is asahi linux good for gaming?

Asahi Linux: is it good for gaming?

Linux, as you might already know, is a free operating system that can serve as an alternative to Windows and macOS. Asahi Linux is a version of Linux developed specifically for Apple Silicon architecture. As of May 2024, it works well on M1 and M2 Macs, while M3 support is under active development. But while it’s always nice to have options, most people buy Macs and MacBooks precisely because they want to use macOS. So let’s delve further in and consider why this operating system even exists.

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how to read djvu files on mac

How to read DjVu files on Mac

DjVu files are designed to store scans of books, magazines, and documents. Unlike simple image formats like JPEG, DjVu files contain both the original scans and text. In practice, this means that you can copy text from these files and search through them. Although this functionality is also provided by PDF files, certain institutions (like digital libraries) prefer to use DjVu for financial or technical reasons. Nonetheless, DjVu is not as popular as PDF, which means it doesn’t enjoy widespread software support. MacOS can’t open DjVu files without third-party software, and Windows can’t either. You may be unable to view DjVu files even if you already have a e-book reader installed, since not all of them support this uncommon file format. That said, programs that support DjVu files do exist, so it is possible to read DjVu files on Mac. Read our article for a short list of compatible programs.

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best flac player for mac

Best FLAC player for Mac

FLAC is a lossless audio format, which means it was designed to favor audio quality over file size. Since storage capacity is cheap nowadays, many music lovers prefer FLAC over formats like MP3. But FLAC is still fairly uncommon, overall, and not every music player out there supports it. Therefore, if you want to install such a program on your Mac, it makes sense to look for a FLAC player specifically. Although FLAC is niche, it is by no means unpopular; you will have no difficulty finding programs that can play FLAC files. But simply installing whatever you happen to find on the internet is not good enough – should not be good enough – for a discerning music listener. Only high-quality apps will do. With that in mind, we have reviewed several media players to find out which one of them deserves to be called the best FLAC player for Mac.

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best adult games for mac

Best adult games for Mac

Although Windows is undoubtedly the best OS for PC gaming, there’s still a respectable amount of games available on Mac. Indie games, AAA games, shooters, platformers, RPGs… most genres of games are represented on Apple computers at least in some capacity. This also includes adult games, which is to say, games that feature sexual content. However, trying to aimlessly search for such games is difficult; though you will find plenty of them on Steam or, most are fairly low-quality. Thankfully, you don’t have to dig through this proverbial sea of garbage by yourself; after all, we’ve already done that for you. Read this article for a list of best adult games for Mac.

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Best Facebook video downloader for Mac

Facebook is the most popular social media platform; as such, it should come as no surprise that it hosts a vast library of user-uploaded videos. Normally, these videos cannot be watched outside of Facebook, as the platform provides no way to download them. But many people find this limitation awfully inconvenient. For example, people with unreliable, slow, or data-capped internet might prefer to have their favorite videos available locally. Obviously, Facebook doesn’t want their users to save videos and would never implement this feature. But from a technical perspective, as long as you can watch a video, you can save it, too. As a result, many unofficial video downloaders for Facebook have been created; they simply cannot block them. In this article, we will determine the best Facebook video downloader for Mac.

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the best cloud gaming services for mac, the best cloud gaming service for mac

Best cloud gaming services for Mac

Cloud gaming services (also known as game streaming services) is a way to play modern games that doesn’t require you to own powerful hardware. The actual game runs somewhere on a server, while the user’s computer simply serves as a display and a controller. Because of this, cloud gaming can be used to play any game regardless of its system requirements. This means you can play Windows games on Mac, for example. But there are still limitations. The service provider needs to include the game in their game library, while you need to have a very good internet connection. So what are the best cloud gaming services for Mac? Read our article to find out.

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the best pst to mbox converter for mac

Best PST to MBOX converter for Mac

Both PST and MBOX are file formats for storing messages. Although they are designed to fulfill the same purpose, they are quite different under the hood. As such, programs designed to work with one will not always support the other. To circumvent this issue, users often want to convert PST to MBOX, or vice versa. But what is the best PST to MBOX converter for Mac? This is not exactly a straightworward question, because not every user is the same; often, they have different needs. As such, we will simply review several programs that can accomplish this task, list their pros and cons, and let you decide which one you like the most.

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what is the best terminal for mac?

Best terminal for Mac

Graphical interfaces are everywhere, but sometimes you just can’t make do without good old-fashioned console. This is true even for macOS, which is why Apple includes a terminal emulator – simply called Terminal – by default. As much as they dislike their users getting under the hood, sometimes it is simply necessary. But although Apple’s terminal is serviceable, a true power user wants more than simply being able to execute commands. This is where third-party terminal emulators step in. There are plenty of options to choose from; some are ported from Linux, while others are developed specifically for macOS. But which one should you use? In this article, we will attempt to answer this question and determine the best terminal for Mac.

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download the best youtube ad blocker for mac

Best YouTube ad blocker for Mac

YouTube, as a website, is known to pretty much everyone on this planet. It is the platform to watch videos on – it is hard to compete with its millions of tutorials, educational videos, music clips, cartoons, and other video files. For a while, no-one had an issue with this. The creators loved working with YouTube, and the users loved accessing all video content from one place. But that did not last. Since YouTube has a de-facto monopoly on video content, its developers have eventually grown lazy and detached from reality, introducing many changes that have harmed the website. While the creators often complain about demonetization strikes and easily-abused “copyright claim” system, the users, too, have problems with the platform. One such problem is the excessive amount of ads. Though arguably necessary to pay for the website, many users feel that these ads are too distracting and time-consuming, and resort to solutions such as ad blockers. This article attempts to find the best YouTube ad blocker for Mac – keep reading to find out which one gets awarded the title.

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best tactical rpgs on mac

Best tactical RPGs for Mac

Tactical RPG is a subgenre of roleplaying games with a gameplay focus on tactics and strategy. Typically, they are turn-based, and feature a group of playable characters rather than a single protagonist. That said, there are exceptions to this rule as well. It is not exactly easy to define what makes a game “tactical”. In the most broad sense, any complex combat system can be considered “tactical” to some degree. Most people, however, define a tactical combat system as a combat system with a focus on positioning. That is to say, the combat must take place on a map of some kind, and the units’ position on this map must be important to the course of the fight. There are other features that can make combat even more tactical, like different types of units, but positioning is considered essential. This is the definition we will be using in our list of best tactical RPGs for Mac.

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