VMWare Fusion Pro is now free for non-commercial users

In a significant move aimed at simplifying its product offerings and expanding accessibility, VMware has announced that its popular virtualization software, VMware Fusion Pro, is now available for free for personal use. This change is part of a broader strategy to streamline the licensing models for VMware’s desktop hypervisor products, which also includes VMware Workstation Pro. VMware Fusion Pro and Workstation Pro will now operate under a dual licensing model. Users can choose between a free personal use license or a paid commercial use subscription. This means that individuals who wish to use these powerful virtualization tools for personal projects, learning, or non-commercial purposes can do so without any cost. However, commercial users will need to purchase a subscription, priced at $120 per year, to continue using the software for business purposes.

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can mac m4 run games? gaming on m4 mac

Can Mac M4 run games?

A while ago, we published an article titled “Can Mac M3 run games?“. Apple has been busy at work since then; just recently, they’ve introduced a new M4 chip. Naturally, we decided to cover it as well. Although the chip is available only for iPad at the moment, it will perform, generally, in the same way when installed in a Mac or a MacBook. So we already have a rough understanding of its gaming performance. Let’s dive into it!

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can mac m3 run games? how to play windows games on m3 mac

Can Mac M3 run games?

On October 30th, 2023, Apple held a Halloween-themed event called “Scary Fast”. Though the event was fairly short, several important announcements were made, including one that no one really expected. If you’re reading this, you already know what it was: the latest generation of Apple Silicon chips. Thanks to a new 3nm process node, M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max processors are about 15% faster than their respective M2 counterparts. Nothing groundbreaking, but it’s certainly an improvement. But are they suitable for gaming?

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FIFA 23 release date for Mac

FIFA 23 release date for Mac

FIFA 23 is a football simulator developed by Electronic Arts. The game, set to release on 30 September 2022, will bring many new features, including some long-awaited ones. Right on top of this list is crossplay, the ability to play the game’s multiplayer mode with people who play the game on a different plaform. Other notable features include the addition of women’s football leagues, World Cup championship mode, and improved animations.
The game has generated quite a lot of hype – the fact that it’s the last game to be released under the FIFA name might’ve had something to do with this – and that, naturally, made owners of Apple computers ask certain questions. Is FIFA 23 release date for Mac already known? When will FIFA 23 release on macOS? And, perhaps most pertinently, will there be a FIFA 23 Mac version at all?
Here at AppsOnMac, it is our job to answer these questions. All you need to do is to read the article below.

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