best adult games for mac

Best adult games for Mac


Although Windows is undoubtedly the best OS for PC gaming, there’s still a respectable amount of games available on Mac. Indie games, AAA games, shooters, platformers, RPGs… most genres of games are represented on Apple computers at least in some capacity. This also includes adult games, which is to say, games that feature sexual content. However, trying to aimlessly search for such games is difficult; though you will find plenty of them on Steam or, most are fairly low-quality. Thankfully, you don’t have to dig through this proverbial sea of garbage by yourself; after all, we’ve already done that for you. Read this article for a list of best adult games for Mac.

Best adult games for Mac

These are your typical games that need to be downloaded (and, in some cases, purchased) before playing. As an alternative, you may also play online adult games which can run in your browser.

Price of Freedom: Avarice

best adult games for mac: price for freedom avarice

Price of Freedom: Avarice is a roleplaying game based on the Price for Freedom erotic webcomic. Playing as a man named Redic, you will arrive in the free city of Kaldea. There, you will have the opportunity to explore your surroundings, complete quests, fight enemies in turn-based combat, recruit and romance companions, and, of course, have fun times with them. There’s dozens of animated sex scenes, and almost a hundred static images.



best adult games for mac: eternum

Eternum is a 3D visual novel focused on erotic content. Having recently moved to a big city, you hear about a popular virtual reality MMORPG, ETERNUM (please note that the actual game is not in VR). A neural implant allows the players to experience this game with all five of their senses. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, it quickly became popular – but also became riddled with crime. There’s plenty of choices to make, characters to romance, and mysteries to solve. Thanks to the game’s 3D engine, all sex scenes are fully animated.


Parasite Black

best adult games for mac: parasite black

Parasite Black is an adult sandbox game set in a dark fantasy world. The world of Mirnos is embroiled in a costly war with a mysterious race called Demorai; death and suffering are common. Having miraculously survived a suicide mission, our protagonist will now embark on a journey that may very well turn the tide of this miserable battle. On his way, he will also meet – and have the opportunity to romance – a variety of sexy women of both familiar and exotic variety. After engaging in passionate, fully animated sex, some may choose to join you on your journey.


Treasure of Nadia

best adult games for mac: treasure of nadia

In Treasure of Nadia, you will explore the town of Cape Vedra. Rumored to host ancient ruins filled to the brim with valuables, the town has attracted many treasure hunters from around the world, including you. Delve into the forgotten tombs, solve the puzzles contained within, and obtain treasures. Over the course of your adventure, you will also meet many striking women and be able to pursue them. Thanks to fluid animations and memorable character designs, erotic content in this game is well worth viewing.



There’s plenty of adult games available on Mac; there are also online adult games that can be played on Mac. But it still can’t compete with the sheer amount of content – erotic or otherwise – that is available on Windows. Parallels Desktop will allow you to play Windows games on Mac; every gamer that uses an Apple computer will find this program useful.

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