vmware fusion alternatives for mac

VMware Fusion alternatives on Mac

VMware Fusion is a virtualization program for Mac computers; it allows the users to install other operating systems on their Mac and run them alongside macOS. Most commonly, it is used to install Windows to run Windows-exclusive programs and games. Since VMware Fusion supports hardware virtualization, even demanding applications and 3D games can run decently well as long as you have a powerful Mac. It even has a free version. But Fusion has certain downsides too; it can be somewhat tricky to use and doesn’t work well on weak computers. Thankfully, there are certain VMWare Fusion alternatives for Mac that don’t share its issues. Parallels Desktop runs Windows just as well as Fusion does, but it’s also incredibly streamlined and easy to use. CrossOver, meanwhile, is better suited for weak Macs; it uses a different technology that places less strain on the hardware. And if you have an old Intel Mac, BootCamp is also an option.

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microsoft publisher alternatives on mac

Microsoft Publisher alternatives on Mac

Microsoft Publisher is an application in the Microsoft Office software suite. It allows its users to design printed documents, such as newsletters, advertisements, and certificates, as well as digital documents like simple websites. Though Microsoft Publisher is not the most capable publishing program out there, it is relatively cheap and easy to use. Unfortunately, it supports only Windows operating system. However, there are many alternatives that do run on Mac; many of them are significantly more powerful, too. Adobe InDesign, Affinity Publisher, and Swift Publisher are the most notable Microsoft Publisher alternatives on Mac. Read the article below to learn more about these programs.

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autodesk 3ds max alternatives on mac

Autodesk 3ds Max alternatives on Mac

Autodesk 3ds Max is a 3D computer graphics editor; it includes 3D modeling, animating and rendering capabilities. As such, it can be used to create CGI animations, cutscenes and 3D models for games, special effects for movies, architectural visualizations, and other content of the same variety. Autodesk 3ds Max includes a wide range of specialized tools that make animations easier to create. For example, its Character Studio allows you to easily animate humanoid characters, while the Cloth Simulation Engine gives them realistic-looking garments. It also supports keyframing, scripting, custom skeletons, and many other features. Unfortunately, unlike other Autodesk products, 3ds Max is not available on macOS. As such, Apple users are left with no choice but to search for Autodesk 3ds Max alternatives on Mac. Indeed, there are several programs that can fulfill this role; CINEMA 4D, SketchUp and Autodesk’s own Maya are among the most capable.

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alternatives to gimp on mac

Alternatives to GIMP on Mac

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a raster graphical editor with support for all essential features, like transparency, image layering, edit history, a range of selection tools, and so on. As long as you stick to these basic features, GIMP is relatively easy to learn. It also has features for advanced users, like GEGL operations and scripting. By installing plug-ins, users can extend its functionality even further. Though GIMP is technically available on all major operating systems – that is to say, Windows, macOS, and Linux – the macOS version leaves much to be desired. Many users report issues with the application, such as poor performance, broken functionality, and in some cases even crashes. Since GIMP is a free program, complaining to customer support is not really an option. As such, these users are left to search for alternatives to GIMP on Mac. The best GIMP alternative on Mac, of course, is Adobe Photoshop, while Affinity Photo offers a good deal for the price-conscious. Those who wish to work with both raster and vector graphics, meanwhile, should purchase CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

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camtasia alternatives mac

Alternatives to Camtasia on Mac

Camtasia is a video editing and screen recording program. By recording your screen, camera, and microphone simultaneously, Camtasia makes it easy to create educational videos, app tutorials, video game playthroughs, and other similar content. The camera feed can also be added to pre-existing footage – useful for reaction videos and the like. With a vast library of effects and transitions, you can easily add creative flair to your video and impress your audience. Though Camtasia is available on both Windows and Mac, it is not compatible with Apple Silicon – its Mac version will work only with Intel-based Macs. And since Apple has made it clear that such computers will not make a return, many creators are now searching for a Camtasia alternative on Mac. One such alternative is Streamlabs Desktop, a great program for live streaming and screen recording. There’s also Screenflow and OBS Studio, which are also fairly capable.

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alternatives to ninjatrader on mac

Alternatives to NinjaTrader on Mac

NinjaTrader is a futures trading software that can also run trade simulations. Still, its primary purpose is trading itself: buying and selling. Doing so with NinjaTrader is very easy; there’s no minimum deposit, and the platform takes fairly low commissions. In addition to standard contracts, you can also trade e-mini and micro e-mini futures; their lower value reduces the barrier to entry as well as the amount of risk involved in the trade. The users can create an account for free or pay a monthly subscription to reduce certain fees. A lifetime purchase option is also available; it reduces the fees even further. Though NinjaTrader has many advantages, it is not available on Mac. However, there’s a number of competing apps we can recommend. The best one is probably MetaTrader 5, though you can use MotiveWave and TradingView as well.

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solidworks alternatives for mac

SolidWorks alternatives for Mac

SolidWorks is a CAD application focused on modeling solids. Notably, it does not require its users to do any 3D modelling. Instead, the geometry of the part is defined by a series of parameters and relations. Properly specifying these will allow the part to stay functional even after changes, which means that it can be quickly tweaked. More complex components, such as assemblies of multiple moving parts, can also be created. Thanks to this data-focused approach, making them is very easy. Special parameters called mates define how the parts move in relation to each other; once again, the user simply needs to specify them. Though SolidWorks is not available on Mac, a number of competing applications are. Out of all SolidWorks alternatives for Mac, AutoDesk Fusion 360 is probably the most capable, though MicroStation and FreeCAD are also decent.

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alternatives to notepad++ on mac

Alternatives to Notepad++ on Mac

Notepad++ is a powerful text editor designed primarily for programmers. Although its interface is incredibly simple, it boasts a variety of powerful features. These include many quality-of-life tools, such as code syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and many tools related to mass editing. The ability to record macros is one of them; since it allows users to partially automate text editing, many have integrated it into their workflow. Unfortunately, even though Notepad++ is open-source, it is available only on Microsoft Windows. The best Notepad++ alternative on Mac is Notepadqq, which is a perfect drop-in replacement. Other alternatives include Geany and Visual Studio Code.

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