How to install Windows 11 on Mac

Can you install Windows 11 on Mac?

Windows 11 is the newest, reliable operating system, that provides many advantages for PC/Laptop users. The main question is, can it be run on macOS: both on Mac/MacBook Air/Pro/Mini. Installation of Windows 11 on macOS may not be so easy task, as an installation of previous versions of Windows OS. There are many reasons for this: firstly, trouble with Boot Camp, it’s impossible to use it on the new Mac M1 processors. It’s the result of the transition of Mac computers from old Intel’s x86 and x64 processors to new Apple-designed systems that have the ARM64 architecture. Many apps also do not run on new Mac computers. It will take time before developers will adapt their software to new requirements.

Another problem is the relatively high system requirements of the new Windows OS: if you choose to install Windows 11 on ineligible (old) hardware, you may be assuming the chance of incompatibility issues, bugs, and slow performance. Also, you can face the absence of some new drivers. Do you still need to install Windows 11 on Mac? Here you go! We have created a full guide about it, please follow the text below.

Prepare your Mac for the Windows 11 installation

First of all, you need to check the specifications of Windows 11. It’s very necessary, that your Mac has a processor with no less than two cores and 4 GB RAM (of course, the bigger, the better) and more than 64GB storage. As we previously admitted, Windows 11 has high hardware requirements, but also it requires some specific functions, like TPM 2.0 and Secure Boot, and it may be a reason, why you will fail the hardware check.

Install Windows 11 on Mac with Parallels

How to run Windows 11 using Parallels

Windows 11 requires lots of PC resources and, but if you have a powerful Mac computer (iMac, iMac Pro, or Mac Pro) Parallels Desktop can be a solution. This is software for Windows virtualization on Mac with the support of DirectX 11 and GPUs. It allows you to install Windows 11 on Mac with a couple of clicks and switch between macOS and Windows instantly. You can run Windows just like on a regular PC. Parallels Desktop 17 Update Enables vTPM by Default.

Download Parallels Desktop

Install Windows 11 on Mac without Parallels or BootCamp Assistant

This method may doesn’t work on Mac M1 chipsets

First af all you should get the Windows 10 and Windows 11 ISO for creating the bootable Windows 11 USB flash:

Why should we download several Windows OS? We need installator from Windows 10, that’s why. Windows 11 ISO haven’t own installator.

  1. Insert the USB stick in your Mac and run Disk Utility app.
  2. Choose to show all devices:
  3. Find your drive in the left menu, rename it on Win11, choose MS-DOS:FAT and Master Boot scheme and click erase

After that, you can create a bootable USB: you need to download your Windows 11 ISO on a no less than a 16 GB USB drive, and do next steps:

  • Mount Windows 10.iso
  • Copy all separate files and folders, except for the sources folder
  • install.wim file from the Windows 11 ISO to the sources directory on the USB drive*.

*Unfortunately, install.wim in Windows 11 directory can exceed 4GB. This is critical for the FAT32 format, so you should use special software for splitting the file.
After splitting, you can cut and paste *.wim files to the USB flash (in source directory). Then, insert USB drive, reboot your Mac, and hold the Alt key on boot to select the USB drive from the boot loader.

  1. Select EFI Boot and press next to start the installation
  2. Then, choose a custom install and select Widows 11
  3. Accept the license, press Next
  4. Choose a FAT partition, that was previously created

The Next steps are routine Windows installation steps, which are usually used for Windows PC and Laptops. You may also install drivers using Brigadier tool. It allows the installation of Windows drivers on Mac without BootCamp.

Note: if your MacBook keyboard doesn’t respond during installation, you can try to use an external keyboard.

Final Words

Our guide will be regularly updated and extended. Hope that our article will help you. Also you can read about all ways to run Windows software and games on a Mac.

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