play dune spice wars on mac

How to play Dune: Spice Wars on Mac

Dune: Spice Wars is a recent strategy game about building, exploring, and fighting as well. Players within are set on the harsh desert planet of Arrakis possessing the so-called “Spice” – a highly valuable and no-alternative resource that extends life, inflates consciousness, and makes interstellar traveling possible. There are 4 fractions to play for in Dune – House Atreides, House Harkonnen, the Smugglers, and the native Fremen all of which are striving to conquer the planet and acquire dominance over the spice resource. Forge your victory by taking the right economic, political, and statecraft decisions to prevail in a multi-fractional brawl. Become the true leader and geopolitician able to outsmart all of the enemies and cast the future you want. Dune: Spice Wars is truly incredible, bringing unique mechanics and gameplay with modern-day graphics intrinsic to strategic games on Windows. Despite it comes down to having only one official OS support, we are glad to assure you that Dune: Spice Wars can be played on Mac as well. Just read our guide below to learn how.

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play deadside on mac

How to play Deadside on Mac

Deadside is a 2020 multiplayer shooter putting its players into hardcore survival conditions. The large open world of various locations, impenetrable forests, and abandoned settlements will thrust you into a post-apocalyptic adventure. During this journey, players will have to go against or cooperate with other players, interact with friendly and hostile NPC characters, shelter from assaults, craft items/weapons, trade, and do tons of other full-of-fun things. Players can also gather in groups and organize raids on armed bandits or cannibals together while completing available missions. The whole map is up at your disposal to set your order and plan your long-lasting survival. Deadside by far deserves your attention providing a truly immersive experience of close-to-real-life gameplay within the ruins of a dead civilization. Although the game is officially available only for Windows, it can nonetheless be played on macOS using advanced cloud and virtual tools. Follow the article below for more information on this.

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play partisans 1941 on mac

How to play Partisans 1941 on Mac

Developed by Alter Games, Partisans 1941 is a real-time tactical game played from a top-down perspective. As written in the game title, players have to control a group of stealthy partisans fighting the Nazi invaders during World War II. You are given a number of flexible tools – to plan, research, and decide on the best position of ambush. Originate your strategy from the partisan base deep in the woods while attracting new like-minded people to join your mission. Put all of your tactical thinking together to create a squad of professional and aspired fighters ready to put lives at risk and come out victorious. Carry out sabotage missions to deplete and weaken Nazi infrastructure while obtaining the necessary resources to sustain your warfare. Partisans 1941 is an exciting pinpoint precision videogame thrusting its players into the role of partisan commander behind the lines of the rapidly advancing German army during the most tragic period of bloody World War II. Unfortunately, the game is officially available only on Windows. However, there is no reason to be upset about it as you will be able to launch and play it on macOS nonetheless. Follow the article below to learn how.

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play outer wilds on mac

How to play Outer Wilds on Mac

Developed by the American studio Mobius Digital, Outer Wilds is an action-adventure videogame that deserved a wave of positive feedback and rewards including Best Game of 2019 thanks to its unusual plot. The gameplay unfolds itself in a miniature planetary system that dies transforming a star into a supernova after every 22 minutes of playthrough. Similar to the popular film Groundhog Day, the game character is trapped in a closed time loop allowing the player to explore the world of Outer Wilds over and over again shortly before its collapse. The game is full of fun and unraveled puzzles waiting behind each corner of the entire solar system. This cosmically unusual masterpiece can be officially purchased and played on platforms like Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. Although there is no Mac attached to this list, we have a couple of ideas on how to launch it regardless. Follow the guide below to find it out.

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play shadow warrior 2 on mac

How to play Shadow Warrior 2 on Mac

Shadow Warrior 2 is what a true monster slasher should look like. The game is also a stunning sequel to the original first-person shooter created by Flying Wild Hog, and a prequel to Shadow Warrior 3. Players will once again have to join the likes of Lo Wang, the former corporate shogun now living on the edge of a polluted world. The warrior is yet again called to step up with the destructive power of rifles, blades, magic, and wit to defeat armies of demonic creatures flooding the world. You can explore the plot and whole gaming experience alone or choose to fight side-by-side with friends in four-player online co-op mode. A whole pack of mind-blowing quests and challenges combined with powerful weapons leaves no one without exciting emotions. Shadow Warrior 2 is currently available only for Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. Although macOS is not included in this list, we will show you how to launch the game on it regardless.

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play medal of honor above and beyond on mac

How to play Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond on Mac

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is one of the most revolutionary first-person shooters developed to play in VR. The game brings its players back to the historically terrific and devastating events of World War II. Being one of the French resistance participants, you will be tasked to reach high-stake missions and help other nations liberate Europe from the Fascist regime. A deep single-player campaign saturated with volatile action will navigate you through historic events in various battle realms – achieve superiority on land, air, and sea while seizing Nazi bases and subverting their plans. Highly dynamic clashes accompanied by Virtual Reality will make you keep your hands always in tension to dodge flying grenades and enemy bullets. Above and Beyond also features a multiplayer where players are able to build their team and compete against other soldiers in achieving various military objectives. Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is truly immersive leaving no room for boredom and desire to quit. It is worth mentioning that the game holds quite a high plank for system requirements – at least NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 180 GB of space will be required to install the game and play it using one of the 4 VR helmets. Although the game has official support for Windows only, it can be played on macOS as well. Explore our tutorial below to learn all the possible methods to do it.

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play planet crafter on mac

How to play The Planet Crafter on Mac

Being developed and published by Miju Games, The Planet Crafter is a game dedicated to surviving in space. As an enthusiastic astronaut exploring the out-earth reals, you will be thrust into the challenge of turning the desolate planet into a prosperous ground for living. During this colonization and self-survival mission, players will have to combine various technological knowledge and resources to expand the living capacity. Creating oxygen, heat, and pressure using artificial means to make a brand-new biosphere will be something players have never been involved in before. When it comes to the graphical part, the game is quite primitive losing its ground to other survival projects. Even so, The Planet Crafter will be quite an engaging way to kill your time while sitting at home. Although it is officially out only for Windows, our guide below will teach you how to launch it on Mac computers such as iMac or MacBook as well.

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How to play Midnight Ghost Hunt on Mac

Midnight Ghost Hunt is a recent hide-and-seek multiplayer full of ghost-busting activities. Players are out to put on the role of ghost hunter or the ghosty creature itself hiding under various objects. The multiplayer videogame is played in a 4v4 format across different locations. The spooky environment and music complementation are added into the tally to satisfy yourself with no rest and highly engaging activities while playing the game. Hunters have extra equipment such as the footprint-revealing pathfinder and noise detector spectrophone to aid in searching for spooks. Note that revealing the ghosts is not enough to prevail, the competition continues with do-or-die chasing around the map to fight down the ghosts and decide the winner. Should hunters run out of available time, spooks turn into a menace seeking to fight down the hunters instead. This ghost-busting PVP game saturated with eye-satisfying graphics is currently available for Windows. Although there is no official support for macOS users to play, we have a solution to turn this limitation into the reality of macOS gaming. Follow the guide below to explore options for launching Midnight Ghost Hunt on Mac with an expereince no different from Windows.

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play grim dawn on mac

How to play Grim Dawn on Mac

Grim Dawn is an ARPG videogame about survival in an apocalyptic fantasy world. The entire humanity is close to extinction trying to fight for their future against monstrous creatures that populated the land. You, as a player, will have to dive into the role of warrior chosen from 6 different classes. Each class has its own unique capabilities augmented by hundreds of add-on skills gained throughout the gameplay. Constantly changing weather conditions and battle locations make every bit of the journey more engaging and interesting to reveal. The way your adventure progresses depends on what decisions you make through various events and dialogues encountered along. Players can upgrade their character by collecting new items, exploring treasures, and improving skills over continuous usage of them. Grim Dawn is no doubt one of the most exciting RPG games the world has seen recently. Unfortunately, the game is not available for macOS users. Even so, we have a way to circumvent this restriction and play it on macOS nonetheless – in our guide below.

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How to play Insurgency: Sandstorm on Mac

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a tactical first-person shooter putting its players into an intense environment of close-combat fights. The game is heavily focused on a knuckle tension atmosphere with lots of vigorous action breathing down the neck. There are different locations that you and your team can land on in order to fight against other enemies in lethal shooting sessions – blasted cities, farmlands, and fortresses. You and your allies will have to battle in dangerous military skirmishes to complete various missions. Insurgency: Sandstorm pushes teamwork to the forefront as it is paramount to choose the right strategy with your teammates and stop enemies’ resistance eventually. Each player can choose between a wide variety of guns and even create their own class to build a strong and balanced firepower arsenal throughout the whole team. The way you approach each mission is key and decides the outcome of whether it goes in your favor during the battle. Take each preparation step carefully and make everything sure you are equipped tactically enough to shatter others in adversarial fights. Insurgency: Sandstorm is currently available for this list of platforms – Windows, PS4, PS5, XOne, and Xbox X/S. Although there is no Mac around this list, we are still going to help you play it regardless. Just follow the tutorial below to find out how one can play videogames on platforms that are not supported officially.

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