How to play Medieval Dynasty on Mac

Is it possible to play Medieval Dynasty on Mac?

Medieval Dynasty is a very nice video game where you can face adventures, survival, crafting, strategy, and building. Toplitz Productions has done a perfect job! In Medieval Dynasty, you come under the control of a guy who decided to change his life and fled the war. At the beginning of your journey, you are young and inexperienced, but as the character develops, you will feel how you grow together. To survive in this world and create your own dynasty, which will have a better life, you have to work hard. You should create a powerful community of like-minded people who will be your faithful companions. Start with just a small house next to the forest and build a huge village. And where to go without a family? The Game is already on available on Steam but only for Windows, unfortunately for Mac users. Despite, Medieval Dynasty not available on Mac, there are several ways to run it on Mac OS. In the article below, we will anticipate all ways to make Medieval Dynasty run on Mac.

System Requirements

Minimal Recommended
Windows 7,8,10 64-bits Windows 7,8,10 64-bits
Processor: 3 GHz Quad Core Processor Processor: 4 GHz Quad Core Processor
RAM: 8 GB RAM: 16 GB
Video card: DirectX 11 compatible GPU, 4GB dedicated VRAM (GeForce GTX 970 / Radeon RX 480) Video card: DirectX 11 compatible GPU, 6GB dedicated VRAM (GeForce GTX 1060 / Radeon RX 580)
DirectX: from 12.0 version DirectX: from 12.0 version
Disc space: 10 GB GB Disc space: 10 GB GB

Play Medieval Dynasty on Mac with Parallels

how to run CMedieval Dynasty by using Parallels

Medieval Dynasty requires lots of PC resources, but you can run it anyway, by using Parallels. This is software for Windows virtualization on Mac with the full support of DirectX and GPUs. It allows you to install you have a decent Mac configuration, you can install Windows 10 on Mac with a couple of clicks and switch between MacOS and Windows instantly. You can run Windows just like on a regular PC, install Steam and enjoy Medieval Dynasty game on Mac.

Download Parallels Desktop

Note: Recommended devices to run resource-demanding games: MacBook Pro (models with an Intel processor, discrete graphics cards, and 16 GB of RAM or more), iMac (models with Intel processor, discrete graphics cards, and 16 GB of RAM or more), iMac Pro (all models are suitable), Mac Pro (all models are suitable). Parallels on Mac computers with M1 (M1 Pro, M1 Max) chips may not support recent games. Games that require DirectX 12 and later are currently not supported by Parallels. AppsOnMac recommends using Parallels’ free trial feature to determine whether you can run the game or not if you’re uncertain.

Play Medieval Dynasty on Mac with Nvidia GeForce Now

If you have an old Mac, or it cannot fully satisfy Medieval Dynasty game system requirements, there is a potential solution. Cloud gaming provides you sufficient cloud resources for a fixed fee. All you need is a small client program and a good internet connection starting from 15 MBits/s. There are several great services, that provide such an opportunity, among the best are Xbox Cloud, Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now. Among all services, only GeForce Now supports Medieval Dynasty and has the game in their catalog, which allows you to play the game on Mac, iOS, Android or old Windows PC.

Try GeForce Now

Play Medieval Dynasty on Mac with BootCamp

Note: Mac computers with new Apple Silicon (M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max) currently do not support BootCamp. In this case, please, use the options above to run Medieval Dynasty on Mac

This method is simple but time-consuming. You need to set up a dual boot of Windows and Mac via BootCamp. BootCamp allows users to choose the system to work in on startup, however, you won’t be able to switch between systems like in Parallels. You will need to reboot your machine every time you switch from Mac to Windows and vice versa. Remember that Mac is just a computer, that uses common processors, RAM, disks, and other components. So you can install Windows on Mac by allocating disc space of minimum 50 GB (to be able to run Windows and a couple of games). To set up Windows via BootCamp, please, do the following:

For OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later

Mention, that for MacOS versions prior to OS X El Capitan 10.11 you will need to create bootable Windows USB.

  1. Download Windows ISO file
  2. Open Boot Camp Assistant (Go to Applications > Utilities)
  3. Define the Windows partition size, choose downloaded Windows ISO file
  4. Format Windows partition and go through all Windows installation steps
  5. When Windows boots for the first time, follow on-screen instructions to install Boot Camp and Windows support software (drivers)

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