how to download youtube shorts on mac

How to download YouTube Shorts on Mac

YouTube, the most popular video platform to ever exist, have recently faced competition from mobile applications such as TikTok. These applications managed to carve out their own niche in the video hosting market by focusing on extremely short videos, ranging from several seconds to several minutes. These videos are popular with mobile users, who can’t always commit enough time to watch a YouTube video.
YouTube Shorts is YouTube’s own attempt to provide this type of short, mobile-oriented content and win these users back. It is a relatively new addition to the platform, having launched in summer of 2021. But YouTube users have already posted some shorts that are interesting, fun, and generally worth saving to your own computer.
So how do you download YouTube shorts on Mac? Is such a thing even possible? Luckily for you, it is! It is actually very easy to download YouTube shorts. The guide below will explain how to do it.

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