how to play june's journey on pc or mac

How to play June’s Journey on PC or Mac

Developed by Wooga, June’s Journey is a hidden object game available to play on iOS and Android. Playing as June Parker, a mystery enthusiast and amateur detective, you will embark on a journey across the world, from fashionable Paris to roaring New York. As the game is set in the 1920s, the mystery-solving atmosphere is further enhanced by an aesthetic of this long-bygone era. After all, the world where phonographs and The Model T were the pinnacle of technology is quite alien to us… the mystique of the world adds to the mystique of the story.
Immersing yourself in the world of intrigue and mystery isn’t enough to uncover its secrets, however. While on the scene, you must pay attention to the objects around you, so that you can find valuable clues. Follow the trail with one place to another, and, with enough sleuthing, you will expose the truth. And do not worry about running out of levels as you solve them one after another; each week, the developers add another one to the list so you’re unlikely to run out.
Though it is a smartphone-exclusive game, you can play June’s Journey on PC or Mac as well by following the guide below.

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how to play poppy playtime on mac

How to play Poppy Playtime on Mac

Poppy Playtime is a well-received survival horror game developed by MOB Games. The game’s explosive popularity might be explained by its monetization model; it is entirely free to download, though the players are required to pay to progress past the first chapter. As of 2022, only two chapters have been released, but more are expected to come.
The story of the game is mainly set in a defunct toy factory. You, an employee of the company who owns the factory, receive a strange message, originating from the factory’s worker who disappeared ten years ago. Intrigued, you travel there, but – to no one’s surprise – the whole thing was a trap. The toys came alive and seek to end your life. Now you must escape this deadly maze.
To do so, you are given several different tools; the most important one is your GrabPack. It is equipped with long-reaching (but retractable) hands, allowing you to manipulate objects from afar. You can also use these hands to alter electrical connections present throughout the factory. It is not an exaggeration to say that you will not be able to complete the game without mastering this device.
To play Poppy Playtime on Mac, however, you will have to resort to some tricks, as the game is officially only available on Windows, Android, and iOS. Still, it is possible; the guide below will explain the details.

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how to play merge dragons on pc or mac

How to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac

Merge Dragons is a mobile game in the puzzle genre, available on iOS and Android. It tells a story about a colorful, magical world known as Dragonia. For a long time, it prospered, its residents living without worry or fear. But alas, it was not meant to last. One day, Zomblins – vile creatures that resemble both goblins and zombies at the same time – attacked the land. Unprepared, dragons could not mount any defense against this unprovoked attack, and so, the land itself withered, drained of all life force through Zomblins evil presence.
But not all hope is lost. Through your efforts, the land can be healed, and the dragons, strengthened to eventually repulse Zomblins once and for all. What is the power that can accomplish this? Why, the magic of matching, of course. Through combining trees and landmarks, you can purify them, restoring their true form. Combining dragons, on the other hand, grows their power.
On your journey to cleanse the land, you will beat more than 180 levels, complete 81 different challenges, and familiarize yourself with 37 breeds of dragons. But if you want to embark on it using a computer, you will need to follow our guide. It will explain how to play Merge Dragons on PC or Mac.

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how to play battle night on pc or mac

How to play Battle Night on PC or Mac

Battle Night is a cyberpunk RPG developed for smartphones by FT Games. Set in 2098, the game paints quite a bleak picture of the future; most powerful countries are in a state of a perpetual cold war with one another. As a resident of an independent city-state, you were able to escape this reality for a while. But small states get dragged into larger ones’ conflict, and eventually, your city has suffered a state far worse than that. Nowadays, violent clashes between various interest groups happen on a daily occasion, with shootouts becoming the norm in the city. Yet, the destruction has been largely contained; many residents are still able to live their normal daily lives under the flickering neon lights. Who knows how long this remnant of peace might last…
As a private detective, you chose to do more than simply hope for the best. Assembling a team of fighters and investigators, you set out to uncover the schemes that destabilize the city and give the wrongdoers your own brand of justice.
Although it was released only on iOS and Android, you can play Battle Night on PC too, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below for more information.

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how to play gunfire reborn on mac

How to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac

Gunfire Reborn is an adventure game developed and published by Duoyi Games. It puts the players through an endless series of procedurally generated levels, where they have fight enemies in the FPS style. The players will also have the opportunity to earn various upgrades and pick up many different items and weapons during the course of a playthrough. But finally losing the playthrough doesn’t mean a full restart; the game’s meta-progression features allow you to unlock permanent upgrades that will not be lost.
Several different heroes are available to play as; they have different abilities and playstyle (though it may be altered). You cannot play as more than one hero simultaneously, but playing with your friends will allow up to four people, and heroes, to embark on this adventure together.
The game’s high level of randomization and a huge variety of items – there’s more than 100! – and heroes ensure a high degree of replayability. However, only PC, iPhone, Android, Xbox One & Series X/S, PS 4 & 5, and Nintendo Switch owners can embark on this adventure officially. If you want to play Gunfire Reborn on Mac, there are some hops to jump through. Still, it is not impossible, and this guide will explain how to go about it.

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how to play warpath on pc or mac

How to play Warpath: Ace Shooter on PC or Mac

Warpath Ace Shooter is a mobile game available on iOS and Android. It has been developed by LilithGames. At its core, it is a base-builder combined with a real-time strategy, though the game also features some FPS elements. You will construct a military base and use it to recruit troops, assemble war machinery, and, finally, use these to launch attacks. Capturing territories around you comes with a number of advantages; the more resources you control, the stronger you can be militarily – if you have built the necessary infrastructure to turn these resources into actual capabilities. Controlling strategic resources will help you with that too, of course.
FPS gameplay is integrated in a manner similar to how State of Survival: Zombie War does it. You can embark on sniper missions to eliminate your enemies. Although not as deep as the main game mode, it still features various different guns and scopes. You can also engage in diplomacy by forging alliances with other players.
Although this is a smartphone-exclusive game, it is possible to play Warpath Ace Shooter on PC as well. Read the guide below to learn how this is possible.

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how to play mu origin 3 on pc or mac

How to play MU ORIGIN 3 on PC or Mac

MU ORIGIN 3 is a mobile MMORPG developed by FingerTips. Set in a fantasy world, the game offers a large world for you to explore (through walking, swimming, and even flying) and have adventures in – 5,000,000 square meters worth of fantasy landscapes, to be exact. At the time of writing, it allows you to play as one of four differnet classes: Swordsman, Archer, Mage, and Magus. And yes, these last two have rather similar names. The difference between a Mage and a Magus is that the former focuses exclusively on magic, while the latter has notable physical abilities as well. As the classes are customizable, you will be able to select the skills that your character has. This way, you can tailor the gameplay to your own liking; but don’t forget to choose skills that synergize. As skills can be changed in the fly, it is even possible to develop several different skill sets that suit different needs. Whether it’s PvE mob grinding, fast-paced 3v3 PvP Arena, or massive Server vs. Server wars, you can adjust your abilities for them all.
Although the game is only available on iOS and Android, you can also play MU ORIGIN 3 on PC, and also on Mac. Read the guide below for detailed instructions.

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how to play marvel strike force on pc, how to play marvel strike force on mac

How to play MARVEL Strike Force on PC or Mac

MARVEL Strike Force is a casual superhero game developed by Scopely. The plot of the game is relatively simple – the Earth is under attack, and this external threat pushes both superheroes and supervillains to temporarily unite to repel the invasion.
The main gameplay loop revolves around collecting characters and sending them to fight against the invading forces – which, in turn, helps you collect even more characters. Many different game modes help keep this simple loop fresh – MARVEL Strike Force offers not one, not two, but seven different ways to play. The main mode is Campaign, the story mode of the game. Playing Campaign battles will progress through the story, however, it cannot be played to the exclusion of all other modes. Sometimes, the players will find themselves unable to progress and will have to explore other game modes to become stronger, first. They can join alliances and participate in Raids, or Alliance Wars. They can try and complete Challenges, or play against each other in Arena, Blitz, and Real Time Arena modes.
The game is available on Android and iOS only – but it’s also possible to play MARVEL Strike Force on PC, as well as on Mac. Read the guide below to learn more.

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how to play infinity kingdom on old mac

How to play Infinity Kingdom on old Mac

Infinity Kingdom is a casual strategy game with a cartoon-y art style. It was developed by Youzu. In the game, you will take on a role of a ruler of a city amidst a racial war. Endless hordes of gnomes are invading the human lands, intent on wiping humanity out. The situation seemed dire… but then Immortals, heroes from humanity’s own past, decided to lend a hand to human cities. This may just be enough to turn the tide of the battle – but the war will still need careful management. Build your armies, recruit Immortals, and take the fight back to gnomes in this multiplayer game.
Yet, gnomes are not the only enemies you will have to contend with. In these grim times, fighting over resources and valuable lands has only intensified. You will need to build defenses and have a garrison of troops capable of repelling an invasion – or your city might just end up ransacked by another. Or, participate in raids yourself, and take resources from those that cannot defend it.
Primarily a mobile game, Infinity Kingdom was designed to be played on iOS and Android. However, Windows and macOS versions of the game are also available. Because of this, it should be pretty easy to play Infinity Kingdom on Mac – but if your Mac is too old, a few tricks in this guide will help you run the game regardless.

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how to play state of survival zombie war on pc, how to play state of survival zombie war on mac

How to play State of Survival: Zombie War on PC or Mac

State of Survival: Zombie War is a survival strategy game set in a zombie apocalypse – yes, it is one of those games that tell you exactly what they are all about from the start. You will need to build your own city – one might even call it a state – and construct essential facilities, such as farms, warehouses, and living spaces. You will need a wall to protect your settlements from the endless hordes of zombies, and an army – to do very much the same thing, but in a more proactive fashion. Hiding behind walls might make you safe, but it’s not a sustainable strategy. You will also need to raid abandoned places, salvaging resources that can’t be produced anymore. You will need to forge alliances to be able to deal with threats you can’t deal on your own. You will need to conduct research to stay ahead of the zombie plague. Each zombie can infect hundreds of people, so you’ve gotta flatten the curve – lest the situation turns from bad to worse.
State of Survival: Zombie War is available to play on iOS and Android. However, with this guide, you will also be able to play State of Survival: Zombie War on PC, as well as on Mac.

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