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how to play assassin's creed mirage on mac

How to play Assassin’s Creed Mirage on Mac

Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a stealth action game developed and published by Ubisoft. The game is very different from its predecessors, Odyssey and Valhalla. Most notably, it removes most roleplaying features found in the last few games, choosing to focus on stealth and combat instead. In this sense, it is very similar to older Assassin’s Creed titles. Story-wise, Mirage is set in Baghdad during the 9th century. The game’s protagonist, Basim Ibn Ishaq, starts his life as a lowly street thief. Driven by his need to correct an injustice, however, he eventually becomes a capable assassin and joins the Assassin Brotherhood. Skilled and cunning, Basim has many tools at his disposal, including poison darts, smoke bombs, and the iconic Hidden Blade. He also has certain supernatural powers – like the ability to see through eagles’ eyes – and is capable of parkour. Ubisoft developers revealed that Basim is intended to be “the ultimate assassin” who is generally better and more capable than the protagonists of other Assassin’s Creed games. Although this game doesn’t have a Mac port, our guide lists several unofficial ways to play Assassin’s Creed Mirage on Mac. Scroll down and start reading!

how to play marine sharpshooter 4 on mac

How to play Marine Sharpshooter 4 on Mac

Marine Sharpshooter 4 is a first-person shooter developed by Groove Games and published by 1C Company. Playing as a special forces soldier, you will be deployed to Iran to sabotage their nuclear weapons program. The game features ten missions – ten levels, essentially – however, each mission includes several objectives. Most of the time, you will be expected to take out enemies from afar using a sniper rifle, but you can also utilize a pistol or a submachine gun. There are even stealth sections which encourage the use of a knife. Though the game is quite dated by modern standards – it was released all the way back in 2008 – it’s still possible to have fun playing Marine Sharpshooter 4. And since it’s so old, you can download the game for free without facing any legal issues. If your computer runs Windows 10 or 11, the game will run perfectly, but it doesn’t have a macOS version. Thankfully, it is very easy to get around this issue and play Marine Sharpshooter 4 on Mac. Read our guide to learn about several simple methods.

how to play cyberpunk 2077 phantom liberty on mac

How to play Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty on Mac

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is the expansion pack for the massively popular game, Cyberpunk 2077. It adds a new district to Night City – called Dogtown – which somehow manages to be even worse than the rest of the anarchic megacity. The area is not particularly large, but it’s got character, and, most importantly, is jam-packed with content. The main storyline of the DLC will throw you into a cutthroat world full of conspiracies and intrigue. Pay close attention to what other characters tell you; conversations are more important here than in the base game, and you’ll have more opportunities to make choices. There’s a decent amount of side quests as well. Though the stories they tell are much shorter, all of them manage to stand out in their own way. Dogtown is the most prominent addition in the DLC, but not all new content is restricted to this new area. Phantom Liberty also adds guns, vehicles, and an entirely new skill tree focused on improving your cyberware. The developers continue to patch Cyberpunk 2077 to this day, but they did not add Mac compatibility. As such, you will need our guide to play Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty on Mac.

best flac player for mac

Best FLAC player for Mac

FLAC is a lossless audio format, which means it was designed to favor audio quality over file size. Since storage capacity is cheap nowadays, many music lovers prefer FLAC over formats like MP3. But FLAC is still fairly uncommon, overall, and not every music player out there supports it. Therefore, if you want to install such a program on your Mac, it makes sense to look for a FLAC player specifically. Although FLAC is niche, it is by no means unpopular; you will have no difficulty finding programs that can play FLAC files. But simply installing whatever you happen to find on the internet is not good enough – should not be good enough – for a discerning music listener. Only high-quality apps will do. With that in mind, we have reviewed several media players to find out which one of them deserves to be called the best FLAC player for Mac.

how to play content warning on mac

How to play Content Warning on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Content Warning is a co-op horror game from Landfall Publishing. In most games of this genre, the players do not seek out the danger voluntarily; typically, they have to escape confinement while avoiding a dangerous monster. Content Warning is nothing like that. Here, you are playing as a team of questionably sane paranormal enthusiasts, who willingly descend into the eerie area known as “the Old World”. Why would anyone do something so dangerous, you might ask? Online clout. Some people will do anything for clicks; our protagonists in particular are planning to record videos of horrifying creatures who try to eat them alive. This unusual premise works out quite well for the game. Having to actively chase dangers is a fun challenge, and this is why Content Warning became an instant hit. Unfortunately, this game released only on Microsoft Windows, as is often the case with small titles. But there are unofficial ways to play Content Warning on Mac; many of them don’t even require any computer knowledge. Read the guide below to learn about the easiest and most convenient methods.

how to play ark survival ascended on mac

How to play ARK: Survival Ascended on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

ARK: Survival Ascended is an open-world survival-centric video game developed by Studio Wildcard. For the most part, ARK is a sandbox, and lets you do whatever you want as long as you’re able to stay alive. There are many things to do in the game, but perhaps the most exciting feature are dinosaurs. The island you’re stranded on is somehow populated by prehistoric fauna that went extinct millions of years ago. You will interact with dinosaurs and other ancient beasts throughout the entire game. At the very beginning, you will hunt smaller ones for food, while later in the game, you will be able to tame them. All of these features were already present in the previous game, ARK: Survival Evolved, but Ascended also offers plenty of new ones. Base-building has been improved significantly by implementing quality-of-life features and adding new placeable objects. The game has been rebalanced from the scratch, which is especially important for PvP servers. But the biggest change are graphical in nature. Vegetation now looks much more realistic, the new weather effects feel stunning and immersive, and the dinosaurs became scarier and more imposing. The game doesn’t have an official macOS version, but you can play ARK: Survival Ascended on Mac nonetheless. Our guide lists several easy methods.

how to play horizon forbidden west on mac

How to play Horizon Forbidden West on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Horizon Forbidden West is a third-person roleplaying game developed by Guerrilla Games. Just like the first game in the series, Horizon Zero Dawn, it is set in an overgrown, post-apocalyptic America one thousand years from now. Like any good sequel, Forbidden West can be described as “Zero Dawn, but bigger and better” – it was improved in most aspects. The combat system was overhauled with several new mechanics, side-quests were made to be more interesting, and the world itself is larger and has more locations to explore. For those unfamiliar with the series, let’s briefly review the gameplay loop. In both Horizon games, you will fight aggressive machines that resemble extinct animals. Since you play as a tribal huntress, your main weapons will be a spear and a bow, but you can also use a variety of scavenged devices. Exploration also plays a big role, since many items can be found only in ancient ruins. In addition, the games also feature survival elements such as crafting and gathering. However, it’s unlikely that you’re unfamiliar with the game; after all, you’re interested enough to look up ways to play Horizon Forbidden West on Mac. Let’s cut to the chase: several such ways exist and they are described in the guide below.

Guide to play PUBG on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (a.k.a. PUBG) is a 4-year old project that has evolved into an iconic battle royal multiplayer videogame. It assembles a pile of players gathered together from all parts of the world to survive through the challenge of 100 people storming against each other on a common field. As a half-naked soldier, you are out to parachute straight down to the battleground of furious players. Get ready to scavenge through buildings for better equipment and weapons that will guide you to the podium of eventual winners. PUBG has also been rapidly growing into a cybersport discipline, enticing players to crank up their professional skills. Do not miss out and play it on Mac as well regardless of well-known incompatibility. We have a guide dedicated to that down below.

4 methods to play GTA 5 on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Brought to light by Rockstar Games, GTA V is an iconic and most recent part of the legendary Grand Thief Auto series. Just like previous chapters, the game offers to feel the taste of being a criminal that explorers the world of Los Santos, a fictional city based on Los Angeles. GTA 5 gives out a story split between 3 major characters – retired bank robber Michael De Santa, street gangster Franklin Clinton, and a drug dealer Trevor Philips. All these protagonists have their own background, which shapes up unique and storytelling gameplay for each of the characters. As their main mission is centered towards committing a heist against corrupt government groups and armed criminals, players get fully engaged in focal turn of events accompanied by lots of sideway activities. You can basically do whatever you want through the world of no limits – that is exactly what makes GTA V a truly captivating project to play. Whilst this game has been present around the globe for 6 years, its gameplay cannot be yet experienced on macOS. With that being a sip of dismay, users are unable to play it however they want. This is what most tend to think, however, there is a way to break over the barrier and launch it on Mac regardless. For this exact purpose, we have prepared the instructions below.

how to play supermarket simulator on mac

Ways to play Supermarket Simulator on Mac (Intel/M1/M2/M3)

Supermarket Simulator is a game from a small Turkish studio called Nokta Games. Unsurprisingly, this game is about running a supermarket. As this is a one-man operation, you’ll be responsible for everything, from manning the cash register to designing the store’s layout. Your other tasks include keeping an inventory of goods, stocking up shelves, and setting the prices. You’ll have to be especially careful with this last one. If you don’t pay attention to the market, it’s entirely possible to end up selling at a loss, or end up with countless boxes of unsold items. This is not a mistake you can afford, as you had to take a shady loan to start the business. Mobsters will come to collect interest every night, and they’re not the kind of people who take “no” for an answer. Despite this unfortunate obstacle, successful storeowners will find it easy to expand the operations. In conclusion, Supermarket Simulator is a pretty relaxing game, though it can get repetitive if you play for too long. But for short sessions, it is perfect. As such, you might want to know how to play Supermarket Simulator on Mac; read the guide below to find out.

Mobile Games on Mac

How to play Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile on PC or Mac

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is a free-to-play battle royale first-person shooter developed and published by Activision, bringing the intense action of the Call of Duty series to mobile devices. The game is a mobile adaptation of the popular Warzone battle royale experience, which was originally released for PC and consoles. Warzone Mobile offers a battle royale experience where players parachute onto a large map and compete to be the last person or team standing. The game features high player counts, with up to 120 real players in a match, ensuring a competitive and challenging environment. Players must scavenge for weapons and equipment while navigating the shrinking play area, avoiding deadly gas, and engaging in firefights with other players. The game includes iconic maps like Verdansk and Rebirth Island, each offering unique challenges and strategies. The game also includes a Gulag feature, where eliminated players have a chance to return to the battlefield by winning a one-on-one fight. Additionally, Warzone Mobile offers various multiplayer modes and maps for those looking to take a break from the battle royale format.

how to play mir4 on mac

How to play MIR4 on Mac

MIR4 is a MMORPG developed by Wemade Next, a South Korean studio. The story of the game is positively straightforward: you are a knight in shining armor protecting a princess from the schemes of an evil noble. Note that we use “knight” here figuratively. Four character classes are available in MIR4, and only one of them is knight-like. You might be wondering, though, why does the game has such a simple story? That is because the real focus of MIR4 is on PvP. For example, if you want to get loot from a boss, defeating it is not good enough; you must also protect it from other players. Even more opportunities for combat arise from joining a clan. Two clan-centric events, “Hidden Valley” and “Castle Siege Conquest” are held regularly; in these events, all interested clans compete for control over the game world. If you’re not a fan of massive fights, you can also gather resources and craft items. Though less flashy, these activities are essential for the economy. This game is available on Windows PC as well as on mobile devices, but does not have a version for the Mac. As such, you need to read our guide; it lists several unofficial ways to play MIR4 on Mac.

How to play One Punch Man World on PC or Mac

One Punch Man World is an action-packed game that brings the universe of the popular anime “One Punch Man” to life. Developed by Perfect World Games, it’s a 3D action game that allows players to control various characters from the series, including the protagonist Saitama, Genos, and others, as they engage in fast-paced combat and explore an open world. The game follows the main story of the anime’s first season, allowing players to relive iconic scenes and battles. Players can unlock and switch between different characters, each with specialized moves and techniques. The game also introduces new narrative threads through special side missions, offering unique perspectives and adding depth to pivotal scenes from the show. Character development in “One Punch Man: World” is achieved through a ‘battle tier’ system, where players can unlock new special moves, skills, SR items, and equipment. Characters fall under several battle types, influencing their effectiveness against certain enemies, adding a strategic layer to combat. To run “One Punch Man: World” on a PC or Mac, players can use emulators like BlueStacks or screen mirroring. These emulators allow users to play mobile games on their computers, offering enhanced graphics, customizable controls, and the convenience of a larger screen.

how to play identity v on mac

How to play Identity V on Mac

Identity V is a multiplayer horror game developed by NetEase. Like other such games, it pits a team of four people (called Survivors) against a powerful monster (called Hunter). Survivors can win by discovering and using cypher machines. It is a long process, but once all cyphers are decrypted, they can open one of the gates and escape the map. And the Hunter, obviously, wins by killing everyone. Surprisingly, Survivors are not helpless in combat, and have many options other than hiding. Each survivor character has their own unique powers, and although they can’t kill the Hunter, they can severely weaken him. As such, many wonder if Identity V should be considered a horror game at all, or whether it should be labelled “asymmetric multiplayer” instead. Either way, it is quite fun to play, with a thriving competitive scene, a large roster of characters, and frequent updates. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS, but lacks a Mac version. Thankfully, you can easily get around this problem: there are multiple unofficial ways to play Identity V on Mac. Read the guide below to learn more.


Best AutoHotKey (AHK) alternatives for Mac

AutoHotKey (AHK) is a powerful scripting language for Windows that allows users to automate the Windows GUI and other tasks. It’s highly valued for its flexibility and efficiency in automating repetitive tasks. However, Mac users looking for similar functionality need to turn to alternatives, as AHK is not natively supported on macOS. Here are five of the best AutoHotKey alternatives for Mac, each with its own set of features that make them worthy competitors or complements to AHK.

how to convert flac to mp3 on mac

How to convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac

There are many ways to store music digitally, which is why there are many music file formats as well. In most cases, the actual differences between them are hard to explain quickly, since it all boils down to lots and lots of complicated math. But there are some simple observations we can make. FLAC is a “lossless” way to store music. In simple terms, this means that when you’re listening to a FLAC file, you’re hearing a perfect reproduction of what was recorded at the studio. This sounds great, but it comes with a drawback – these files take up a lot of storage space. In contrast, MP3 strikes a compromise between file size and quality. It achieves this by removing all information that humans cannot hear, and by using many tricks to compress the data. This compression makes MP3 files much smaller, but may also cause a perceptible drop in quality. However, only attentive listeners with high-end equipment will be able to notice it. Therefore, many music lovers believe that MP3 is a better way to store music because it is more practical than FLAC. This is why you might want to convert FLAC to MP3 on Mac. Thankfully, it is a very easy process.

How to run DOS games on Mac

DOS games hold a special place in the hearts of many. They remind us of a simpler time when graphics were pixelated, gameplay was straightforward yet addictive, and the sound effects were charmingly rudimentary. While modern games offer immersive experiences, the nostalgia associated with DOS games is incomparable. However, running these games on a modern Mac isn’t as straightforward as on a vintage PC. This is primarily due to the differences in operating systems; macOS is UNIX-based, while DOS games were designed for Microsoft’s Disk Operating System. Despite these differences, various tools and emulators have been developed to bridge this gap, allowing you to enjoy a vast library of DOS games on your Mac. Below, we provide detailed instructions on how to utilize these solutions.

how to convert youtube to flac on mac

How to convert YouTube to FLAC on Mac

Not every music enthusiast wants to keep a local collection these days – many prefer to use subscription services such as Spotify – but those that do have many ways to expand their library. Purchasing DRM-free songs online or on physical media is one such method, but there are other ones as well. For example, one could download music from YouTube. Google doesn’t want you to do that, but it is possible! Therefore, some people are wondering how to convert YouTube to FLAC on Mac. This question does not accurately reflect what you will actually need to do, however. Since the music is stored on YouTube servers, you’ll need to download it first (which, like we just mentioned, is very much possible). Then – and only then – you will be able to convert that file to FLAC. It’s not possible to download music directly in FLAC either, as YouTube itself doesn’t use this format. Even though there are two parts to this process, it’s still very easy to do. Simply use the guide below and you’ll be able to “convert YouTube to FLAC” on Mac in no time.