best tactical rpgs on mac

Best tactical RPGs for Mac

Tactical RPG is a subgenre of roleplaying games with a gameplay focus on tactics and strategy. Typically, they are turn-based, and feature a group of playable characters rather than a single protagonist. That said, there are exceptions to this rule as well.
It is not exactly easy to define what makes a game “tactical”. In the most broad sense, any complex combat system can be considered “tactical” to some degree. Most people, however, define a tactical combat system as a combat system with a focus on positioning. That is to say, the combat must take place on a map of some kind, and the units’ position on this map must be important to the course of the fight. There are other features that can make combat even more tactical, like different types of units, but positioning is considered essential. This is the definition we will be using in our list of best tactical RPGs for Mac.

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best youtube to mp4 converter for mac

Best YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac

YouTube is both the best and the most popular platform when it comes to free video content. Its library of content is unrivaled; however, YouTube users are restricted in their ability to interact with it. For a long time, it provided no way to download videos at all, and even now, this function is available only to YouTube Premium subscribers. It is this lack of functionality that prompts people to seek a YouTube to MP4 converter for Mac. After all, the ability to convert a YouTube video to a file on your computer that you can watch at any time can be quite valuable to some people.
In this article, we will review a number of YouTube to MP4 converter programs and online services so that you can choose which one is the best for you.

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best data recovery programs for mac

Best data recovery programs for Mac

Data recovery software does precisely what you’d expect, recover deleted or lost files. There are several use cases for such programs. The most obvious one, of course, is to restore accidentally deleted files. Don’t forget to check the Trash folder, though, if that’s what you want – perhaps you don’t need a complicated data recovery suite after all.
Other uses for data recovery tools are significantly less common, at least for your average user. It is possible for data to simply end up corrupted, especially when stored on an aging or otherwise damaged drive. Hard disk drives that are older than 5 years old are typically considered unreliable; they can last far longer than that without any issues, but you might lose a file or two in the meantime. This is especially true for laptops; their portable nature further strains the drive as it is subjected to things such as shakes. All MacBooks made after 2012 utilize SSD technology, which is generally more reliable, but if you have a MacBook made before that, data loss is a real possibility. Losing data thanks to viruses such as ransomware is also possible. Yes, macOS users have to deal with significantly less malware when compared to Windows users, but it does exist.
Either way, if you’re reading this, you likely have a need for such a program. We have compiled a list of the best data recovery software for Mac so that you can review and compare your options.

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best whatsapp alternatives for mac

Best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac

WhatsApp is a widely-used messenger app available on most platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and others. Unfortunately, it cannot natively run on Apple Silicon chips such as M1 – but even then, it is possible to run it anyway with the help of this guide. Still, WhatsApp is far from perfect. The largest issue, of course, is the company who owns it – Meta (formerly Facebook). As a company that makes a significant part of its revenue by collecting and selling their users’ data, it has a reputation for flexible attitude when it comes to privacy. Something that is obviously unacceptable for many people – so we prepared a list of best WhatsApp alternatives for Mac. Read below for more information, such as details and download links.

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best rts games for macos

Best real time strategies for Mac

Real-time strategies, or RTS games for short, are games focused on battles with one or several opponents, in which each player commands their own troops by giving them orders in real time (hence the name). Furthermore, the players are required to maintain an economy, as recruiting troops costs resources and happens in specialized buildings. Crippling the opponents’ ability to gather resources is a sure way to victory, as it will render them helpless. For this reason, protecting your own base (or bases) while assaulting the others’ is the way these games are played – simply defeating your opponents’ units will not get you anywhere.
In this article, we will cover real-time strategy games available to play on Apple computers. Although Mac owners have a more limited choice of games, compared to Windows PC users, there are still several great real time strategies for Mac lovers to enjoy. Read the article below for the list.

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best emulators on mac

Best emulators for Mac

When it comes to computers, emulation is a process of simulating a platform, such as a computer system or a gaming console, with the intent of running software on it. In simpler terms, what this means is that emulators allow you to play games and run programs that are not available on your Mac (or your PC, for that matter). However, this is done in a rather inefficient way, by making a virtual copy of the console inside your computer, and then running the game on that. Because of this, running a game on an emulator typically requires a device much more powerful than what it originally ran on, as this original device needs to be simulated. This is why emulators are generally only available for older systems. For example, you can emulate the original PlayStation and PS2 without much of an issue, but emulating PS3 – still a fairly old system – requires very powerful hardware, and emulating PS4 is currently borderline impossible. Certain tricks are used to make emulators faster, smoother, and less demanding, as not everything needs to be simulated perfectly, and corners can be cut here and there. But you also cannot simplify too much, because then things will stop working properly, the games will get buggy and start crashing. The best emulators for Mac do a very delicate job balancing all of this to provide you with the best experience possible. So what are they? Well, here’s a comprehensive list to get you started with emulation on Mac.

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best tower defense games on mac

Best Tower Defense Games for Mac

In tower defense games, the player is tasked with defending a structure, like a castle or a house, from enemies. To accomplish this task, the player needs to choose from a variety of purchasable units (generally referred to as “towers”) and put them in the path of the enemies to stave off their onslaught. The towers have different properties – they have different costs, attack ranges, attack power, they might attack just one enemy or all enemies near them, and so on. Some towers might not even attack enemies at all, instead, they provide some sort of advantage like slowing down the enemies near the tower, improving other towers’ power, or generating currency… you get the idea. Selecting which tower to place, and where and when to place it, is what you will be doing in these games 99% of the time. A simple idea made complex and strategic by the sheer amount of properties and effects that the towers – and the enemies – possess. We have selected several great games of this genre that are available to play on Mac, so that you, the reader, can see for yourself what this is all about, or perhaps find a new game to try out if you’re already an experienced tower defense player. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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