How to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac

Fast solution: enjoy Dragonheir: Silent Gods on a big screen of your desktop PC, laptop or Mac with Bluestacks. Download the game on your PC or Mac via most advanced Android emulator. Use keyboard controls to play this great game on full graphic settings.
Download Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC

Dragonheir: Silent Gods Game Overview

Dragonheir: Silent Gods is an open-world high-fantasy strategy RPG that takes players on an epic journey where they can discover a dynamic world filled with magic and dragons. The game features non-linear missions and side-quests, allowing players to explore its many biomes, such as ice fields, underground caverns, forests, and plains. The art style is inspired by retro aesthetics and powered by next-gen 3D technology. Dragonheir: Silent Gods features a large cast of characters, each with distinct skills and attributes that can amplify your team’s potential when combined tactfully. A tier list of the best characters can be found on websites like MrGuider and Droid Gamers. There are several ways to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on your PC or Mac and we describe them in this article.

Game Plot

The game takes place following a battle of the gods that saw the whole world set aflame by the roar of the Dragon God. Players become the chosen one and embark on a journey to confront the shadows of arrogance and unveil the secrets of the Chaos Universum. The game offers a wide array of activities and pursuits, such as treasure hunting, puzzle-solving, drinking contests, and cooking competitions. Dice rolls play a major role in combat and other situations, adding a stroke of luck to every situation.

Play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac using Bluestacks

Playing the game via Bluestacks offers several advantages, such as a larger screen, enhanced controls with the Advanced Keymapping System, and the ability to run multiple instances of the game simultaneously. By using BlueStacks, you can enjoy Dragonheir: Silent Gods on your PC or Mac with a more immersive experience and better controls compared to playing on a mobile device.

dragonheir silent gods on bluestacks

Among the variety of Android emulators, Bluestacks is the most advanced one. Firstly, it is available for both Windows and Mac with full functionality. Secondly, it allows effortless, automatic transition to PC game controls and convenient hot-keys that you are used to from any regular PC game. It provides high performance and graphics in any mobile game even on a relatively weak PC or Mac, as computer processors are usually more powerful than smartphone ones. To run Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac you need to perform these easy steps:

Download Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC

Step-by-step tutorial to download Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC

  1. Download the latest version of Bluestacks for Windows or MacOS.
  2. play Dragonheir: Silent Gods with bluestacks

  3. Run Dragonheir: Silent Gods Bluestacks Installer file. If Windows shows User Account Control dialog window, click Yes to allow it to run.
  4. In the installer window click Install now and wait for downloading and installing all the components. It may take several minutes depending on your PC specs and internet connection speed.
  5. Dragonheir: Silent Gods  bluestacks installer

  6. Bluestacks App Player should launch automatically. If not, start it clicking on the corresponding desktop icon.
  7. Dragonheir: Silent Gods  bluestacks app player

  8. First thing to do in Bluestacks App Player is to open Play Store and sign-in with your Google account.
  9. Dragonheir: Silent Gods  bluestacks google sign in

  10. You should click sign-in button, enter your Google e-mail and password, just like you do it on your Android phone. Mention that it can ask for 2-step verification, where you will need to confirm the action on one of your current devices.
  11. Dragonheir: Silent Gods bluestacks google 2 step verification

  12. Now you can install the game. If program does not automatically redirect you to Dragonheir: Silent Gods Play Store page, then just search for it in the catalog. After this download and install Dragonheir: Silent Gods and run it.
  13. Bluestacks may offer you to run better engine for this game.
  14. Enjoy the game

Play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac using Tenorshare Phone Mirror

play android ios games on pc using tenorshare phone mirror

Tenorshare Phone Mirror is an application that allows you to control your smartphone from a PC or Mac. You will see your phone’s screen on the computer, and will be able to issue commands with keyboard and mouse. With advanced keyboard mapping abilities, similar to what is offered by Android emulators, you will be able to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC easily, all while enjoying the precision of PC controls. This method has an obvious disadvantage – it requires you to have a phone capable of running Dragonheir: Silent Gods. However, there are several advantages as well. Because the game doesn’t actually run on your computer, the specifications of your PC don’t matter. What’s more, it is unlikely that you will be banned in any game for using this tool – something that might happen while using emulators. Phone Mirror can be used to control both iOS and Android devices, so unless you have a weak smartphone, this app will be useful to you.

Download Phone Mirror
  1. Download and install Tenorshare Phone Mirror on your PC or Mac computer.
  2. Launch it and pair your smartphone with your computer by following the program’s instructions.
  3. Install Dragonheir: Silent Gods and start playing!

Play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on M1 or M2 Mac

Note: According to our research, playing Dragonheir: Silent Gods on an M1 (M2, M3) Mac may cause a temporary or permanent account ban in the game, that is why it is recommended to play with the secondary account or as a guest.

As you may already know, M1 or M2 Macs (latest Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Mac Mini, iMac) are able to run many iOS apps and games on MacOS. If for apps it can be useful because many iPad and iPhone apps are very advanced and suitable for desktop usage, in gaming this is just magic. M chips (especially M Pro, M Max, M Ultra) are much more powerful than iPhone and iPad chips, in many types of games (shooters, racing) keyboard and mouse (trackpad) controls are much more useful than touch.

play iphone ipad games on m1 mac

To download and play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on M1 (M2, M3) Mac do the following:

  1. On your Mac go to Mac App Store and click on your profile in the bottom left corner.
  2. Under account click iPhone‌ & ‌iPad‌ Apps.
  3. Download Dragonheir: Silent Gods on your Mac device and start playing!

Note: not all iOS games and programs support this feature. If you can’t find the game in Mac App Store, it is likely that the game’s developers have decided not to support it.


In this article we provided several methods to play Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac. If you have Windows-based computer or laptop or Intel-based Mac we recommend you to use Bluestacks. This app will guarantee high performance and stability in gameplay as well as convenient control over the game with the keyboard and mouse.
Run Dragonheir: Silent Gods on PC or Mac

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