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how to play simrail on mac

How to play SimRail on Mac

SimRail is a very descriptive name; it very plainly communicates that this game is a railway simulator. But it is not possible to learn all the details about the game this way. So, what kind of railway simulator is SimRail? What does it focus on? What is it good at?
In SimRail, you can play as either a train driver or a train dispatcher. As a driver, you will obviously have to control your vehicle. Ensure that your passengers are safe, but make sure to arrive on time. This may sound easy, but it isn’t. Trains are complex machines, and this game accurately recreates all the procedures necessary to drive one. Though, it would be better to say that SimRail many different procedures to drive many different trains; after all, this game allows you to drive both ancient steam locomotives, ultramodern high-speed bullet trains, and everything in between.
In the train dispatcher mode, you will control the rail network itself, changing the rail connections so that the trains go where they need to. Just like in the driver mode, you will be able to use both antiquated and modern machinery to accomplish this task.
Although SimRail is a Windows exclusive, there are several (unofficial) ways to play SimRail on Mac. Read the article below to learn about them.

how to play nioh the complete edition on mac

How to play Nioh: Complete Edition on Mac

Nioh is an action game developed by Koei Tecmo Games; it is the predecessor of Nioh 2. Set in the medieval Japan, the game features many supernatural elements based on Oriental folklore. The Complete Edition is the best way to experience Nioh, as it includes both the original game and all three expansion packs released for it.
The story of Nioh follows an unlikely journey of an Irish sailor called William Adams. Entangled in a plot to harvest Amrita, a magical resource found only in Japan, William finds himself imprisoned by the British Crown. And although a water spirit helps him escape, said spirit gets kidnapped shortly afterwards. On a quest to rescue the spirit, William travels to Japan once more.
There, he will slay many supernatural creatures known as youkai, and make friends with the others. He will participate in the Japanese civil war, aiding Tokugawa Ieyasu and his efforts to unify the island. His journey will lead him to see many strange things and gain many strange powers, and all of it can be experienced by you.
Although Nioh was officially released only on PS4, PS5, and Windows, you can play Nioh: Complete Edition on Mac as well. Read the article below for more information.

how to play planet zoo on mac

How to play Planet Zoo on Mac

Planet Zoo is a management simulator game developed by Frontier Developments. Just as the name suggests, in this game you’ll be managing a zoo. It will not span an entire planet, but don’t think this will limit your creativity; you have vast stretches of land at your disposal.
Sticking animals in tiny cages makes them depressed and unhappy, which in turn results in unhappy visitors and an unprofitable zoo. To keep animals active, you’ll have to provide them with a stimulating environment; something that resembles their natural habitat, generally speaking. There are many different animals in the game, each with unique needs. Some are harmless and easy to take care of, perfect for beginner zoos. But some are much more challenging, requiring large habitats and a specific landscape. Of course, you don’t need to cater to all needs of your animals, either; it is more of a late-game challenge.
Planet Zoo is available only on Microsoft Windows. The lack of console ports is understandable; these games are meant to be played with a keyboard and a mouse, not game controllers. But what if you want to play Planet Zoo on Mac? There are several unofficial tools that can make this happen. Learn more in the article below.

how to play scp secret laboratory on mac

How to play SCP: Secret Laboratory on Mac

SCP: Secret Laboratory is a free multiplayer game set within the fictional universe of SCP Foundation. The Foundation is a organization determined to protect humanity from anomalous threats. It locates objects, people, and other entities that do not follow the laws of physics, and contains them in laboratories. Studying them, however, is a secondary concern; the most important part is to simply keep them inside. That is done for safety – many specimens are incredibly hostile – but also to ensure that mankind doesn’t learn about the supernatural world.
Unfortunately, the SCP Foundation has many enemies. Chaos Insurgency has managed to infiltrate a Foundation lab, Site-02, and released many dangerous entities. At this point, the game begins. You will need to accomplish objectives that depend on your role.
Test subjects, for example, seek to escape the facility. Security personnel must protect and evacuate vulnerable scientists (who are also playable). Chaos Insurgency agents work to kill Foundation members and plunder the laboratory of anomalous objects. You can even play as sentient SCP entities; in this case, your job is simply to sow chaos and kill as many humans as possible.
This game is a Windows exclusive, but don’t let it stop you. With the right tools, you can play SCP: Secret Laboratory on Mac as well. Read the guide below to learn how.

how to play operation harsh doorstop on mac

How to play Operation: Harsh Doorstop on Mac

Operation: Harsh Doorstop is a sandbox shooter developed by Drakeling Labs. Notably, the game is entirely free, as its development is funded through donations. Unlike many “free” games out there, it doesn’t feature microtransactions, either.
Operation: Harsh Doorstop intends to be a heavily moddable multiplayer sandbox similar to Garry’s Mod, but with more focus on guns, enemies, and shooting. So it’s not precisely a game, but rather a platform to create and host custom shooting‑based experiences. You can have servers that are nothing like each other even though they host the same game mode, because they use a different collection of mods.
Operation: Harsh Doorstop supports all kinds of game modes. Some examples include an alien invasion mode called “Troopers”, in which players have to defend themselves against alien bugs, a “Casual Warfare” mode that seeks to replicate Call of Duty experience, and a zombie survival mode. They can be developed by anyone, so it’s likely that more will be available in the future.
It is important to note that this game doesn’t support OS X. But what if you wanted to play Operation: Harsh Doorstop on Mac anyway? Believe it or not, it’s possible. The guide below will explain the details.

how to play aliens fireteam elite on mac

How to play Aliens: Fireteam Elite on Mac

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is an third-person shooting game developed and published by Cold Iron Studios. Although this game is a part of the Alien franchise, it focuses on action instead of horror. There are still horror elements present, but constant hordes of enemies don’t leave much room for suspense.
That’s not to say Fireteam Elite is a bad game; far from it. It is highly engaging and intense, has great music, and features an interesting story campaign. It is intended to be played cooperatively, in teams of three, and, as such, can be really fun to play with friends. Those that prefer a singleplayer experience can choose to play with two AI companions instead.
The game features seven different classes designed to complement one another. The customization, however, doesn’t end there. Each class has many different weapons and perks available for selection. Not all of them are available at the start; many need to be unlocked through gameplay. This provides a sense of progression between games.
Aliens: Fireteam Elite is available on PS4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S, and also on Microsoft Windows. Officially, OS X is not supported, but it’s still possible to play Aliens: Fireteam Elite on Mac. Read the article below to learn how.

how to play sonic mania on mac

How to play Sonic Mania on Mac

Sonic Mania is a platforming game developed by Headcannon and published by SEGA. Developed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Sonic franchise, this game is designed to look and play just like the original games for the SEGA Genesis console.
Sonic Mania features three playable characters: Sonic himself, Tails, and Knuckles. All of them have unique abilities to ensure gameplay variety. Sonic has his trademark dash, Tails is capable of flight, and Knuckles can climb walls. The game has 13 different levels; however, only five of them are fully original. The other eight are adapted from previous Sonic games. Although this has caused some criticism – people would’ve preferred more new content – all of them are fun to play. All levels feature two boss fights and cutscenes that gradually reveal the game’s story.
The game can be played on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch version is available for those who wish to play on the go, and Windows users were not neglected either; a digital version of the game can be purchased on Steam. Unsurprisingly, there’s no official Mac support, but you can play Sonic Mania on Mac nonetheless. How? The guide below will answer this question.

how to play inside the backrooms on mac

How to play Inside the Backrooms on Mac

Inside the Backrooms is a multiplayer horror game developed by MrFatcat. It is one of several games inspired by the Backrooms, a piece of internet folklore that describes an endless, seemingly empty office space that can be accessed by phasing through reality in certain areas. But even though this maze of office rooms is devoid of any activity, strange noises can, sometimes, be heard. Clearly, something lurks down there.
Inside the Backrooms invites its players to explore this unnerving place. Team up with your friends and try to escape from this office nightmare. This will not be an easy task. Navigating these nearly identical rooms is difficult enough; but you will also have to scavenge for scarce supplies, solve mysterious puzzles scattered around, and avoid the Backrooms’ hostile inhabitants. There are six different enemies in the game, and learning their behaviors is essential for survival.
Inside the Backrooms is available only on Microsoft Windows. Though support for other platforms may be added in the future, it is unlikely to happen soon, as the dev team is busy improving the game’s VR support. But it is nonetheless possible to play Inside the Backrooms on Mac. The guide below will explain how to do it.

how to play black squad on mac

How to play Black Squad on Mac

Black Squad is an FPS game developed and published by VALOFE. Although it is a multiplayer-only game, it can nonetheless offer many hours of entertainment thanks to its engaging and varied gameplay.
While the gameplay formula itself will not change no matter what – you will always need to point your gun at the enemy and shoot – this can be done in many different ways. Shooting with a sniper rifle is rather different from shooting with a shotgun. And there are other options as well, like pistols, rifles, and submachine guns. With more than 85 weapons available, every gamer will be able to find something that fits their style.
The overall objective you’re trying to accomplish will also change; that depends on the game mode. These range from tried-and-true options like team deathmatch, to more modern modes like clan wars. And because Black Squad allows the players to customize the game’s rules, even the same game mode can deliver different experiences.
Unfortunately, this intriguing shooter supports only Microsoft Windows. But this is not an obstacle if you’re determined to enjoy this game. Read the guide below and learn how to play Black Squad on Mac as well.

how to play undisputed on mac

How to play Undisputed on Mac

Undisputed is a boxing game developed and published by Steel City Interactive. People who are not into this sport may believe that boxing is all about throwing punches, but real fans know better. And Undisputed wants to cater to these fans.
There is, obviously, quite a lot of punching involved, but it happens in a complicated way, just like in the real sport. Undisputed aims to recreate the fluidity of real-world movements by providing the players with more than 60 different punching moves, many defensive moves, and even foot movement mechanics. Of course, fighting is intense and exhausting, so you will have to manage stamina, too.
But even a sport like boxing isn’t purely physical. There’s plenty of strategy involved as well. For one, not all fighters are the same. Both you and your opponent have attributes and traits. You will have to make sure your playstyle matches your strengths. You also have the ability to outsmart your opponents; confuse them with feint moves and attack from a direction they don’t expect.
Currently, Undisputed is available only on Microsoft Windows. There are plans to release the game on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 as well, but there are no plans for a Mac release. Despite this, you can play Undisputed on Mac. How? The guide below will answer this question.

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parallels desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop 18 supported operating systems

Parallels Desktop is a very useful application that can help you get more value out of your Mac. It allows you to install other operating systems on your Mac computer. You can even switch between OS X and the other OS on the fly. Because these operating systems are not actually in control of your Mac, Parallels calls them “guest operating systems”.
The most obvious – and the most useful – operating system to install is, of course, Microsoft Windows. It is the most popular OS in the world, so naturally it receives most programs and games. But you can also install, for example, old versions of OS X to run 32-bit Mac applications. Or you can install Linux, or FreeBSD, or even Android. The article below contains a list of all operating systems officially supported by Parallels Desktop 18, the most recent version of Parallels.

parallels desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements

Parallels Desktop is a great application for your Mac. It allows you to install a second operating system and easily switch between OS X and the system you’ve installed. This is very useful; although Mac computers have a great library of software in certain categories such as video editing and graphic design, most applications are still developed exclusively for Windows.
This means that there’s a value in installing Windows on your Mac, and Parallels Desktop can help you with that. The most recent version of Parallels is Parallels Desktop 18, so it is best to use this one… if you’re able to. Which brings us to the topic of this article, Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements.
As Parallels is a paid program, it is only reasonable that you want to know whether it’ll run on your Mac or not. It provides a trial feature, so you can simply download the program and see how well it works on your machine. But checking Parallels Desktop 18 system requirements is certainly a more efficient option. The article below lists these requirements.

how to run plant simulation on mac

How to run Plant Simulation on Mac

Plant Simulation, also known by its full name Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is a product lifecycle management software developed by Siemens Digital Industries Software. It is a versatile, industry-agnostic application. As a result, it is used by all kinds of business customers: from service providers to factories, logistics companies, and airports.
The software allows its users to run in-depth simulations of their production chains, accounting for many factors such as irregular shipments and machine failure. These simulations are useful for many reasons; they allow businesses to optimize their production, increasing performance and/or decreasing costs. Although the experts can learn a lot from the simulations alone, Plant Simulation offers many analytical tools to simplify and partially automate this work. To give an example, the software is capable of finding bottlenecks in production, utilizing the Bottleneck Analyzer tool. Alongside these specialized tools, Plant Simulation also offers optimization tools that are more broad in scope: genetic algorithms, neural networks, and regression analysis.
The software is developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, it is also possible to run Plant Simulation on Mac. Several different third-party tools can be used for this purpose; read the article below for the overview.

how to run power bi on mac

How to run Power BI on Mac

Power BI is a data management service developed by Microsoft for enterprise customers. It is capable of taking information from a variety of sources, such as databases and spreadsheets, as well as websites. The user can then easily organize the data coming from all these disjointed sources for easy analysis. Alternatively, Power BI can analyze the data by itself, using state-of-the-art data mining techniques such as Artificial Intelligence. Either way, the purpose of the service stays the same, to generate actionable business intelligence by using data that is already being collected by the company and looking at it in a holistic manner. After analyzing the data, it can also be compiled into an easy-to-digest report using Power BI’s data visualization capabilities.
Although Power BI is not a single program – most of the hard work is done on Microsoft’s servers in the cloud – the most convenient way to interact with the tool is Power BI Desktop program. This program, unsurprisingly, is exclusive to Microsoft Windows. Nonetheless, it is possible to run Power BI on Mac as well. The guide below will outline the specifics.


how to download youtube videos in safari

How to download YouTube videos in Safari

YouTube is the largest video platform out there; with such a vast library of content, it doesn’t really have to fear any competitors. After all, millions of videos attract hundreds of millions of viewers. This is not an exaggeration: YouTube has more than a hundred million daily visitors.
This is why YouTube doesn’t allow its users to download videos; it would much rather prefer you visited the website each time you want to watch a video. This way, you’ll see more ads and other sponsored content. However, this is not very convenient. For one, it means you can’t watch any videos while offline. If you’re on a metered connection, you’ll be spending data each time you watch a video, even if you saw it before. There’s also plenty of music on YouTube, which you might want to add to your local collection.
There are several programs that can solve these problems, including some very capable ones. But what if you want something simpler? What if you want to download YouTube videos in Safari, without installing anything else? That, too, is possible. Read the article below for a list of YouTube downloader websites. You can visit these websites using Safari, on any other browser for that matter.

how to download youtube shorts on mac

How to download YouTube Shorts on Mac

YouTube, the most popular video platform to ever exist, have recently faced competition from mobile applications such as TikTok. These applications managed to carve out their own niche in the video hosting market by focusing on extremely short videos, ranging from several seconds to several minutes. These videos are popular with mobile users, who can’t always commit enough time to watch a YouTube video.
YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s own attempt to provide this type of short, mobile-oriented content and win these users back. It is a relatively new addition to the platform, having launched in summer of 2021. But YouTube users have already posted some shorts that are interesting, fun, and generally worth saving to your own computer.
So how do you download YouTube shorts on Mac? Is such a thing even possible? Luckily for you, it is! It is actually very easy to download YouTube shorts. The guide below will explain how to do it.

How to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac

YouTube is a very popular media platform. It hosts a countless amount of videos, and many more are uploaded every day. But all of this content is only available when you’re online. This is hardly surprising; no computer will be able to hold such a massive amount of data. Downloading the entire YouTube video library for offline use is simply not feasible.
Still, it is possible to download videos from YouTube; many third-party tools are available for this purpose. But what if you want to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac? Such a thing is possible too. You can, of course, download each video individually, but some advanced programs can automate this process.
In the guide below, we will describe several ways to download a playlist from YouTube on Mac. Reading it will take only a few minutes of your time.

how to download youtube channel on mac

How to download a YouTube channel on Mac

YouTube is an exceptionally popular video hosting website that doesn’t need introduction. It is estimated that one-third of Earth’s population uses YouTube at least in some capacity. And why wouldn’t they? YouTube has everything. It hosts all kinds of channels: channels dedicated to music videos, to educational videos, to let’s plays, to children’s entertainment, and more.
All this wealth of content is tied to YouTube, and cannot be downloaded from the website directly. After all, YouTube makes money from advertisements. But there are many third-party tools that can download videos from YouTube. Some of these tools are advanced enough to feature bulk download options.
This is what we will focus on today: tools that will allow you to download a YouTube channel on Mac.