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how to play smalland survive the wilds on mac

How to play Smalland: Survive the Wilds on Mac

Smalland: Survive the Wilds is an open-world survival game developed by Merge Games and published by Maximum Entertainment. You will play as a tiny human-like creature – about the size of an ant or a bug – and will explore the world from this unusual perspective. As the name suggests, most of your time in Smalland will be spent in the wilderness. Just like in other survival games, this means you will be collecting resources, crafting equipment, and building structures. Additionally, you will have to fend off terrifying creatures, such as cockroaches, spiders, and wasps. There are several ways you can make these tasks easier; for example, grasshoppers, dragonflies, and spiders can be tamed and used as mounts. As you’re too small to traverse the world quickly, these mounts really help with exploration. There are several biomes in the game for you to discover, and multiple ancient ruins. Smalland can be experienced either alone or in multiplayer; up to ten people can play the game together. And if you want to play Smalland: Survive the Wilds on Mac, you should follow our guide. The game may not have a native Mac version, but you can play it anyway!

how to play banishers ghosts of new eden on mac

How to play Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on Mac

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is an Action RPG developed by DON’T NOD. They are a French company responsible for the Life is Strange series, Jusant, and Vampyr. That is quite an impressive portfolio; thankfully, Ghosts of New Eden is just as good as these games. Set in a medieval fantasy world, the game follows two spirit hunters, Red and Antea, who are romantically involved with one another. Together, they fight the undead, using cold steel, rifles, and magic. It’s an exciting lifestyle, but such things do not last. During one of their expeditions, Antea gets slain. Will Red use his unique talents to keep her spirit in the world of the living? Or will he let her soul pass on? That’s up to you to decide; Ghosts of New Eden may be an action game, but it also features a complex choice-driven narrative. It’s not limited to just this singular choice, either. Not all cases of supernatural troubles can be solved with simple violence; sometimes, a more thoughtful approach will be required. Evidently, there’s plenty of reasons to play Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden on Mac. To learn how to do it, read this simple guide.

how to play deep rock galactic survivor on mac

How to play Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor on Mac

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor is a top-down shooter developed by Funday Games. Like many recent games, it was inspired by Vampire Survivors, and follows its gameplay formula. For those not familiar with that game, this essentially means that you will have to defend against massive hordes of individually weak enemies. The unique part of the game can be summarized in one word: mining. You play as a dwarf, after all, and the game takes place in a cavern. You will need to collect ores to purchase meta-progression upgrades, but often, mining is simply a matter of survival. It is quite challenging to avoid enemies in narrow underground passages, and you will often find it beneficial to make your own path. Aside from that, Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor features four character classes, twenty enemy types, three types of procedurally generated caves, and many other things. But it does not feature a Mac version; if you want to play Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor on Mac, you’ll need a workaround. Learn about all possible ways to address this issue by reading the guide below.

how to play persona 4 arena ultimax on mac

How to play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on Mac

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is a 2D fighting game developed by Arc System Works in collaboration with ATLUS. The game features an extensive campaign that continues the story of Persona 4; it is remarkably well-written, and should be experienced by any fan of the original game. Those who are more interested in gameplay will not be disappointed either. While the story fights are relatively easy, you can always play against the computer and other people. Here, your mastery of the mechanics will be put to the test; you should remember to use both light and heavy attacks, summon Personas, perform combos, and use S-Hold to empower your blows. All of this might sound like gibberish to someone new to the game, but the point is, Arena Ultimax is a pretty complex fighter. On top of that, it has many playable characters; many of them have their own unique playstyles. It’s easy to see why this game is worth playing, but one question remains. How do you actually play it? It doesn’t have a native Mac version, after all. As it turns out, there are several ways to get around that. Learn how to play Persona 4 Arena Ultimax on Mac by reading the guide below.

how to play persona 5 strikers on mac

How to play Persona 5 Strikers on Mac

Persona 5 Strikers is a JRPG developed by Omega Force. It is a sequel to Persona 5, and continues the narrative after the events of that game. It doesn’t acknowledge any content added in Persona 5 Royal, but the story is great either way. The Phantom Thieves are on a summer vacation trip, but, of course, things do not go smoothly. It’s a good thing the team is always prepared for a fight. Mechanically speaking, Strikers is a real-time hack-n-slash game, which is a stark divergence from the turn-based combat of the original. However, you still play as a party of four members; you can choose which character you want to control, and the rest will be directed by the computer. As there are eight characters in total, you also get to select which ones you want on the team in the first place. They are fairly distinct from one another, so it’s important to pay attention to team composition and switch during battle. Despite the differences in gameplay, Strikers feels very much like a Persona game, and should be played by anyone who wants to spend more time with the Phantom Thieves. In the guide below, we explain how to play Persona 5 Strikers on Mac.

how to play warm snow on mac

How to play Warm Snow on Mac

Warm Snow is an action-focused roguelite game developed by BadMudStudio. The game takes place in a fantasy version of Ancient China; one day, the snow simply refused to melt, and people began turning into monsters. Apparently, this was a divine punishment for the corrupt nobility, known together as the Five Great Clans. The game’s protagonist, a stern swordsman named Bi-an, is determined to destroy these clans and restore the natural order of things. Of course, this will be accomplished by slaying a variety of baddies, ranging from simple wildlife to colossal boss monsters. Many fights are quite challenging, but thankfully, Warm Snow’s meta-progression features mean that deaths never feel too frustrating. All in all, this is a really good game, with satisfying combat, pretty visuals, and an interesting setting. And the players agree, too; Warm Snow is very popular, and has 92% rating on Steam. Indeed, it’s popular enough that you – yes, you in particular – want to know how to play Warm Snow on Mac. And we are happy to oblige; even though the game doesn’t have a native macOS version, you can easily run it on Mac with no issues. Several methods are described in the guide below.

how to play the matchless kungfu on mac

How to play The Matchless Kungfu on Mac

The Matchless Kungfu is an open-world sandbox game developed by HuanMos Game. Every sandbox game needs strong gameplay mechanics to stay interesting, and The Matchless Kungfu does not disappoint. The game has a lot of features which interact with each other in a complex and interesting way. To give an example, all NPCs in this game act in a proactive manner, and pursue their own goals. These goals can change; if you kill someone, their friends and family might decide to take a break from whatever they were doing to seek revenge. This living world is not the only attraction of this game, however; its roguelike elements are quite interesting also. Though it doesn’t have a story, there are certain objectives that you might want to pursue. Fulfilling them does not provide benefits to your current character, but it unlocks perks that’d your future characters stronger. There are a lot of things you can do in this game – from taming animals to building structures – but, of course, improving the power and skills of your character is always the underlying motivation. It is pretty easy to play The Matchless Kungfu on Mac; this simple guide contains all necessary information.

how to play star wars jedi survivor on mac

How to play STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor on Mac

STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor is an action-adventure game developed by Respawn and published by Electronic Arts. It is a direct sequel to Fallen Order, and features the same protagonist. That’s right, Cal Kestis is back, more powerful than ever. As expected from a sequel, Survivor retains most features of the previous game, and adds many new ones. These additions include two lightsaber stances, “stasis” combat ability, fast travel, and expanded customization options. The graphical side of the game was improved as well; it now supports ray tracing and ultrawide monitors. The main story, unfortunately, is nothing special, but thanks to its incredible combat system, Survivor is fun to play nonetheless. Expect dazzling lightsaber action, hectic platforming, and beautiful environments to explore. And for those that enjoy lore, there’s a very respectable amount of side quests to embark on as well. The game released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC only; however, you can also play STAR WARS Jedi: Survivor on Mac. It’s not particularly difficult, either. Keep reading to learn about several extremely easy methods.

how to play barn finders on mac

How to play Barn Finders on Mac

Barn Finders is a simulation game about searching through abandoned properties. It was developed by a Polish studio called Duality Games. The core gameplay loop is pretty simple. First, you purchase access to abandoned properties, then you travel there and search for valuables. Once you are satisfied with what you’ve found, you leave and sell everything in the pawnshop. Some items might need cleaning or repair before you can sell them; in most cases, this is a very straightforward affair. There are, however, exceptions, in form of old cars and motorcycles. They’re extremely valuable – as long as they work – but restoring them is a difficult, lengthy process. Despite the name, not all locations you visit are barns. Self-storage units, houses, and commercial properties will also make an appearance. The game even has a military base; who knows what you’ll find there? If you want to discover all mysteries of Barn Finders, the first step is to make sure you can play the game. It is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC. But you can also play Barn Finders on Mac; read the guide below to find out how.

how to play mortal sin on mac

How to play Mortal Sin on Mac

Mortal Sin is an action roguelike game developed by Nikola Todorovic. It offers an infinite amount of procedurally generated dungeons, which you will have to explore with only one weapon. You can fight with swords, axes, maces, hammers, and other weapons, but all of them are restricted to melee combat. This is a good thing, though; melee fights in Mortal Sin are incredibly satisfying, visceral, and immersive. In addition to simple attacks, the game lets you kick enemies, dash around, and parry attacks. These actions can also be chained, in which case your character will fluidly transition from one move to the other. It’s not a particularly complex combat system, but – thanks to great animations, punchy sounds, and the game’s vivid artstyle – it really draws you in. There’s a decent amount of meta-progression in Mortal Sin, but thankfully, it is focused on unlocking new content, not on making the game easier. If you want to play this game yourself, you already know that it doesn’t have a Mac version. But did you know that there are unofficial ways to play Mortal Sin on Mac? You can learn more about them by reading this short article.

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how to run darkwave studio on mac

How to run DarkWave Studio on Mac

DarkWave Studio is a digital audio workstation developed by ExperimentalScene. It can be used to easily create and modify note patterns, as well as queue them in any track. It supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology), and, as such, can be used with any software synthesizer. Both VST instruments and sound effects are supported. The program also supports plug-ins, several of which are included out of the box. They allow you to use hardware music keyboards, use filters such as oversampling, distortion, split stereo tracks into two mono tracks, and do other useful things. All in all, DarkWave’s feature set is quite good considering its price (or, rather, the lack thereof). It is entirely free, and is a solid option if you’re looking for an entry-level audio creation program. It is available only on Microsoft Windows, but there are several unofficial ways to run DarkWave Studio on Mac. Read the guide below if you’re interested.

how to run gibbscam on mac

How to run GibbsCAM on Mac

GibbsCAM is a software suite for programming CNC machines. It supports many different types of machining operations, including mill-turn, Swiss, and electrical discharge machining. It can be used to program pretty much any CNC machine: even the most complex multi-turret multi-spindle five-axis setups are supported. Furthermore, GibbsCAM can simulate the machining process by itself, which reduces the need for test runs and makes CNC programming quicker and cheaper. Thanks to GibbsCAM’s large library of configurations, most machines will be automatically recognized, and you will be able to quickly switch between multiple pre-configured tool setups. For more precise control, you can also place tools and fixtures manually. As CNC programming can be a very complex process, it’s very important to have intuitive tools that improve productivity. GibbsCAM is perfect for that, too: it has a relatively simple interface that can be easily understood by anyone familiar with CNC machines. Unfortunately, it is not available on Mac or Linux; it doesn’t make economical sense to provide these versions. Despite this, it is possible to run GibbsCAM on Mac, if need be. Learn about the best ways to accomplish that by reading the guide below.

how to run cakewalk on mac

How to run Cakewalk on Mac

Cakewalk, developed by BandCam, is a professional program for producing music. Thanks to its intuitive interface and support for an unlimited amount of MIDI tracks, composing, editing, and mixing becomes a very easy process. You can add an infinite number of voice tracks as well, if you want to use a real instrument or vocals. And although voice isn’t quite as easy to work with as MIDI, Cakewalk can still help you with it. Its VocalSync feature can easily synchronize timing of such tracks with the rest of your project, allowing you to focus on the creative side of things. Cakewalk also comes with a variety of tools to alter the sound, including a powerful graphic equalizer, resonant filtering, peak filtering, convolution reverb, and more. What’s more, all of these capabilities are available to pretty much everyone: Cakewalk is completely free. There’s one caveat, though. It is available only on Microsoft Windows, which is certainly a problem since most composing work is done on macOS. Thankfully, you don’t have to purchase a PC; there are several unofficial ways to run Cakewalk on Mac. You can learn more by reading the guide below.

how to run radiant dicom viewer on mac

How to run RadiAnt DICOM Viewer on Mac

RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is an image viewer for DICOM files, which are used in the medical field to store, for example, X-ray and MRI scans. Depending on the source, these files may include 3D information, multiple scanning slices, and information about the patient. This specialized file format requires a specialized viewer, and RadiAnt DICOM Viewer is very much fit for the task. It includes many tools necessary to examine medical scans, ranging from simple ones (e.g. rotating, panning, and zooming) to very complex ones, such as multiplanar anatomy reconstruction and digital subtraction angiography. But even though this program is very sophisticated, it runs very quickly and supports very weak computers. So, even old and cheap computers can run it easily. Macs, on the other hand, cannot: RadiAnt DICOM Viewer doesn’t have a native Mac version. Thankfully, there are multiple ways to get around this obstacle. Read the guide below to understand how you can run RadiAnt DICOM Viewer on Mac.


how to download video from twitch on mac, how to download twitch videos on mac

How to download video from Twitch on Mac

Twitch is a live-streaming service for video game content. It is incredibly popular, and enjoys a near-complete monopoly in its niche. At any given moment, there are thousands of people streaming on Twitch, and millions watching them. Of course, most of these streams are nothing special, but there are some that are really fun and enjoyable, too. Unfortunately, Twitch makes no effort to preserve all this content. A recording of any given stream will be available to watch for one month, but after that, it will be automatically deleted. Although streamers themselves can stop that from happening, regular viewers have no such option. So, what do you do if you want to download video from Twitch on Mac before it gets deleted? The answer is simple. While Twitch itself provides no option to download videos, there are many third-party services that do. We’ve listed the best ones in the guide below.

how to download video from reddit on mac

How to download video from Reddit on Mac

Reddit is a popular social media platform. Thanks to its system of subreddits – forums that can be created by any user – Reddit hosts thousands of niche communities, as well as hundreds of larger ones. Every day, users create millions of posts; some of them are just text, but many contain images and videos. Funny memes, video game recordings, adult images, music clips, and many other types of content can all be easily found; however, saving this content to your hard drive is a bit more challenging. Images are very easy to save, as long as you use Reddit through a web browser. All you have to do is right-click the image and select the save option. But videos cannot be saved this way; in fact, Reddit provides no way to download them at all. However, there are many ways to download Reddit videos on Mac unofficially. In this article, we will list the best available methods so that you don’t have to waste time trying them all by yourself.

how to download instagram reels on mac

How to download Instagram Reels on Mac

Instagram Reels are a feature that was added to Instagram all the way back in 2020. By using Reels, you can record a short video (up to fifteen seconds long), edit it heavily, and share it with your followers. Though it doesn’t sound all that interesting, the wide variety of editing options made Reels popular and fun. You can add many audio and video effects to your Reels, as well as group them together into series. As this feature has been around for years, Instagram users have created many interesting Reels, but there’s no official way to download them from the platform (even if you’re the author). Many websites and a few programs were created to provide an unofficial solution, however. In this article, we will tell you about the best ways to download Instagram Reels on Mac.

how to download video from vimeo on mac

How to download video from Vimeo on Mac

Vimeo is a subscription-based service for video creators, video hosting platform, and a movie streaming service all in one. Vimeo is no YouTube, but there’s a reasonable amount of content there as well. Thanks to its category system, staff picks, and, of course, the search function, you’ll be able to find at least something interesting enough to watch. And some of the videos might be interesting enough to download, too! However, Vimeo’s own download feature is limited: only select videos are available for download. Thankfully, it is rather easy to get around this restriction. There are many tools out there that can be used to download video from Vimeo on Mac, and, to be fair, most of them will do the job just fine. But if this is not good enough for you – if you want to learn about the best ones – read our article.