how to play homeworld 3 on mac

How to play Homeworld 3 on Mac

Homeworld 3 is a sci-fi RTS game developed by Blackbird Interactive. It’s not quite the same as most RTS games, though; your units – space ships – are able to move in all three dimensions, and you don’t really have to build a base. Instead, you have a massive, slow-moving mothership which can store resources and produce units. I suppose we should congratulate Night Elves on the unexpected success of their space program. The game’s singleplayer campaign is only 13 missions long, and will take you about eight hours to complete. Although there’s some replayability involved – all missions have Normal and Hard variants – it definitely should’ve been longer. Multiplayer, meanwhile, offers two modes, “Skirmish” and “War Games”. Skirmish is exactly what you would expect; it’s a PvP game mode. War Games, on the other hand, is more interesting. It’s a cooperative mode in which players have to compete a series of random objectives while defending against computer-controlled enemies. Currently, Homeworld 3 is available exclusively on Microsoft Windows, which means there’s no official way to play this game on Mac. But, there are several unofficial ones… read our guide for more information.

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4 ways to play V Rising on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

V Rising is an action-adventure and RPG video game about vampires and their co-op or solo survival through the vast world. Being a vampire weakened after centuries of slumber, you will have to rise again and regain your strength by hunting for blood. You will also have to shelter your skin from daylight emitting its scorching rays of the sun. Gather the allies and attract humans onto your side to serve the mission of rebuilding the empire of vampires. Collect resources and decide where you want to build your own home castle to foster your dignity. Improve your hunting skills, unlock abilities, and find new weapons to instill terror and become the fearsome force dwelling across the entire world. Do what you truly want and unlock the power of vampires, which had been suppressed for centuries past. Many want to try playing V Rising – a new gothic viral hit from a small Swedish studio available, however, some users do not have access to Windows. Although there is no support present for macOS, we are still going to launch it regardless. Read our article below to learn how one can do this and access the same gaming experience just as on Windows.

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how to play little kitty big city on mac

How to play Little Kitty, Big City on Mac

Little Kitty, Big City is an adventure game developed and published by Double Dagger Studio. It is a very relaxing game without any violence or danger. Playing as a black cat, you fall from a window of a high-rise apartment. Getting back there would be tricky, and – since you play as a cat – you are not even sure you want to. So you decide to explore the city instead! You main objective is to find fish to eat, but you can also find other animals to befriend, search for collectible hats, and engage in very cat-like side activities (like sitting in a basket full of laundry). When it comes to gameplay, you will be mostly exploring and doing platforming puzzles. None of them are particularly challenging, but that’s fitting for a game one would play to relax. Little Kitty, Big City is a much smaller game than, oh, Stray, but it’s still quite fun and worth playing. It’s rather unfortunate that the developers didn’t bother releasing a macOS version… we can’t blame them, no, but it’s still sad. Don’t worry, though; it’s still possible to play Little Kitty, Big City on Mac. You’ll just need a third-party app. More details are available in the guide below.

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how to play animal well on mac

How to play ANIMAL WELL on Mac

ANIMAL WELL is a metroidvania game developed by Billy Basso and published by Bigmode. The game doesn’t tell you much when it starts. Instead, you’ll have to figure out your objectives – and certain gameplay mechanics – on your own. So, as you can imagine, exploration is a very big part of this game. Combat, on the other hand, isn’t. Your character cannot fight at all; most of the time, you’ll have to avoid dangers instead of confronting them. But there are situations which will allow you to fight back using the environment. Since there’s no central narrative, ANIMAL WELL can afford to be very non-linear. There are many rooms to explore, items to find, puzzles to solve, and secrets to find; almost all of this content can be completed in any order. The developer proudly states that “all items in the game have multiple uses”. That is because many puzzles revolve around finding specific items and using them in the right place. Much like in a point-and-click adventures, yes, but don’t worry. ANIMAL WELL’s challenges may be tricky, but they are all logical. Sadly, this intriguing game is not available on macOS, but it’s easy to get around this issue. Read our guide to learn how to play ANIMAL WELL on Mac.

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how to play final fantasy xiv online on mac

How to play FINAL FANTASY XIV Online on Mac

FINAL FANTASY XIV Online is a MMORPG developed by Square Enix. It is a version of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn which includes Heavensward and Stormblood expansions. The base game, A Realm Reborn, will take you on a journey in the land of Etheirys. In this world, there are four city-states and numerous smaller factions, which the player can join. Like many other fantasy worlds, it is populated by many inhuman races, including elf-like Elezen and cat-like Miqo’te. In Heavensward, you will be able to experience the Dragonsong War. Like the name suggests, this war is fought against dragons; because of this, the ability to fly is used very prominently in this DLC. Stormblood, meanwhile, focuses on a rebellion that has been brewing in the Garlean provinces of Doma and Ala Mhigo. When it comes to playing FFXIV on Mac, the situation is complicated. Some versions of the game are available on the platform, while others aren’t. Furthermore, the support for Intel Macs was dropped in 2024, so the game now only works on Apple Silicon computers. When it comes to the “Online” version specifically, it is available on Windows only. But you can read our guide to learn how to play FINAL FANTASY XIV Online on Mac.

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how to play hades ii on mac

How to play Hades II on Mac

Hades II is a roguelite game developed by a famous indie studio Supergiant Games. As a sequel to the original Hades, the game seeks to expand on the systems found in the original in every possible way. It’s not quite there yet – when this article was written, Hades II just released in Early Access – but it is already amazing. The story takes place long after the first game, and the Greek Gods you’ve all come to know and love have been defeated by an evil titan named Cronus, and were forced into hiding. You play as a princess of the underworld, Melinoe; thanks to her immortality, she is the only one who has a chance of defeating the titan. Unlike Zagreus (the protagonist of the first game), Melinoe is far more reliant on sorcery, which is reflected both in gameplay and the style of the game. Not only there are many more spells in Hades II, it also has new magic-based mechanics such as Tarot cards and magic circles. Sadly, it’s not all sunshine and roses. Although the first Hades game was available on Mac, the second one isn’t. That said, you can get around that by using a third-party program to play Hades II on Mac. The article below explains how to do it.

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how to play gray zone warfare on mac

Easy ways to play Gray Zone Warfare on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Gray Zone Warfare is an extraction shooter developed by MADFINGER Games. Although it was inspired by Escape from Tarkov, the game is actually quite different… but let’s start from the beginning. The game is set on an island called Lamang, which is located somewhere in Southeast Asia. Though we don’t know why, all civilians in the area were evacuated by the United Nations, and three factions were recruited to explore the area. You play as a member of one of these factions, which is also the game’s main innovation. Each faction controls a portion of the map, where they are most prominent. As members of your own faction are friendly towards you, it’s possible to completely avoid PvP encounters if you stay within the controlled area. The game also has a realistic injury system, which tracks damage to each part of your body. It also doesn’t inform you about this damage directly, so you have to identify your health issues yourself. Healing is even harder, so you’d be wise to stay cautious. Right now, the game is available only on PC. There are, however, several third-party programs which bypass this issue. Learn how to play Gray Zone Warfare on Mac with our helpful guide.

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how to play another crab's treasure on mac

How to play Another Crab’s Treasure on Mac

Another Crab’s Treasure is a unique Souls-like game in which you play as a crab. Developed and published by AGGRO CRAB, the game is set in an underwater kingdom. Our brave protagonist does not agree with its fiscal policy; more specifically, he is convinced that he doesn’t have to pay any taxes. Unfortunately for him, the government did not ask for his permission, and has seized his house as a result. Now homeless, the hero proceeds to explore the polluted oceanic floor, using discarded human trash as armor and weapons. The combat itself is exactly what you’d expect – slow-paced and deliberate – but the atmosphere is not. Another Crab’s Treasure proves that Souls-like games can be humorous and colorful too, and for that alone, it’s worth a try. But, of course, you already knew that you want to play this game. That is why you are here! Although this game doesn’t have a native macOS version, we know several ways to bypass this problem. Follow this guide to play Another Crab’s Treasure on Mac.

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3 methods to play Manor Lords on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Manor Lords is a medieval strategy game that intricately combines realistic city-building with large-scale tactical battles. The game is set in a fictionalized version of historical Franconia and offers a deep, organic city-building experience where players can grow their starting village into a bustling city. This involves managing resources, constructing buildings, and expanding land through strategic planning and warfare. The gameplay of Manor Lords is divided into several core mechanics: regional development, trade, and military recruitment. Players can upgrade residential buildings to gain development points, which are then used to unlock new branches on a development tree, allowing for specialization in various production chains like farming, mining, or goods manufacturing. The economic model is dynamic, with the attractiveness of a town’s market affecting the frequency of merchant visits, which are crucial for accumulating wealth. In terms of combat, Manor Lords employs real-time tactical battles reminiscent of the Total War series, where players manage large battalions rather than individual units. The game features different types of military units, including peasant militias, archer militias, and more heavily armored units like the lord’s retinue. Players must also navigate a political landscape, interacting with other lords and the king to gain influence and rewards. Unfortunately, Manor Lords is not available for Mac users. It requires Windows 10 or higher, and there are currently no plans to port the game to Mac or any other non-PC platforms. However, there are few workarounds, that will help you enjoy this game on Mac.

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how to play eiyuden chronicle hundred heroes on mac

How to play Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on Mac

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is a JRPG developed by Rabbit & Bear Studios. Like most games in this genre, it is turn-based and follows a party of characters rather than one person. There’s still a protagonist, though – a young boy named Nowa who recently became a city guard. Despite his inexperience, he is sent on a dangerous mission to explore an ancient ruin, and it all goes downhill from there. Gameplay-wise, you will experience plenty of combat, with a decent amount of exploration thrown in as well. Throughout most of the game, you will be recruiting people for your army, as you eventually become its leader. Though completing the game is not difficult, many side quests will give you no directions at all, so you will have to figure out how to complete them on your own. Other optional activities include fishing, cooking, as well as many different minigames which you can unlock. Now, let’s discuss how to play Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes on Mac. As you may already know, the game doesn’t have an official macOS version, and you will need a third-party program to fix this incompatibility. Several such options are listed in the guide below.

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