how to play amnesia rebirth on mac

How to play Amnesia Rebirth on Mac

Amnesia Rebirth is a horror game developed and published by Frictional Games. You wake up in an inhospitable desert, with memory loss, and thoroughly confused. You have a vague feeling that you were a part of a group – surrounded by others – and yet, now you are completely alone. What will you do?
The first thing that you must learn is that you cannot fight. The creatures that are after you are so grotesque, so alien, so unnatural, that just seeing them overwhelms you with fear. But you must stay calm. Stay composed. Hiding will help you with that; trying to confront the creatures will simply result in your death. Another lesson that you must learn is to avoid darkness at all costs. The barren landscapes and ruins around you might be poorly lit, but torches, matches, and a fuel lamp will help you push back against the maddening blackness. Be cautious, smart, and resourceful, and perhaps you will be able to came out of this situation alive.
The game can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Linux / SteamOS. Unfortunately, there is no official Mac version; but you can play Amnesia Rebirth on Mac anyway if you follow the guide below.

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