how to download video from reddit on mac

How to download video from Reddit on Mac


Reddit is a popular social media platform. Thanks to its system of subreddits – forums that can be created by any user – Reddit hosts thousands of niche communities, as well as hundreds of larger ones. Every day, users create millions of posts; some of them are just text, but many contain images and videos. Funny memes, video game recordings, adult images, music clips, and many other types of content can all be easily found; however, saving this content to your hard drive is a bit more challenging. Images are very easy to save, as long as you use Reddit through a web browser. All you have to do is right-click the image and select the save option. But videos cannot be saved this way; in fact, Reddit provides no way to download them at all. However, there are many ways to download Reddit videos on Mac unofficially. In this article, we will list the best available methods so that you don’t have to waste time trying them all by yourself.

How to download video from Reddit on Mac

Use a program

There are several ways to download video from Reddit on Mac. Generally speaking, you can either use a program, or a website. Websites can be used quickly, since you don’t have to install anything, but they’re usually limited in their functionality. On the other hand, Reddit downloader programs have many useful features, such as batch downloading. If you plan on downloading Reddit videos regularly, using such a program will save you a lot of time in the long run.


download video from reddit on mac with snapdownloader

SnapDownloader is one of the best Reddit downloader programs currently available. It does not compress videos, so you can always get the best possible resolution. You can also schedule downloads; so if you want to download many videos, you can do it overnight, without impacting your internet speed. You can choose to download only audio and ignore the video, which is useful if you’re downloading music. Additionally, it supports other platforms as well, such as YouTube and Instagram.
Download SnapDownloader

SnapDownloader is a paid application, but it features a free trial. The free version doesn’t have any feature restrictions, but will stop working after 48 hours. This is more than enough time to download many Reddit videos, especially if you prepare beforehand. And if you plan to do it regularly, purchasing a full version may be a worthwhile investment.

Use a website

As we already mentioned, using a website to download video from Reddit on Mac is a quicker option, but most such websites lack any advanced functionality. However, some of them are better than others.


download video from reddit on mac with rapidsave

RapidSave is the most popular Reddit downloader website. Previously known as RedditSave, this website can be used to download any Reddit video or GIF image. You can download videos in several different resolutions, or download audio track only. It also has a browser extension, which can be used to speed up the process slightly. Click here to use RapidSave.

download video from reddit on mac with is a much simpler website which doesn’t offer you any options. You cannot select the video resolution, and it’s not possible to download only the sound either. But it gets the job done, so if you need an alternative to RapidSave for some reason, you can use this website.

Other options

Not every way to download video from Reddit on Mac involves installing a program or using a website. In fact, there are two options which require neither.

MacOS Screenshot tool

By pressing Command + Shift + 5, you can open the Screenshot tool, which is included in all modern macOS versions. This tool can be used to take screenshots, but also to record the screen. So if you open a video, let it play, and record the screen, you will be able to capture the video.
You should note, however, that the Screenshot tool cannot record audio, so this method is not useful in most cases.

Reddit “savevideo” bot

If you have a Reddit account, you can download videos by pinging a video downloader bot. Simply leave a comment under the video that you want to download, and mention “u/savevideo” to ping the bot. It will then reply to your comment with a download link for the video in question.


Although Reddit doesn’t provide an official way to download videos, there are many unofficial ones. Thanks to third-party developers, it’s possible to download video from Reddit on Mac quickly and reliably. The best way to do that is to use a program called SnapDownloader; it’s very powerful and can be used to download videos from other platforms as well. RapidSave is also an okay option, though it’s not as good as SnapDownloader.

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