there are many such obstacles: over the course of the game, you will have to solve puzzles, sneak around, drive vehicles, and take down enemies. Though this game isn’t overly long – it takes around 8 hours to complete – this also means that the game mechanics will not get boring while you play. A Way Out can be played on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. There’s no official Mac version available, but you can play A Way Out on Mac nonetheless. Several methods can be used to accomplish this; read the article below to learn about them.

Apps on Mac

best iso burners for mac

Best ISO burner for Mac

ISO files are disk image files, which means they represent the contents of an entire storage device, like a CD disk or a USB drive. You can think of them as a “virtual disks”; indeed, this is how MacOS treats them. If you’ve ever worked with ISO images in the past, you’ll know that when you try to open them, MacOS mounts these files the same way it mounts physical storage devices.
This means that, if you want to put an ISO file on a disk, you cannot copy it directly. This would simply result in your disk containing another, virtual, disk. And the results, unfortunately, will not be usable. To store the contents of your ISO on a disk properly, you need to “burn” them onto the disk. This is just a technical term, of course; no actual combustion is involved.
A program that performs this operation is called an ISO burner, and there are many to choose from. So, we’ve prepared a list of best ISO burner programs on Mac, to let you know which one you should use.

best rar to zip converter for mac

Best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac

Both RAR and ZIP are compressed file archive formats. Compressing your files into an archive has several advantages. The most important one is that they will take less space on your drive. Archives also provide a way to pack multiple files into a single one, which means that downloading an archive is an easy way to download multiple files. Similarly, sharing (or uploading) an archive allows you to share multiple files simultaneously.
There are many competing standards for file compression, but RAR and ZIP are the most popular ones. There are other formats as well, like TAR and 7ZIP, but they’re beyond the scope of this article. After all, we are talking about the best RAR to ZIP converter for Mac. In other words, we will tell you the best way to convert RAR to ZIP on Mac.

parallels desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop is a very useful application that can help you get more value out of your Mac. It allows you to install other operating systems on your Mac computer. You can even switch between OS X and the other OS on the fly. Because these operating systems are not actually in control of your Mac, Parallels calls them “guest operating systems”.
The most obvious – and the most useful – operating system to install is, of course, Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular OS in the world, so naturally it receives most programs and games. But you can also install, for example, old versions of OS X to run 32-bit Mac applications. Or you can install Linux, or FreeBSD, or even Android. The article below contains a list of all operating systems officially supported by Parallels Desktop 18, the most recent version of Parallels.

parallels desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop is a great application for your Mac. It allows you to install a second operating system and easily switch between OS X and the system you’ve installed. This is very useful; although Mac computers have a great library of software in certain categories such as video editing and graphic design, most applications are still developed exclusively for Windows.
This means that there’s a value in installing Windows on your Mac, and Parallels Desktop can help you with that. The most recent version of Parallels is Parallels Desktop 18, so it is best to use this one… if you’re able to. Which brings us to the topic of this article, Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements.
As Parallels is a paid program, it is only reasonable that you want to know whether it’ll run on your Mac or not. It provides a trial feature, so you can simply download the program and see how well it works on your machine. But checking Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements is certainly a more efficient option. The article below lists these requirements.


how to download youtube videos in safari

How to download YouTube videos in Safari

YouTube is the largest video platform out there; with such a vast library of content, it doesn’t really have to fear any competitors. After all, millions of videos attract hundreds of millions of viewers. This is not an exaggeration: YouTube has more than a hundred million daily visitors.
This is why YouTube doesn’t allow its users to download videos; it would much rather prefer you visited the website each time you want to watch a video. This way, you’ll see more ads and other sponsored content. However, this is not very convenient. For one, it means you can’t watch any videos while offline. If you’re on a metered connection, you’ll be spending data each time you watch a video, even if you saw it before. There’s also plenty of music on YouTube, which you might want to add to your local collection.
There are several programs that can solve these problems, including some very capable ones. But what if you want something simpler? What if you want to download YouTube videos in Safari, without installing anything else? That, too, is possible. Read the article below for a list of YouTube downloader websites. You can visit these websites using Safari, on any other browser for that matter.

how to download youtube shorts on mac

How to download YouTube Shorts on Mac

YouTube, the most popular video platform to ever exist, have recently faced competition from mobile applications such as TikTok. These applications managed to carve out their own niche in the video hosting market by focusing on extremely short videos, ranging from several seconds to several minutes. These videos are popular with mobile users, who can’t always commit enough time to watch a YouTube video.
YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s own attempt to provide this type of short, mobile-oriented content and win these users back. It is a relatively new addition to the platform, having launched in summer of 2021. But YouTube users have already posted some shorts that are interesting, fun, and generally worth saving to your own computer.
So how do you download YouTube shorts on Mac? Is such a thing even possible? Luckily for you, it is! It is actually very easy to download YouTube shorts. The guide below will explain how to do it.

How to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac

YouTube is a very popular media platform. It hosts a countless amount of videos, and many more are uploaded every day. But all of this content is only available when you’re online. This is hardly surprising; no computer will be able to hold such a massive amount of data. Downloading the entire YouTube video library for offline use is simply not feasible.
Still, it is possible to download videos from YouTube; many third-party tools are available for this purpose. But what if you want to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac? Such a thing is possible too. You can, of course, download each video individually, but some advanced programs can automate this process.
In the guide below, we will describe several ways to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac. Reading it will take only a few minutes of your time.

how to download youtube channel on mac

How to download a YouTube channel on Mac

YouTube is an exceptionally popular video hosting website that doesn’t need introduction. It is estimated that one-third of Earth’s population uses YouTube at least in some capacity. And why wouldn’t they? YouTube has everything. It hosts all kinds of channels: channels dedicated to music videos, to educational videos, to let’s plays, to children’s entertainment, and more.
All this wealth of content is tied to YouTube, and cannot be downloaded from the website directly. After all, YouTube makes money from advertisements. But there are many third-party tools that can download videos from YouTube. Some of these tools are advanced enough to feature bulk download options.
This is what we will focus on today: tools that will allow you to download a YouTube channel on Mac.