How to play Valheim on Mac

Valheim is a new survival game taking place in times of Scandinavian myths and Vikings. Allowing to engage up to 10 players at the same time, Valheim offers a fascinating adventure through the large scale of the picturesque world. A vast amount of reference happening during the game will remind you of the most memorizing things you’ve heard about Vikings. A number of enemies, resources, bosses, and everything else will maintain the flow of a continuous journey full of challenging tasks. The game was developed by Iron Gate AB and published on 2 February enticing a lot of attention from the gaming community. Because Valheim embodies more casual and iconic graphics of the survival genre, the game is playable on slack PC configuration as well. With that said, Mac users have once again been left behind with no chance to play. Despite this, we know how to fix this issue and launch Valheim on macOS regardless. Scroll down below to see the steps.

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How to play Spelunky 2 on Mac

Spelunky 2 is a 2D platform game of 2020 designed by Mossmouth and BlitWorks. The very first part was out in 2008 and has shaped the heart of true joy for old players. Now, it is time to continue the iconic adventure with lots of new stuff coming into play. The game offers to dive into multiplayer and solve the mysteries of perilous caves together with friends. So prepare to assemble the squad of brave explorers ready to battle through the temples full of hostile mobs trying to ruin the heroic adventure. Randomly-generated levels will keep you always in intention forcing to guess what is waiting behind the unknown caves. The graphics are as good as they should be for the 2D game allowing to play users even on low configurations. Unfortunately, because Spelunky 2 was released only for PS4 and Windows, users of Mac have not been able to try out the described experience. However, with the help of our guide below, you can gear up and patrol through the challenging areas of Spelunky 2 full of adventurous stuff on macOS.

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phasmophobia for mac

How to play Phasmophobia on Mac

Something abnormal invaded the house in Phasmophobia, the 4-player online co-op game designed to spread horror and dread all over the place. Brave people are on the mission to conquer fear and squeak through the haunted house to find and collect enough evidence to prove and expose the paranormal activity. The game is highly-interactive: you can opt to stay in a booth equipped with CCTV cameras to help your team known if something paranormal is coming or venture into the haunted place with the rest. Along with the investigation, you will be able to hear and communicate with scary noises whispering in your head. Most users consider Phasmophobia to be the scariest horror ever existed. Indeed, the atmosphere of dark and fright does not allow your nerves to relieve as well as constant anticipation of screamers to appear in the most unexpectable moments. Not to mention the presence of solid graphics accompanied by VR and realistic sounds that will help you immerse and feel the ghostly experience just at the tips of your fingers. Kinetic Games, the developers of Phasmophobia, created a truly amazing horror, yet not available for Mac systems. Despite this, we have found a way to work around this bottleneck and launch the game on Mac itself.

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