how to play gloomwood on mac

How to play Gloomwood on Mac

Gloomwood is a retro stealth shooter developed by New Blood Interactive, the people that brought you Amid Evil. Abducted to a strange, mysterious Victorian-era city, you are now free to roam its streets and uncover its secrets. But be careful. You can be seen and you can be heard, and your adversaries will often have senses more acute than a human. In more technical terms, the game realistically tracks your visibility and noise propagation, which can alert enemies to your location.
The world of Gloomwood is full of interactive objects. A crack in a wall isn’t just there for flavor; use it to take a look or to eavesdrop. Smash barrels, climb ropes, and walk on ledges. Take things with you to use them later, sometimes in unexpected ways. Get to the top of the city and take a stroll on its rooftops, or discover secret passages underground. Place traps, and incapacitate your foes with a cane-sword, or forgo stealth and pull out a revolver or even a shotgun. This is an open-world game, so the choice is yours.
Although this game is officially available only on Windows, you can also play Gloomwood on Mac. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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