how to install bluestacks on mac

How to install Bluestacks on Mac to play games

Bluestacks is an Android emulator, which is to say, a program that allows you to run Android games and applications. Running software this way is more demanding, but this is generally not an issue because most computers are significantly more powerful than smartphones. But a good quality Android emulator needs to do more than just allow programs to run, because using a mouse and a keyboard is very different from using a touchscreen. This is especially important for games, as they will not be enjoyable without a proper control scheme. Thankfully, Bluestacks provides this functionality; you will be able to use your keyboard instead of just clicking on the screen.
Bluestacks 5 is the newest version of the emulator, but it is unfortunately available for Windows only. Mac users are limited to Bluestacks 4, which is still a very capable emulator even though it lacks some of the newest features. The guide below will explain how to install Bluestacks on Mac to let you play smartphone games or run applications.

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how to play tower of fantasy on mac

How to play Tower of Fantasy on Mac

Tower of Fantasy is an anime-style RPG with multiplayer elements. Developed by Chinese company Hotta Studio, it takes heavy inspiration from Genshin Impact, though they are hardly identical.
The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, though you would hardly notice it from a glance. You will not find dull landscapes full of deserts and ruins here. The world of Tower of Fantasy is varied and vibrant, featuring several different biomes. And while many derelict buildings are indeed scattered all over the map, their design – both exterior and interior – makes exploring them anything but repetitive.
This vast open world can be explored on foot or via a jetpack, which you unlock very early in the game. It will not grant you the power of unlimited flight, however; rather, it gently cancels most of the gravity, allowing your character to glide and hover. Naturally for a world with such a grim past, you will encounter plenty of enemies, and dispatch them through melee or ranged combat, utilizing features such as charged attacks, aerial assaults, and unique weapon skills.
Officially, this game is available on Windows, iOS, and Android, but it’s possible to play Tower of Fantasy on Mac as well. There are many different ways to accomplish this, as explained in the guide below.

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how to play stumble guys on mac

How to play Stumble Guys on Mac

Stumble Guys is a competitive multiplayer game developed by Kitka Games. The players have to race each other while dealing with numerous physics-based obstacles. Giant rocks, spinning hammers, conveyor belts, and many other hindrances are present; however, they are not the only thing your character will have to contend with. Initially, the game starts with 32 players competing, but each round, this number gets reduced in half. Therefore, it is insufficient to simply finish the obstacle course; you must also be faster than half of the players.
The alternative route to victory is to hinder these faster than you. Though most players simply focus on racing each other to the finish line, the game also features the ability to inconvenience others in a variety of ways. When timed right, these can cause the players to fall off the platform and respawn behind everyone else. But, as this is a competitive multiplayer game, this works both ways… you will have to keep your eyes on both the course and the other players, for sure.
The game is available on Microsoft Windows, as well as on Android and iOS. But it is also possible to play Stumble Guys on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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how to play the lord of the rings war on pc or mac

How to play The Lord of the Rings: War on PC or Mac

The Lord of the Rings: War is a mobile player-vs-player game based on eponymous series by J. R. R. Tolkien, developed by Netease Games Global. Despite the lengths Frodo went to to ensure the destruction of The One Ring, in the end, his efforts weren’t enough. Perhaps artifacts of such power simply cannot be destroyed. Either way, it plagues Middle Earth once more. Each faction and group, big and small, have learned about the Ring’s existence and location. Compelled by its evil magic, all have rushed to claim it; but, due to fierce competition, no one could. Embroiled in an all-out war against each other, no one could get an edge. But, perhaps, you could change this…
Join a faction and lend your might to their war effort. Although you would not start powerful, with enough sustained investment into industry and military, you will, eventually, be able to wield massive armies the likes of which define the outcomes of battles. But you must stay at top of your game; after all, all the others will try to attempt the same, too.
The game, sadly, is only available on iOS and Android, but with the right know-how, you can play The Lord of the Rings: War on PC too. Read the guide below to learn how to do this.

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how to play misty continent on pc or mac

How to play Misty Continent on PC or Mac

Misty Continent, also known as Misty Continent: Cursed Island, is a mobile base-building game developed by FunPlus International. The goal of the game is to explore the eponymous cursed island; although it is inhabited by monsters and even supernatural creatures like ghosts, riches beyond measure await the brave explorer. Filled to the brim with treasures, the island remains an attractive target for all kinds of fortune seekers despite its hostility. You are not the only one of them; pirates, too, have taken a liking to this area. Often, you will have no choice but to confront these brutal criminals.
The island’s full potential cannot be explored through expeditions alone, however. Many of its resources require permanent presence to properly exploit. For this reason, you must establish a stronghold on the island; this will allow you to mine its otherworldly ores, explore deep within the island, and craft magical gear with unique properties.
Although Misty Continent is a mobile game, available exclusively on iOS and Android, it is possible to play Misty Continent on PC too (and on Mac as well). The guide below will outline the details.

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how to play june's journey on pc or mac

How to play June’s Journey on PC or Mac

Developed by Wooga, June’s Journey is a hidden object game available to play on iOS and Android. Playing as June Parker, a mystery enthusiast and amateur detective, you will embark on a journey across the world, from fashionable Paris to roaring New York. As the game is set in the 1920s, the mystery-solving atmosphere is further enhanced by an aesthetic of this long-bygone era. After all, the world where phonographs and The Model T were the pinnacle of technology is quite alien to us… the mystique of the world adds to the mystique of the story.
Immersing yourself in the world of intrigue and mystery isn’t enough to uncover its secrets, however. While on the scene, you must pay attention to the objects around you, so that you can find valuable clues. Follow the trail with one place to another, and, with enough sleuthing, you will expose the truth. And do not worry about running out of levels as you solve them one after another; each week, the developers add another one to the list so you’re unlikely to run out.
Though it is a smartphone-exclusive game, you can play June’s Journey on PC or Mac as well by following the guide below.

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how to play poppy playtime on mac

How to play Poppy Playtime on Mac

Poppy Playtime is a well-received survival horror game developed by MOB Games. The game’s explosive popularity might be explained by its monetization model; it is entirely free to download, though the players are required to pay to progress past the first chapter. As of 2022, only two chapters have been released, but more are expected to come.
The story of the game is mainly set in a defunct toy factory. You, an employee of the company who owns the factory, receive a strange message, originating from the factory’s worker who disappeared ten years ago. Intrigued, you travel there, but – to no one’s surprise – the whole thing was a trap. The toys came alive and seek to end your life. Now you must escape this deadly maze.
To do so, you are given several different tools; the most important one is your GrabPack. It is equipped with long-reaching (but retractable) hands, allowing you to manipulate objects from afar. You can also use these hands to alter electrical connections present throughout the factory. It is not an exaggeration to say that you will not be able to complete the game without mastering this device.
To play Poppy Playtime on Mac, however, you will have to resort to some tricks, as the game is officially only available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Still, it is possible; the guide below will explain the details.

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how to play merge dragons on pc or mac

How to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac

Merge Dragons is a mobile game in the puzzle genre, available on iOS and Android. It tells a story about a colorful, magical world known as Dragonia. For a long time, it prospered, its residents living without worry or fear. But alas, it was not meant to last. One day, Zomblins – vile creatures that resemble both goblins and zombies at the same time – attacked the land. Unprepared, dragons could not mount any defense against this unprovoked attack, and so, the land itself withered, drained of all life force through Zomblins evil presence.
But not all hope is lost. Through your efforts, the land can be healed, and the dragons, strengthened to eventually repulse Zomblins once and for all. What is the power that can accomplish this? Why, the magic of matching, of course. Through combining trees and landmarks, you can purify them, restoring their true form. Combining dragons, on the other hand, grows their power.
On your journey to cleanse the land, you will beat more than 180 levels, complete 81 different challenges, and familiarize yourself with 37 breeds of dragons. But if you want to embark on it using a computer, you will need to follow our guide. It will explain how to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac.

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how to play battle night on pc or mac

How to play Battle Night on PC or Mac

Battle Night is a cyberpunk RPG developed for smartphones by FT Games. Set in 2098, the game paints quite a bleak picture of the future; most powerful countries are in a state of a perpetual cold war with one another. As a resident of an independent city-state, you were able to escape this reality for a while. But small states get dragged into larger ones’ conflict, and eventually, your city has suffered a state far worse than that. Nowadays, violent clashes between various interest groups happen on a daily occasion, with shootouts becoming the norm in the city. Yet, the destruction has been largely contained; many residents are still able to live their normal daily lives under the flickering neon lights. Who knows how long this remnant of peace might last…
As a private detective, you chose to do more than simply hope for the best. Assembling a team of fighters and investigators, you set out to uncover the schemes that destabilize the city and give the wrongdoers your own brand of justice.
Although it was released only on iOS and Android, you can play Battle Night on PC too, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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how to play gunfire reborn on mac

How to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game developed and published by Duoyi Games. It puts the players through an endless series of procedurally generated levels, where they have fight enemies in the FPS style. The players will also have the opportunity to earn various upgrades and pick up many different items and weapons during the course of a playthrough. But finally losing the playthrough doesn’t mean a full restart; the game’s meta-progression features allow you to unlock permanent upgrades that will not be lost.
Several different heroes are available to play as; they have different abilities and playstyle (though it may be altered). You cannot play as more than one hero simultaneously, but playing with your friends will allow up to four people, and heroes, to embark on this adventure together.
The game’s high level of randomization and a huge variety of items – there’s more than 100! – and heroes ensure a high degree of replayability. However, only PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One & Series X/S, PS 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch owners can embark on this adventure officially. If you want to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac, there are some hops to jump through. Still, it is not impossible, and this guide will explain how to go about it.

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