How to play NBA 2k23 on Mac

NBA 2k23 is another fresh edition of the basketball simulator NBA 2K series, developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K. The game yet again opens a world of possibilities to live in the skin of a real start-studded basketball player. Embark yourself and your team onto a gigantic cruise liner with lots of pristine playgrounds and fascinating views surrounding them. Access a number of shops with world-famous brands to define your style and showcase yourself to the world. Build your team from newcomers and legends of the NBA to path your way to the top of the league in different gaming regimes – whichever will meet your taste. Hit the basket with a new arsenal of skill-based offensive moves, while unleashing your potential as a defender with new 1-on-1 confrontation mechanics and breaking down opponents’ plans at every turn. NBA 2k23 was out recently on September 9 and acquired support for 7 platforms immediately (Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows). Mac users have once again been left behind, which is why we are here to fix and let you play this new and fascinating edition of NBA 2K series on macOS too! Discover all the details in our tutorial below.

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how to play sleeping dogs on mac

How to play Sleeping Dogs on Mac

Sleeping Dogs developed by United Front Games in 2012 is a great game with lots of things to do in its vast open world. Get ready to fight with one of the most influential and brutal criminalistic organizations – the Triads. Dress into an undercover cop named Wei Shen and try to deplete the organization’s integrity out on the streets of never-sleeping Hong Kong. Keep yourself undercover by immersing yourself in the band and making your name to accomplish your mission eventually. Do so by participating in various criminalistic activities that will endure your stamina while being pressed down to make tough decisions that no one, but only you could. Always be careful as you will have to engage in truly life-risking combats to fight yourself out of the most unexpected plot twists. Sleeping Dogs is available to play on Playstation 4, and both Mac and Windows too. Although the game is already available on Mac, we can show you how to access high-level gaming even if you don’t have enough computer capacity to do so. Read the tutorial below to find this out.

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how to play elex ii on macos monterey

How to play ELEX II on macOS Monterey

Being a sequel to its first chapter, ELEX II is another instance of a vintage role-playing videogame developed by Piranha Bytes. With a vast open world to explore, players will delve into a journey across the post-apocalyptic world called Magalan – to protect the planet and ensure safety against dangerous forces of dark Elex that started invading. Playing for a character named Jax, you will have to embark on a mission and unite together with other planet inhabitants to fight off the common threat. The whole world is open to you with incredible freedom of exploration, interaction with unique NPCs, and close-ranged combats where the way the story unfolds depends directly on how you decide to shape it. Become part of a truly immersive and unforgettable experience with eye-satisfying graphics in ELEX II – and even on macOS with the help of our tutorial below!

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how to play ghost watchers on mac

How to play Ghost Watchers on Mac

Ghost Watchers is a game to launch together with friends and start exploring the paranormal. Squeeze all of your confidence in hands to enter abandoned places populated by ghosts that fly around to haunt you. Do it alone or with your comrades to lessen the degree of pressure and devise a mutual plan of survival. Use a wide number of detailed tools to collect evidence and hunt down ghosts – find out what they were in the past and how they are now. This game is new and considered at early access meaning there should be much more things added within some time. Officially, it is available only for Windows, but we are here to change it and let you know how to play it on macOS too! Scroll down a bit to our tutorial below and find it out!

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how to play farthest frontier on mac

How to play Farthest Frontier on Mac

Farthest Frontier is a single-player town-builder simulator developed by Crate Entertainment. Get ready to be put into a desolate and untamed environment full of unreaped resources – waiting to be converted into a human civilization by someone like you! Cast your own place of living against all the threats dwelling outside. Harvest raw materials, go out fishing, set up your farms, and engage in trade to survival under strenuous conditions. Take care of your villagers by ensuring they are fed with healthy food and clean water – to avoid outbreaks of various diseases such as dysentery or cholera. Farthest Frontier is a game about being one step ahead – forecasting contingencies and avoiding them. For instance, you will have to make sure all villagers are properly shoed and clothed to reduce chances of contracting tetanus, rabies or frostbite. Ensure there is medicine and qualified staff to treat infected people and prevent deaths in your population. The game is developed on Unity and available only for Microsoft Windows. Luckily, there is a way to go beyond the boarders and play it on macOS too! Read our guide below to find out how.

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how to play the marvel's spider-man on mac

How to play The Marvel’s Spider-Man on Mac

The Marvel’s Spider-Man masterpiece has finally been remastered after its mind-blowing debut back in 2018. Players are yet again able to see the world swarn by villains from the Peter Parker’s perspective, but now with advanced graphics features like ray-traced reflections, improved shadows, and even ultra-wide monitor support for more immersive experience. Fight the crime and engage in breath-taking clashes while completing the main action-packed storyline. Become part of already familiar world with new elements added to it. For instance, after completing the original story, players can get to experience the continuation of Peter Parker’s journey in Marvel’s Spider-Man: The City That Never Sleeps – three story chapters with additional missions and challenges to venture through. Get to know what it feels like to be the superhero who risks his life saving the city from dad guys and keeping the loved ones from danger each day. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is to up to play exclusively on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, and Windows as well. In this tutorial, we will show you how to expand this list and launch the superhero masterpiece on macOS too for the same high-level experience!

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how to play f1 2022 on mac

How to play F1 2022 on Mac

F1 2022 is the 15th entry in the F1 series brought around by Codemasters. Together with EA Sports, the game with put you into a driver’s seat of Formula 1 to compete with other contenders in high-tense racing. You will be able to choose from a roster of 20 drivers and 10 teams to delve into an immersive experience with redesigned cars and revised rules of FIA Formula One World Championship. Reveal your skills and lead your comrades to the finishing line in both single and multiplayer modes – without or with a VR helmet to squeeze the most out unique racing experience. Take your car out of the pits, show your character on the new Miami circuit and dive into a world of F1® glitz and glamour. F1 2022 is an official videogame developed for the FIA Formula One World Championship™ 2022. It is available to play on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Although there is no Mac around this list, we are here to show you the opposite in our tutorial below. With the help of Cloud Gaming and Virtualization, you will become able to launch and play it on macOS too!

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how to play stalker call of pripyat on mac

How to play S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat on Mac

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is a popular FPS videogame with elements of survival horror developed by GSC Game World that come from Ukraine. It is also a direct sequel to S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl which narrated a similar story back in 2007 with resounding success. Based on the world-known Ukrainian tragedy, the game continues to unfold within Chernobyl city – a place where a nuclear station exploded and put all life on the cusp of extinction. In the role of Major Alexander Degtyarev, you have to survive the challenge against severely radiated areas and figure out what happened to five military helicopters that disappeared mysteriously. As a government agent disguised under being a stalker, you will delve into a true and well-replicated atmosphere of tragic events that occurred in 1986 – the terrible story of Chernobyl no one could ever expect to take place. Walk through the desolate streets, meet other survivors, and watch radiation eat everything what dares to face it. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat is a true icon of survival gaming that is available only on Windows. In this tutorial, we are going to change it and show you how this and any other game can be played on macOS too – check this out down below!

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how to play dinkum on mac

How to play Dinkum on Mac

Dinkum provides a whole new look on engaging and entertaining builder-survival where players are to establish their new home in various challenging locations. Be it a desolate and scorching desert, tropical eucalyptus forests, or virginly-untouched islands, you will have to thrust all of your hard skills to collect resources and improve the living conditions. Build your own town and customize it by crafting various items. Develop the infrastructure to attract nearby visitors and motivate them to stay for town development. Stay on alert and protect your terrain against disruptive insects or unpredictable weather scenarios to let the crop live. Explore wildlife areas with dangerous creatures to find new items and turn them into an asset. Become part of an absolutely unique town-building simulator developed by James Bendon and cooperate with friends to share this joy together. The game is currently available under official release for Windows, however, users reading this guide will have a chance to break the wall and launch it on macOS too! Simply scroll down a bit.

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how to play greedfall on mac

How to play GreedFall on Mac

A world full of treasures, magic, creatures, and abandoned secrets is waiting for you in an action RPG game known as GreedFall. Being set in approx. 17th century, players step onto the land of mysterious ground ruled by powerful magic and unique, yet dangerous creatures. It is a game where being agile and smart are paramount to survive – this includes the need for outstanding diplomatic skills, finesse, and power to adapt and lead the future of constantly changing realms. Explore what your character can truly become and find yourself in the perilous world of GreedFall that is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S with a highly-satisfying experience thanks to graphical wonders. In this article below, we will expand this list and let users open the door for playing this game on macOS devices as well!

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