how to play returnal on mac

How to play Returnal on Mac

Returnal is a third-person roguelike shooter brought to gamers by Housemarque and Sony Interactive Entertainment. In this sci-fi video game combined with horror elements, players will have to explore and uncover the secrets of a mysterious alien planet called Atropos in the role of a space pilot named Selene who got stuck there as a result of an accident crash-landing. Turns out the planet has put the perception of time into a constant loop, repeatedly sending Selene back to the crash site each time she dies. Being in this, at first glance, hopeless situation, the character has to get through a number of challenges, including intense and compromising fights with various enemies, solving riddles and puzzles, uncovering hidden secrets as well as overcoming other obstacles that await further on this fascinating and at the same time horrific Atropos planet. During the whole gameplay, players will have to find new artifacts and gain upgrades, improving the character’s abilities and helping Selene discover the answers she needs. In Returnal developers have made a strong focus on narrative, featuring Selene’s story through cutscenes and in-game interactions with the environment – all of this along with eye-stunning graphics and immersive sound affects maintaining a constant sense of dread and tension. With its procedurally generated levels, interesting plot, and deep combat system, Returnal is sure to provide hours of replayable gameplay for those who are up to the challenge. And although this gaming masterpiece is officially available to play only on PlayStation 5 and Windows, we know a couple of methods to launch and play it on macOS too – at the same graphics and immersion quality level! Read our article below to learn how.

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