how to download video from twitter on mac

How to download video from Twitter on Mac


Twitter (alternatively known as X) is a social media platform that is both famous and infamous for a lot of things. That is not surprising, since all kinds of people – politicians, journalists, celebrities, and opinionated debate enthusiasts – use Twitter on a daily basis. Pretty much every organization uses it as well, as it has proven quite valuable for product promotion and public outreach. Thanks to its impressive amount of engaged users, Twitter hosts a large library of media as well, specifically images and videos. Downloading images from Twitter is very easy, as you can do it with nothing but a web browser. Downloading videos, on the other hand, is harder, but it can be done. To download video from Twitter on Mac, you will need to use a third-party software (or a service). There’s a lot of them out there, but only the best ones are listed in the article below.

How to download video from Twitter on Mac

Use a program

There are generally two ways to download video from Twitter on Mac. You can either use a program, or a website. Websites can be used quickly, since you don’t have to install anything. However, they’re usually limited in their functionality. On the other hand, Twitter downloader programs have many useful features, such as batch downloading. If you plan on downloading Twitter videos regularly, using a downloader program will save you a lot of time in the long run.


download video from twitter on mac with snapdownloader

SnapDownloader is one of the best Twitter downloader programs currently available. It does not compress videos, so you always get the best possible resolution. You can also schedule downloads; so if you want to download many videos, you can do it overnight, without impacting your internet speed. You can choose to download only audio and ignore the video, which is useful if you’re downloading music. Additionally, it supports other platforms as well, such as YouTube and Instagram.
SnapDownloader is a paid application, but it features a free trial. The free version doesn’t have any feature restrictions, but will stop working after 48 hours. This is more than enough time to download many Twitter videos, especially if you prepare beforehand. And if you plan to do it regularly, purchasing a full version may be a worthwhile investment.
Download SnapDownloader

Use a website

As we already mentioned, using a website to download video from Twitter on Mac is a quicker option, but most such websites lack any advanced functionality. However, some of them are better than others.


download video from twitter on mac with savetwitter

SaveTwitter is a handy website that can be used to download Twitter videos. There is an option to convert videos into music in MP3 format, which is useful. The option to download images is also provided; though you can easily do it yourself, it’s nice to have other options. Click this link to use SaveTwitter.


download video from twitter on mac with twdown

TWDOWN is another Twitter downloader website. Its functionality is largely similar, although it doesn’t provide a way to download images. But you can use it to download Twitter videos on Mac in MP4 and MP3 formats, which is all that’s really needed. Follow this link to use TWDOWN.


As you can see, downloading video from Twitter/X is so easy, it’s almost trivial. If you plan on doing it a lot, you might benefit from automation and bulk downloading features offered by SnapDownloader. Otherwise, a website like SaveTwitter may prove acceptable.

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